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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Robert Mauduit & Lady Agnes de la Mar

 243397376. Baron Robert Mauduit & 243397377. Lady Agnes de la Mar

~1160, Robert born in England.

~1165, Agnes born in England, d/o 486794754. Robert de la Mare & 486794755. Aliza ?.

5/12/1172, Hampshire. Et item in corredio Regis … Et pro vi carettariis ad opus Regis liberatis Roberto Malduit et Hugoni de Kewilli £8 per breve Regis.

4/1173, The eldest 3 sons of King Henry rebelled against their father with the support of the mother, the queen.

7/1173, Et in liveracione nacis qua portavit thesaurum cum Roberto Malduit ad Oistreham 40s. per breve Ricardi de Luci.

7/8/1174, Wiltshire. Et Roberto Malduit £10 ad procurationem Regince per breve Regis [Queen Elianor was imprisoned in Wiltshire – Robert Malduit was her gaoler.]

12/1174, at Vaudreuil, Normandy. Robert Malduit attested a royal writ to Alan de Nevile and the King’s Foresters.

1175, In corredio Reginae £128 13s 6d per breve Regis per testimonium Roberti Malduit.

1175, Warminster, previously held by William fitz Hamon, granted to Robert Mauduit. (S) History – Wiltshire, V8, 1965. [Robert also held estates in Buckinghamshire.]

9/1176, Relating to Queen Elianor and her imprisonment at Winchester – the Fermor of Winchester charges, - Et Robert Mauduit 56s. ad acquietanda corredia Reginae apud Wintoniam.

9/1179, Robert Malduit appointed sheriff of Wiltshire. (S) Lists and Indexes, V9, 1898, P112.

9/1180, Robert appointed sheriff of Wiltshire.

[1181, A relative of this Robert, also ‘Robert Maudit’, chamberlain of the King, wife Isabel, died without heirs. Some genealogies say this Robert was the brother of William Mauduit, the chamberlain.]

1181, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire. (S) Wiltshire A&NH Mag., 1857, P193.

1182, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire.

[––Robert & Agnes––]

~1183, Robert married 2nd Agnes.

1183, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire, imprisoned captured Oliver de Tracy [released in 1186.] (S) Bischofsmord Im Mittlalter, Fryde, 2003, P259.

1184, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire. (S) Wiltshire A&NH Mag., 1857, P193.

1185, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire. [Until Michaelmas.]

4/1187, Robert the sheriff of Wiltshire [ending half a year.]

By 1188, Robert Mauduit of Warminster granted the church of Shalden to Southwick priory. (S) Inst. of Historical Research, Vs49-50, 1976, P18.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

9/1189, Robert had arrears of his account of the Wiltshire manors of Bretford and Cumbe of £10 6s 7d.

1190, Robert holding the manor of Warminster, having paid a fine of £200, of which he had made payments of £3 2s 4d and £33 6s 8d.

9/1191, Robert charged with debts of 33 6s 8d.

1191, Robert died.


1193, Agnes’ father died. “Agneta de la Mare” made a fine for her relief of the land which had belonged to her father, Robert de la Mare, of whom she was the nearest heir.

4/25/1194, The King, at Portsmouth, confirmed the gift of Robert de la Mare and Agnes his daughter to Haughmond abbey.

Bef. 9/1194, Agnes married 2nd Ralph de Arderne, justiciar and sheriff of Herefordshire.

2/14/1195, Agnes and Ralph quitted all claim to Uffington, receiving 40 marks from the abbot.

By 1199, Agnes died.

(S) CH&I.HII, Eyton, 1878. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, Eyton, V4, 1857, P57.

Child of Robert and Agnes:

i. Thomas Mauduit (121698688), born ~1185 in England.

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