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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Roger de Newburgh & Countess Gundred de Warren

 243393932. Earl Roger de Newburgh & 243393933. Countess Gundred de Warren

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

1101-2, Roger born in Normandy, France, s/o 486787864. Henry de Newburgh de Beaumont & 486787865. Marguerite de Perche.

~1118, Gundred born in England, d/o 319832122. Earl William de Warenne II & 319832123. Isabel de Vermandois.

1119, Roger’s father died.

4/15/1123, Roger succeeding his father as Earl of Warwick, witnessed the royal charter to Plympton priory.

Bef. 10/20/1123, ‘Henry, King of the English, to T., Bishop of Worcester, and R., Bishop of Chester, and Earl Roger … barons of Warwickshire, greeting. … Church of All Saints, Warwick, have all its customs and the ordeals of iron and water, … (S) History of Warwick School, Leach, 1906, P-XVIII.

1124, King Henry forced Roger, earl of Warwick, to concede 17 knights’ fees to Geoffrey de Clinton, sheriff of Warwickshire. (S) Ideals and Practice of Medieval Knighthood, Harper-Bill, 1988, P-7.

1125 in Normandy, Roger, earl of Warwick, witnesses the royal charter founding an abbey at Reading in Berkshire.

9/1126, Earl Roger returned to England from Normandy with King Henry.

1126, King Henry exchanged the royal property of Sutton with Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick. (S) History of Sutton Coldfield, Bedford, 1891, P3.

5/24/1127-5/23/1128, Charter of Simon, bishop of Worcester, effecting the translation of the church of All Saints within the castle of Warwick, … decided with … the mutual consent of Roger, earl of Warwick, … (S) Cartulary of St. Mary’s, Fonge, 2004, P25.

1129-30, Earl Roger of Warwick receiving Danegeld exemptions, a sign of royal favor. (S) The Beaumont Twins, Crouch, 2008, P25.

1130, Roger likely complicit in the accusations of treason against Geoffrey de Clinton. (S) Aristocracy of Norman England, Green, 2002, P289. [The trial took place at Woodstock before King Henry and King David of Scotland.]

1130, Earl Roger accounts for £72 16s 8d and two war horses for his forestry. Roger’s mother Margaret, Countess of Warwick is named.

1130, Earl Roger granted lands at Pwllcynan and Pennard in Gower to Neath abbey.

9/8/1131, Earl Roger attends the council at Northampton and witnesses the charter to Salisbury.

[––Roger & Gundred––]

~1134, Roger married Gundred.

12/1/1135, King Henry I, protector of the Clinton family, died. Roger, earl of Warwick, at once decalred war on the Clintons. Roger took back his lands, besieged Kenilworth, and pillaged the estates of the priory Geoffrey de Clinton had founded near the castle.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England; ursuping Empress Matilda, d/o King Henry I; and starting a civil war.

1/1/1136, In a sea battle, with the forces of the Roger, earl of Warwick, the Welsh, under Hywel ap Maredudd, were victorius, killing over 500 Anglo-Normans. [Roger lost control of Gower .]

4/1136, Robert witnessed King Stephen’s 2nd Charter of Liberties.

1136, Roger, earl of Warwick, witnessed King Stephen’s confirmation to the monks of Cluny of the manor of Letcombe Regis in Berkshire.

1138-39, Roger attended courts of King Stephen.

4/30/1139 at Worcester, Roger, earl of Warwick, at the Easter court of King Stephen.

9/1139, King Henry’s daughter Empress Matilda invaded England.

1140 at Stamford, Attending King Stephen’s court: Ranulf, earl of Chester; Gilbert, earl of Pembroke; Earl Simon; Roger, earl of Warwick; Earl Robert de Ferrers; William Martel; … Richard de Camville; Richard Fitz Urse; Eustace fitz John; … Hugh Wake; …

1140, Earl Roger’s forces involved in the battle for Nottingham.

2/2/1141, King Stephen captured at the battle of Lincoln.

4/7/1141 at Winchester, Empress Matilda acknowledged as “Lady of England and Normandy” by Bishop Henry.

9/1141, From Oxford, Empress Matilda marched an army on Winchester, to secure the treasury. Roger, earl of Warwick, was now a member of her army serving under Matilda’s brother, Robert, Earl of Gloucester.

9/14/1141, Roger taken prisoner at the siege of Winchester with most of the forces of Robert, Earl of Gloucester.

11/1/1141, Roger released in a prisoner exchange for captured King Stephen.

12/25/1141, Stephen again crowned King, and held a Christmas court. [The civil war would continue for 12 more years.]

1142, Roger returned his allegiance to King Stephen.

Aft. 1144, Roger, earl of Warwick, a benefactor of Pipewell abbey for the soul of his [maternal] uncle Rotrou. (S) Power and Border Lordship in Medieval France, Thomashon, 2002, P81.

1146, Roger took the cross of a crusader along with Waleran de Beaumont, count of Meulan [his paternal uncle], Earl William de Warren [his brother-in-law], and many other nobles.

6/1147, Roger joined King Louis VII of France on a crusade.

1/4/1148, The crusaders fought in a battle at Laodicea against the Turks.

1/7/1148, The crusaders in a night battle in the area of Mount Cadmus, where Turks ambush the main train of infantry and non-combatants well behind the main force.

3/19/1148, The crusaders reached Antioch.

By 4/1149, The crusaders failed to retake Damascus.

1149, Roger had returned to England.

9/18/1153, Roger, Earl of Warwick, died; son William succeeding. [Roger’s mother still living. Note: the same year, King David of Scotland, Earl Ranulf of Chester, and Earl Simon de Senlis also died.]


12/19/1154, Henry II [s/o Empress Matilda] succeeded King Stephen of England.

1155, Countess Gundred turned Warwick castle over to King Henry II.

1160, Gundreda, widow of Roger, earl of Warwick, granted remission of the scutage of 20 knights’ fees held in dower. (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls, Farrer, 1902, P394.

1166, Gundreda holding Walton, co. Warwick in dower of her son William, earl of Warwick.

Gundred died.

(S) Warwick Castle and Its Earls, Warwick, 1903. (S) Official Baronage of England, Doyle, 1886, P572. (S) King Stephen, King, 2010. (S) Numismatic Chronicle, V1, 1901, P444.

Children of Roger and Gundred:

i. Gundred de Newburg (189128125), born ~1136 in Warwickshire, England.

Aft. 1156, William de Lancaster … by the advice and consent of William, my son and heir, and Gundreda my wife [the daughter], … souls of Gilbert my father, and Godith my mother, and Jordan my son, and Margaret, daughter of the Countess …  Witnesses: Gundreda, daughter of the Countess. (S) Lancashire Pipe Rolls, Farrer, 1902, P394.

ii. William de Newburgh, born ~1138 in England.

6/12/1153, William succeeded as earl of Warwick.

William married 1st Margery, d/o John d’Eiville.

1167, William held 102 knights’ fees.

By 1175, William married 2nd Matilda, d/o 3894121522. Baron William de Percy & 3894121523. Lady Adeliza de Tunbrigge.

1184, William took the cross of a crusader.

11/15/1184, William died in the Holy Land; his brother Waleran succeeding.

iii. Waleran de Newburgh (121696966), born ~1140 in England.

iv. Agnes de Newburgn, born ? in England.

Bef. 1152, Agnes married to Geoffrey de Clinton, the chamberlain. (S) 1042-1189, Douglas, 1996, P1149.

v. Margaret de Newburgn, born ? in England.

Margaret died young.

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