Saturday, October 22, 2011

G25: 19989836

19989836. Simon de Beauchamp & 19989837 Isabella ?

1145, Simon born in England, s/o 39979672. Payn de Beauchamp & 756473353. Rohesia de Vere.

Charter founding Newenham priory: Paganus de Bello-campo as its founder, his wife Roisia, and their son Simon de Bello-campo.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1156, Simon’s father died.

1159, Simon de Bello Campo held knights’ fees in Bedford. (S) Honors and Knight’s fees, Farrer, 1923, P83.

1161, Simon de Bello Campo 36£ et in perdonis Hugoni de Bello Campo 31s in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.

1/1164,Constitutions of Clarendon … in the fourth year of the papacy of Alexander, in the tenth year of the most illustrious king of the English, Henry II., in the presence of that same king, … in the presence of the following: [10 counts], Richard de Luce, …, Roger Bigot, Reginald de Warren, …, William de Braiose, Richard de Camville, Nigel de Mowbray, Simon de Bello Campo, …, William Malet, …, William de Hastings, Hugo de Moreville, William Malduit-chamberlain, … and many other chiefs and nobles … (S) Yale Law School, The Avalon Project.

1165, William de Orenge held in Bedford of Simon de Beauchamp. (S) The Battle Abbey Roll, P333.

1166, Simonis de Bello Campo held 54 knights’ fees in Bedfordshire. (S) Honors and Knight’s fees, Farrer, 1923, P83. (S) The English Historical Review, V6, 1891, P439. [42.5 in Bedford.]

1166-75, “Willelmus filius Otueli avunculus meus” to Greenfield priory, Lincolnshire by charter dated to [1166/75] witnessed by Simone de Bello Campo …

1171-72, Simon de Bello Campo xlv l xv s viii d" in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.

1179, Henry II King of England confirmed a donation by Robertus de Fay to comiti Willelmo de Maundevilla … Simone de Bello Campo …

1185, Simon de Bello Campo held knights’ fees in Bedford. (S) Honors and Knight’s fees, Farrer, 1923, P84.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1189-90, Simon de Beauchamp paid into the treasury 100£ to be governor of the castle of Bedford. (S) The Minority of Henry III, Norgate, 1912, P294.

1194, Sim d Bell Capo and Cormeilles abbey are named in a lawsuit about ‘loco suo Laur’ in Worcestershire.

1194-95, Simon de Bello Campo" paying ‘xlv l xv s viii d’ in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire.

1197-98, Simon de Bello Campo sheriff of Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire. (S) Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper, Vs31-32, P266.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.                           

1207, Simon died.

Isabella married 2nd Nicholas de Kenet.

Bef. 1225, Isabella died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Family notes:

·         Simon de Bello Campo, sonne to Paganus and Rohisia, confirmid and performid the acte of his mother. He Lyith afore the high altare of S. Paules Chirch in Bedeford. (S) The Itinerary of Lohn Leland, 1907, P100. Epitaph: “De Bello Campo jacet hic sub marmore Simon Fundator de Newenham.”

Children of Simon and Isabella:

i. William de Beauchamp (9994918), born ~1185 in England.

ii. Robert de Beauchamp, born ? in England.

5/6/1248, Robert de Bello Campo son of Simon was granted the demesne lands of his manors of Stokes under Hamden and Easthacche…[and] of a yearly fair at the manor of Great Merston.