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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Baron Roger le Bigod & Lady Alice de Toeny

 159277168. Baron Roger le Bigod & 159277169. Lady Alice de Toeny

~1060, Roger born in England. [Roger’s family from Calvados, were under-tenants of Odo of Bayeux in 1064.]

~1070, Alice born in France, d/o 318554338. Robert de Tonie. (S) Complete Peerage.

1076-79, Roger was a royal justice and king’s steward. (S) Who’s Who, Tyerman, 1996, P46.

By 1086, King William I granted Roger Bigot a market at Kelsale, Suffolk. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1086, Roger Sheriff of Norfolk. (S) UKNA.

1086, Nayland, Depwade Hundred, held by Roger Bigod of the earl Hugh of Chester. (S) Eye Priory Cartulary, Pt2, Brown, 1994, P74.

1086, Robert de Vallibus held Pentney, Norfolk, under Roger le Bigod. (S) Transactions – Cumberland and Westmoreland, V4, 1880, P454.

Bef. 1087, Roger held several Manors in Norfolk; 6 Lordships in Essex; and 117 in Suffolk.

9/9/1087, William, King of England and Duke of Normandy, died at Rouen; succeeded by his sons William Rufus in England, and Robert Curthose in Normandy.

1087, Roger, an opponent of William Rufus, fortified the castle of Norwich.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England; succeeding William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1088, Alice’s father died.

~1088, Roger married 2nd Alice.

1190, Osbert de Hervey a King’s Justice at Norwich with Roger le Bigot. (S) Debrett’s Complete Peerage, Courthope, 1838, P64.

1091, Roger Bigod appointed Steward of the King’s household. (S) Handbook of British Chronology, Fryde, 1996, P74.

8/2/1100, Henry I succeeded William Rufus as King of England.

8/5/1100, At his coronation King Henry I announced the “Charter of Liberties”.  Roger Bigot was present. (S) Conqueror’s Son, Lack, 2007, P139.

9/14/1100 at Westminster, The King grant to St. Peter’s, Bath, and Bishop John 5 hides of land in Weston. … signatories … William count of Mortain, Walter Giffard, Earl Hugh, Earl Simon, Robert fitz Hamon, Earl Henry, Roger de Bigot, …

10/1100, The King confirms to the church of St. Mary, Tewkesbury, … signatories … King Henry, Earl Hugh … Roger le Bigod, …

11/1100, Confirmation issued in favour of the monastery of Lewes … signatories … King Henry, … Roger Bigod, …

8/1100-9/1102, Roger Bigot attests a writ to Roger, sheriff of Huntingdon.

1101, Roger given the estates of Framlingham by Henry I [which were to become the principal stronghold of the Bigods for more than 200 years.]

9/3/1101, Ordination of the monks in the cathedral church of the Holy Trinity at Norwich … signatories … the King and Queen, archbishops … , Earl Henry of Warwick, … Roger Bigot …

12/25/1101, Roger Bigot at the Christmas court of King Henry at Westminster.

1/13/1103, at Salisbury, King Henry and Queen Matilda attended by bishops … Eudes the sewer, Richard de Redviers, Roger Bigot, Humphrey de Bohun, William de Aubigny, …

12/1103, Writ in favour of the monastery of St. Edmund’s addressed to Bishop Herbert, Roger Bigot, and the barons of Norfolk and Suffolk.

1103, Roger founded the abbey of Whetford, Norfolk.

6/1104, Writ addressed to Roger Bigod and Ralph Passelewe.

1104, Roger Bigod founded a priory for monks of the Cluniac order in Suffolk. (S) Paterson’s Roads, 1826, P519.

2/13/1105, Notification of the confirmation of gifts made by Roger Bigot to the monastery of Thetford.

1106 at Sawtry, Notification of the grant to the church of Ely of acquittance of toll attested by Rogert Bigot.

11/30/1106, Notification to … Herbert bishop of Norwich, Roger Bigot, … and the barons of Suffolk of the confirmation to the Benedictine nunnery of Malling of the gift of the manor of Cornard made by Robert fitz Hamon.

4-9/1107 at Windsor, Notification to Robert, earl of Leicester, Ranulf Meschin, Osbert the sheriff, and the lieges of Lincolnshire, … attested by the queen, … Rogert Bigot and William de Aubigny.

1107, Roger died, succeeded by his son William.


1130, Adeliza [Alice] accounted for outstanding debts of her father’s land of Belvoir. (S) Descent of Belvoir, Green, 1999, Univ. of Belfast, P6.

(S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919.

Family notes:

“Roger Bigot” appears in many writs of King Henry I.

Children of Roger and Alice:

i. William le Bigod, born ~1090 in England.

11/26/1120, William died in crossing the English channel; succeeded by his brother Hugh.

ii. Maud le Bigod (378250249), born ~1092 in England.

iii. Hugh le Bigod (79638584), born bef. 1100 in England.

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