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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Edward "the Exile" Aetheling & Agatha of Hungary

 756441102. Edward “the Exile” Aetheling & 756441103. Agatha of Hungary

1016, Edward born in England, s/o 1512882204. King Edmund & 1512882205. Queen Edith ?.

4/23/1016, Edmund became King of England on the death of his father.

10/18/1016, King Edmund of England, defeated at the battle of Ashingdon, gave Danish King Cnut all of England except for Wessex [which would be included on the death of Edmund.]

11/30/1016, Edward’s father died.

1016-17, King Cnut sent infant Edward into exile to be executed. [Instead Edward was routed to Kiev, traveling through Sweden.]

~1030, Agatha born in Hungary.

11/12/1035, King Canute of England died, naming his son Hardicanute as his heir. [Hardicanute remained in Denmark, and England split, the south loyal to Hardicanute, the north loyal to Harold, Hardicanute’s half brother.]

1040, Hardicanute became king of both Denmark and England.

1040-42, Hardicanute brought  Edward the Confessor of England back from exile in Normandy through a treaty.

1042, Hardicanute died, Edward the Confessor again became King of England. [Half-uncle of Edward.]

1046, Edward and Edmund in Hungary. They were involved an uprising when Vatha, an adherent of a former widespread pagan religion, taking advantage of disturbances arising from a contest for the succession to the throne, incited the people against the Christian religion and its institutions. (S) The Story of Hungary, Ármin Vámbéry, 2015.

[–––Edward & Agatha–––]

~1045, Edward married Agatha in Hungary.

1046, Edward and Edmund left Hungary to return to Kiev. [Edward’s family staying in Hungary.]

1051, William, duke of Normandy, in England, [supposedly] was made “heir” by Edward the Confessor. [This is in conflict with English law of the time which require an assembly of nobles to select a King’s successor.]

1052, Kind Edward the Confessor began the construction of Westminster Abbey (Finished.1065.)

Bef. 1054, Edward’s older brother Edmund died.

1056, Edward recalled to England as heir to the crown by King Edward the Confessor.

1057, Edward arrived back in England with his son Edgar.

4/9/1057, Edward, “the Exile” died [likely killed by Earl Harold Godwinson], buried at St. Paul’s, London.


Summer/1067, Agatha with her daughters Margaret and Christina travelled to England.

1068, King Malcolm of Scotland granted refuge to English exiles fleeing King William I. [Who was violently suppressing revolts in the north of England.] The exiles included Margaret, her sister Christina, her brother Edgar, and their mother Agatha.

Agatha became a nun at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Edward and Agatha:

i. Saint Margaret of Hungary (378220551), born ~1050 in Hungary.

ii. Christina, born ~1051 in Hungary.

1086, ‘clito Eadgarus … germana Christina’ entered Romsey abbey as a nun.

Aft. 1090, Christina died.

iii. Edgar Atheling (638797314), born 1053-55 in Hungary.

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