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Friday, July 22, 2011

Sir William de Warren & Joan de Vere

11819890. Sir William de Warren & 11819891. Joan de Vere

~1260, William de Warenne born in Warren, Sussex, England, eldest s/o 23639780. John de Warren& 23639781. Alice de Lusignan .

~1265, Joan born in Oxford, England, d/o 23639782. Robert de Vere & 23639783. Alice de Sanford.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

[––William & Joan––]

By 1285, William de Warenna married Joan.

1285, William de Warenne in the tax registers of Essex. (S) Feet of Fines.

6/10/1285, Promise to Robert de Veer, earl of Oxford, and Alice his wife, who, with the king’s licence, have granted to William de Warenna, the king’s kinsman, Joan, his wife, and the heirs of the said Joan, the manors of … (S) CPRs.

12/15/1286, William died in a tournament at Croyden, Surrey; buried “before the high alter, in the abbey of Lewes”. (S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1845, P584. [His father would live another 18 years.]


11/21/1293, Joan died before her mother and father; buried next to her husband in a raised tomb.

11/29/1293, Order not to intermeddle further with the custody of the land and heir of William de Warrena and Joan, his wife, and to render to Robert de Veer, earl of Oxford, and Alice, his wife, anything that he may have received since the death of Joan, as Robert and Alice granted to William and Joan, by the king’s licence, the manors of Medmenham, Tyburne, Pritwelle, Wlfhamstone, Nuthamstede, Gynges … held in chief, … and William and Joan are now dead. (S) CCRs, V17, P335.

(S) The Magna Charta Barons and Their American Descendants with the Pedigrees, 1898, P165.

Family notes:

·         1/1/1305, Commission … touching persons who entered the chases, parks … in the counties of Surrey, Sussex, and Essex, late of John de Warenna, sometime earl of Surrey, tenant in chief, after they came to the king’s hands by reason of minority of John son of William de Warenna, kinsman and heir of the deceased earl, … (S) CPRs.

·         11/20/1313, Order to the escheator on this side Trent, pursuant to an Windsor, inquisition made by him showing that Alice de Veer, countess of Oxford, deceased, tenant in chief, held for life the manors of Teyborn, co. Middlesex, and Chesham, co. Buckingham, … of the inheritance of John de Warenna, earl of Surrey, son and heir of William de Warenna and Joan his wife, to whom Alice granted the premises in frank marriage. (S) CFRs.

Children of William and Joan:

i. Earl John de Warren, born 6/24/1286 in England.

9/1304, John succeeded his grandfather as Earl of Surrey.

5/22/1306, John, 1 of 267 knighted by King Edward I in London at Westminster abbey.

5/25/1306, John married Jeanne of Bar [gd/o King Edward I by daughter Eleanor.]

12/2/1307, John, Earl of Surrey, participated in the tournament at Wallingford hosted by Piers Gaveston. In the tournament he was “unhorsed” by Piers.

3/20/1322, John one of the earls that condemned Thomas of Lancaster.

10/1326, when Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer invaded England; John was 1 of 2 Earls that stayed loyal to King Edward II and fled with him from London.

6/1347, John died; last of the Warren earls of Surrey. [IPM in Sussex: Held Lewes, the castle and town and manors …  jointly with Joan his wife, of the gift of King Edward II, to them and the heirs male of the body of the said earl, with successive remainders to Edmund, earl of Arundell, and Alesia his wife, and to Richard [son of] the said earl of Arundell and Isabel his wife and the heirs of their bodies, … The said Joan, a year and more ago, crossed the sea with the king’s licence, her death was suspected, but whether she is surviving or not the jurors know not.] (S) CIsPM.

ii. Alice de Warenne (5909945), born 1287 in England.

12/30/1304, Grant to Alesia daughter of William de Warenna and niece of John de Warenna, sometime earl of Surrey, of the fine, forfeiture, and whaterver may belong to the king touching the marriage of Edmund son and heir of Richard son of Alan, sometime earl of Arundel, … the late earl of Surrey, … having offered her to the said Edmund, who refused her. (S) CPRs.