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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Seigneur Roger de Beaumont & Countess Adeline of Meulan

636464184. Seigneur Roger de Beaumont & 636464185. Countess Adeline of Meulan

~1020, Roger de Beaumont born in Normandy, s/o §§Humphrey de Vielles & Albreda de la Haye. (S) FMG.

~1025, Adeline of Meulan born in France, d/o §§Waleran of Meulan & Ode de Conteville. (S) FMG.

1035, ‘Humfridus constructor eiusdem loci cum filiis suis Rogerio, Roberto, Willelmo’ present when ‘Willelmus adhuc puerulus … Roberti comitis filius’ donated ‘Turstini villa’ to the abbey of Préaux. (S) FMG.

1040, Alan of Brittany died; and William’s wardship given to Gilbert of Brionne. [A succession of guardians died – William (the Conqueror) is said to have been raised by William fitz Osbern (1272928378), Roger de Beaumont (636464184), and Roger de Montgomery.]

1041-45, Waleran of Meulan sought refuge with the Beaumonts when he rebelled against King Henry I of France and was expelled from his estates.

By 1042, Roger’s father died.

1042, ‘Rogerius filius Hunfredi’ witnessed the charter of Guillaume II, Duke of Normandy, donating ‘nostras insulas Serc et Aurrene, propter medietatem Grenere’ to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. (S) FMG.

[––Roger & Adeline––]

1045, Roger married Adeline.

1050-54, Roger’s father died.

1055, Duke William, Roger de Beaumont, and ‘Robert son of Roger’ attested gifts to Marmoutier.

5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France.

By 1060, Duke William, the duke’s sons, Roger de Beaumont, and Robert son of Roger, attested a grant by the duke’s stepfather, Herluin of Conteville, to Grestain abbey.

By 1066, Roger donated a tithe of the forest of Brionne to the abbey of Bec.

9/1066 at Rouen, Duke William on the eve of the invasion had his son Robert confirm to the abbey of Marmoutier all the property which he himself had given. Witnesses: Roger de Montgomery, William fitz Osbern, William his son, Roger de Beaumont, Hugh de Grandmesnil, … (S) Norman Conquest: Sources and Documents, Brown, 1984, P143.

1066, Roger de Beaumont left in Normandy by Duke William during the invasion of England to be an advisor to Duchess Matilda. [Roger also contributed 60 ships to the invasion.]

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England

2/1067 from Penvensy, King William returned to Normandy.

4/8/1067 at Fecamp, King William held ‘the most splendid  royal court ever seen in France in recent years.’ (S) The Normans, Crouch, 2006, P98.

12/1067, Roger accompanied King William back to England. [But soon returned to Normandy, as Matilda was to travel to England.]

1068, Matilda crossed to England. Roger de Beaumont one of the advisors left in Normandy to her son Robert.

5/1068 at Winchester, Matilda crowned Queen of England.

1069, Roger returned to England. [Matilda had returned to Normandy as regent.]

1071, King William entrusted Roger de Beaumont with the captured Earl Morcar of Northumbria.

1072-3, Roger returned to Normandy.

1073 at Le Mans, Normandy, Roger and his son Henry at the Court of William the Conqueror.

1073, ‘Rotgerius de Bello Monte, Hainricus filius eius’ witnessed the charter under which William I, King of England, confirmed the donation of six churches on Guernsey to the abbey of Marmoutier. (S) FMG.

1074, Roger and son Robert attested a royal grant in favor of the bishopric of Bayeux.

Bef. 1077, Roger and son Robert attested a royal confirmation for St-Etienne, Caen.

9/13/1077 at Caen, Normandy, Henry with his father Roger at the Conqueror’s dedication of St-Etienne.

1079-81, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry attested a royal confirmation for Troarn.

4/12/1080, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry present at King William’s Easter court in Normandy.

5/31/1080, Roger de Beaumont, vicomte, granted the castellanship of Ivery, a fortress on the frontier between Normandy and the French Vexin.

7/14/1080 at Caen, Normandy, Roger de Beaumont and sons Robert and Henry attested a royal confirmation for Lessay.

5/31/1081, Adeline, wife of Roger de Beaumont, with Queen Matilda of England made grants at the abbey of St-Evroul.

4/8/1082, Adeline died; buried at Abbaye du Bec. (S) FMG.


9/5/1082, Roger de Beaumont; Robert, count of Meulan, and Henry at the Norman court of King William.

1/13/1086, ‘Rogerius et filii mei Robertus et Henricus’ donated ‘decimam tocius Brotonie’ to Saint-Wandrille. (S) FMG.

1086, Roger held estates in England worth £80, in Gloucester and Dorset.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1088-89, ‘Rogerus de Bellomonte’ founded la Sainte-Trinité de Beaumont-le-Roger, with the consent of ‘liberis meis Roberto comite Mellentensi et Henrico comite de Warwic.’ (S) FMG.

1090, A charter of Roger de Beaumont attested by his seneschal, chamberlain, and doorkeeper. (S) Image of Aristocracy, Crouch, 1992, P222.

1090, Roger, as Seigneur de Beaumont-le-Roger, de Vieilles et de Pont-Audemer, retired to become a monk at St-Pierre de Preaux.

1090, Roger came out of retirement to help with the release of his son Robert from imprisonment by Duke Robert Curthose; and helped recapture Brionne.

11/29/1094, Roger died; buried at the Préaux monastery of Saint-Pierre.

(S) Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan, Vaughn, 1987.

Family notes:

Humphrey de Vielles, s/o §§Turold. (S) Oderic Vitalis, V1, 1969, P13.

1034-5, Humphrey founded the monastery of St. Peter of Preaux.

1050, Humphrey founded the nunnery of St. Leger of Preaux.

Children of Roger and Adeline:

i. Robert de Beaumont (318232092), born 1046 in Normandy.

ii. Henry de Newburgh de Beaumont (486787864), born ~1048 in Normandy. 

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