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G24: 11820320

11820320. Baron Roger de Mowbray & 11820321. Rohese de Clare

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10/17/1252, Rohese born in England, heir & d/o 9994764. Richard de Clare & 9994765. Maud de Lacy.

1257, Roger born in England, s/o 23640640. Roger de Mowbray & 23640641. Maud de Beauchamp.

1262, Rohese’s father died.

10/18/1263, Grant to Richard, king of the Romans, of the wardship of the lands late of Roger de Mowbray … and with the marriage of the heir … . (S) CPRs.

1270, Rohese age 15.

Bef. 7/15/1270, Roger married Rose.

Bef. 4/4/1273, Roger’s mother died.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

1278, Seisin to Roger de Mowbray, son and heir of Roger de Mowbray deceased, of all the lands of his father.

8/7/1278, Order to cause Roger de Mowbray, imprisoned in that castle [Windesore] for certain trespasses … and for a contempt done to the king, to be delivered to Maurice de Berkley, Nicholas de Sedgrave, Emeric de Sancto Amando, Ralph Basset, … and John de Sancto Johanne, who have mainperned to have him before the king. (S) CCRs.

1279, Seisin to Roger de Mowbray, son and heir of Roger de Mowbray deceased, of his part of the lands of Amice de Beauchamp. (S) Journal of the House of Lords, V108, P195.

1282-3, Roger summoned against the Welsh.

12/1282, King Edward defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd at the battle of Radnor in eastern Wales.

1283, King Edward continued his Welsh campaign, capturing and executing Dafydd, brother of Llewelyn; completing the conquest of Wales.

6/28/1283, Roger summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

1284, Adjournment from the Assizes of an Amerciament against Roger de Mowbray, he being a baron.

Bef. 3/10/1288, Rohese’s mother died.

1291, Roger summoned against the Scots; Miles de Stapleton in his retinue.

1293, Roger “de Molbray” held a market at Thirsk, North Riding, Yorkshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1294, Roger going to Gascony in the King’s service. [King Edward was involved in a long war to protect lands in Gascony from Philip IV of France.]

6/24/1295, Roger summoned to parliament by writ. [1st of 5 summons to parliament.]

1295, Roger de Moubray witnessed a charter of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford. (S) CPRs, 8/15/1295.

1296, Roger obtained a charter of free Warren.

8/23/1297, Edward left England with 500 ships to attack France and assert his rights. Because of the refusal of many barons, Edward only had a small contingent of knights. The army sailed for Flanders to seek additional support.

Bef. 11/21/1297, Roger, 1st Lord Mowbray, Baron of Thrisk, Yorkshire died in Ghent, Flanders; buried at Fountains Abbey.

11/29/1297, Grant to William de Brewosa, staying with the king in Flanders, of the marriage of John son and heir of Roger de Moubray, tenant in chief, so that he may be married to Alina his daughter. Mandate to Roesia, late the wife of the said Roger, to deliver the said John. (S) CPRs.

1316, Rohese living.                          

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P599. (S) Journal of the House of Lords, V108, P195.

Children of Roger and Rose: [7 sons, 3 daughters]

i. John de Mowbray (5910160), born 9/4/1286 in Yorkshire, England.

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