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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Guillaume des Roches & Dame Marguerite de Sable

 39979486. Baron Guillaume des Roches & 39979487. Dame Marguerite de Sable

By 1160, William des Roches born in Pays de la Loire, France.

~1183, Marguerite born in France, d/o 79958974. Robert de Sable & 79958975. Clemence de Mayenne.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

1189, Guillaume, a mesne knight of King Henry II, helped defend Le Mans against Henry’s son Richard and King Philip II of France. Guillaume fled the city with King Henry II in the vanguard of the retreating force. While in retreat, Guillaume and William Marshall counter-attacked the pursuing forces and Guillaume knocked Philip de Colombiers off his horse.

1189, Marguerite’s mother died leaving her with the manor of Agon.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England. Guillaume became a mesne knight of King Richard I.

1191, Guillaume on crusade at the siege of Acre with Richard the Lion Heart and his father-in-law.

9/7/1191, Guillaume on crusade at the battle of Arsuf.

1/1193, Guillaume involved in a an agreement between King Philip of France and Prince John of England, dealing with King Richard’s capture in Germany.

1194, King Richard I returned to England.

1194-98, Guillaume an adherent of King Richard I in war against King Philip of France.

1195, Guillaume witnessed a donation to the abbey of Sainte-Trinite de Vendome by Bouchard, comte de Vendome.

4/11/1196 at Mans, Guillaume, seneschal of ‘Andegavensis’, witnessed a charter of Richard I to the abbey of Perseigne.

10/7/1197, Guillame des Roches named in an exchange of King Richard with the Archbishop of Rouen.

4/18/1199, William des Roches supported Arthur of Brittany in taking Angers, where Arthur was recognized as count of Anjou, Maine, and Touraine, for which he did homage to King Philip.

5/1199, King Philip of France met with William des Roches at Le Mans and together they attacked the border fortress of Ballon; the fortress was surrendered. A quarrel ensued between King Philip and William over the lordship of the site.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

9/1199, at Bourg-le-Roi, King John convinced Guillaume that Arthur of Brittany was being used solely as tool of Capetian strategy and managed to convince him to switch sides.

9/22/1199, Arthur of Brittany and his mother Constance were handed over to King John at Le Mans by William de Roches. [They slipped away during the night and returned to Philip.]

12/1199, Guillaume, Seneschal of Anjou by appointment of King John.

6/18/1200, King John recaptured Angers.

[––William & Marguerite––]

1201, Guillaume married 2nd Marguerite, acquiring Sable, La Suze, Briollay, Maiet, Loupelandé, Genneteil, Precigné, and the Norman manor of Agon.

1202, King John refused to do homage to King Philip for his lands; for which King Philip declared all his lands in France forfeit.

8/1/1202, Guillaume with William de Briouze (121685152) and King John rescued Eleanor of Aquitaine at the battle of Mirebeau in which Duke Arthur of Brittany was captured. [Because of the mistreatment of captured prisoners, Guillaume left King John and went to the court of Juhel de Mayenne (half-brother of his future son-in-law Amory).] (S) The Greatest Knight, Asbridge, 2014, P274.

10/30/1202, Guillaume, now in service of the French, captured the city of Angers.

3/22/1203, Guillaume des Roches and his wife’s kinsmen, lords of Mayenne and Craon in the Loire valley, did homage to King Philip.

5/17/1203, Guillaume and other French barons captured Le Mans.

9/18/1203, Raoul de Beaumont stood as a surety for King John of England with William de Roches, whom King Philip of France sent for discussions.

4/1204, Guillaume made Seneschal of Normandy by King Philip. [Effectively acting as count of Anjou, Maine, and Tourraine, owing allegiance only to the crown of France.]

8/1204, King Philip grant Guillaume 1 mark of silver from every 50 livres of domainial revenues, and a third of the profits from justice.

9/1204, King Philip authorized Guillaume to appoint baillis to aid in the tasks of his office.

1206, Guillaume received custody of Angers, Loudun, Saumur, Brissac, Beaufort, and “all the land of Anjou” at the King's pleasure.

1/1207, King Philip in a final concord with Guillaume gave him Anuou, Bauge, and everything else granted in 1206. [Effectively relieved as seneschal of Touraine. His office was hereditary only to direct heirs.]

1208, Guillaume granted custody of all of Anjou and Maine.

1209, Amaury de Craon (19989758), William des Roches and Andrew de Vitre, all close kinsmen of Juhel de Mayenne by blood or marriage, witnessed his renunciation at Savingy before its abbot and monks.

1209, Guillaume on crusade fought at Beziers [July] and Carcassonne [August].

2/1212, Pledges to King Philip of money should Amauri de Craon not put his castle of Chautoce, Maine-et-Loire, at the king’s service when needed: Robert, count of Alencon, 1000 livres; Juhel de Mayenne, 1000; William des Roches, 1000; …; Ralph, viscount of Beaumont, 500; … (S) On the Increase of Royal Power, Wilker, 1888, P116.

5/1214, King John, invaded the Loire valley, meeting stiff resistance at Nantes, but captured Angers [who’s walls were damaged by previous battles.] King John then laid siege to La Roche-aux-Moines.

7/2/1214, Aimery de Craon, marshal Henri Clement, and Guillaume des Roches [“a vigorous man, steadfast in faith, and proven in war”], and 800 knights, with Prince Louis of France victorious at the battle of La Roche-aux-Moines against the forces of King John of England.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1219, Guillaume des Roches, about to depart on the Albigensian crusade, and having no male heir, conferred most of the lands of Sable on Aimery de Craon, husband of his eldest daughter.

5/1219, Pierre (19989754), count of Brittany, the count of Guines, and Guillaume des Roches, seneschal of Anjou, at the siege of Marmande, which they captured. After failing to capture Toulouse, they returned home. (S) The Government of Philip Augustus, Baldwin, 1991, P338.

1222, Guillaume, Lord of Longue-Jumelle and Château-du-loi`r died.


7/14/1223, Louis VIII succeeded as king of France.

1227, Marguerite de Sable donnait quelques vignes aux Religieuses de Bonlieu pour le repos des ames de ses pere et mere, de sa soeur, de son mari et don son gendre Amaury de Craon. (S) Histoire de La Fleche, Montzey, P163. [Gave some ‘vines’ for the rest of the souls of her father, mother, sister, husband and son-in-law Amaury de Craon.]

Marguerite died.

(S) The Government of Philip Augustus, Baldwin, 1991. (S) Recherches sur La Vie de Guillaume des Roches.

Child of Guillaume and ?

i. Philippe des Roches, born 1187-90 in France.

Children of Guillaume and Marguerite:

i. Jeanne des Roches (19989759), born 1202 in France.

ii. Clemence des Roches (19989743), born ~1208 in France.

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