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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth & Duchess Zbyslava of Kiev

 756441164. Duke Bolesław III Wrymouth & 756441165. Duchess Zbyslava of Kiev

~1085, Zbyslava born in Kiev, d/o §§Sviatopolk II of Kiev.

8/20/1086, Bolesław III born in Poland, heir & s/o §§Prince Władysław I Herman & Princess Judith of Bohemia, d/o §§Vratislaus II of Bohemia.

1101, Bolesław III, his father, Wladyslaw I, and his half brother Zbigniew expelled Count Palatine Sieciech from Poland.

1102, Wladyslaw I died. Bolesław and his brother Zbigniew split control of Poland.

~1103, Boleslaw married Zbyslava.

1109, Bolesław defended Poland during an invasion.

1113, Bolesław conquered the northern strongholds along Noteć.

~1114, Zbyslava died.


1123, Bolesław, having conquered Pomerania, Bishop Otto of Bamberg confirmed the Christianization of Pomerania.

1130s, Bolesław militaryly involved in a dynastic issue in Hungary, a campaign in which he was not successful.

1138, Bolesław wrote “The Succession Statute”, dividing the country among his sons.

10/28/1138, Bolesław died in Poland.

Child of Bolestaw and Zbyslava:

i. Wladyslaw II of Poland (378220582), born ~1105 in Poland.

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