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Sunday, November 21, 2010

G23: 5909752

5909752. Warin de Lisle & 5909753. Alice Tyeys

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Aft. 11/11/1269, Warin born in England, heir & s/o 11819504. Gerard de Lisle & 11819505. Alice de Armenters.

~1285, Alice born in England, d/o 11819506. Lord Henry Tyeys & 11819507. Hawise ?.

1287, Warin Lord lisle, heir to his father of Kingston Lisle, Berkshire.

10/20/1297, Warin a witness of a quitclaim from Bennet, son and heir of Bennet de Blakenham, to Hugh de Sancto Philberto and his wife Alice, Bennet's sister.

5/1298-5/1319, Warin summoned to military service.

1303, Sir Warin was accused, with others, of theft and assault in Berkshire.

1/10/1303, Sir Warin was accused, with others, of theft and assault in Berkshire by Ralph de Monte Hermerii, earl of Gloucester and Heretford. (S) CPRs.

Warine married Alice.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

1308, Warin a conservator of the peace in the town and University of Oxford.

7/1308, Warin appointed Keeper of Windsor castle, the favorite home of King Edward II.

1315, Sir Warin a commissioner of oyer and terminer in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

1315, Warine de Lisle the lord of the vill of Beedon, Berkshire.

1315, Warine de Lisle the lord of the vill of Beedon, Berkshire.

9/ 1320, Warin accused of incitement to assault and murder, and of protecting the assailants at his manors of Kingston and Beedon in Berkshire.

1321, Alice heir to her brother Henry Teyes, Lord Teyes who was executed.

1321 at Shirburn, Warin joined with Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, and others against the King’s most hated favourites, the Despensers; allied with the monarch’s chief opponent, Thomas, Earl of Lancaster.

3/16/1322, Sir Warin a knight banneret at the battle of Boroughbridge, northwest of York, fighting for Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, against Edward II.

1322, Warin executed at Pontefract; dragged by horses and hanged; buried in the Church of the Black Friars.

1322, Alice heir to her brother, Henry, Lord Tyeys, executed after the battle of Boroughbridge.

12/1326, Alice had a grant of the custody of Kingston Castle and other of her husband’s manors.

1/20/1327, Edward II abdicated in favor of his son.

3/30/1327, Commission … to recover for Alice de Insula all the good of Warin de Insula, her late husband, and Henry Tyeys, her brother, in the county of Norfolk … county of Leicester, … county of Northampton, … Kyngston, late of the said Warin, and of Chilton, late of the said Henry, in the counties of Wilts, Oxford, and Berks. (S) CPRs.

11/19/1327, Commission to … William Trussel, … goods and other property … granted to Alice de Insula, late belonging to Warin de Insula, her husband, and Henry Gyeys, her brother … counties of Oxford, Berks, Wilts, Northampton and Leicester, and to compel delivery … (S) CPRs.

3/21/1330, General pardon to Alice late the wife of Warin de Insula, which Warin took part in the quarrel of Thomas, late earl of Lancaster. (S) CPRs.

4/25/1332, Alice obtained a charter for markets and fairs at Penzance and other manors in Cornwall. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

Bef. 1334, Alice her to her mother of the manor of Draycot, Wilts, which had passed to her father in 1285, then to her brother, then to her mother, then to the crown, then restored to her.

1334, Alice obtained leave to transfer Warin’s body, and that of her brother, Henry, to Chilton in Wiltshire where her ancestors were buried. Alice was supported in her request by William de Montagu, earl of Salisbury. (S) Calendar of the Bishop of Worcester, 1996.

1336, Alice granted a charter of free warren at Chilton, Wiltshire, and Kingston Lisle, Berkshire.

8/2/1347, Alice died, leaving Noke, Oxford, which she had inherited from her brother Henry, to her younger son Warin.

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Children of Warin and Alice:

i. Gerard de Lisle (2954876), born 1304 in England.

ii. Warin de Lisle, born ? in England. [Younger son]
1361, Warin died; his heir Warin de Lisle, his nephew by his older brother Gerard.

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