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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Duke Eudes II of Burgundy & Duchess Marie of Blois

 756501360. Duke Eudes II of Burgundy & 756501361. Duchess Marie of Blois

1112-18, Odo [Eudes] born in Burgundy, s/o 1513002720. Hugues II de Bourgogne & 1513002721. Mathilde de Mayenne.

1113-19, ‘Hugo Burgundie dux’ donated property to Saint-Bénigne-de-Dijon naming ‘Mathilde coniugis mei et filio mei Oddonis’.

1128, Marie born in Blois, d/o 378220994. Thibaut II of Champagne & 378220995. Matilda of Carinthia.

10/20/1131, ‘Hugo dux Burgundiæ” donated land in ‘Flagit et Verne’ to Vergy Saint-Vincent, with the consent of ‘uxore sua Mathilde cum omnibus filiis suis Odone, Hugone, Roberto, Henrico, Raimundo, Walterio.’

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1138, Odo, son of Hugh II, duke of Burgundy, supported the consecration of the Bishop-elect of Langres, who was opposed by many. (S) Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Williams-Wynn, 1935, P160.

Aft. 2/6/1143, Eudes became Duke of Burgundy on the death of his father.

[–––Odo & Marie–––]

By 1143, Odo married Marie.

1143, Count Thibaut II of Champagne did homage to Odo, duke of Burgundy [his son-in-law], recognizing the county of Troyes in fief from the duke.

3/31/1146 at Vezelay, Both King Louis VII of France & Queen Eleanor “took up the cross” of crusaders. [Leaving the next year – many nobles from across France attended the crusade.]

1149, The crusaders returned home.

1150, The Pope called on Duke Odo II as protector of the monk at the monaster of Vezelay who were being attacked by the Count of Nevers. (S) Sword, Miter and Cloister, Bouchard, 2009, P129.

1/8/1152, Marie’s father died; her brother Henry succeeding.

9/19/1152, Pope Eugenius III wrote to Odo, duke of Burgundy, and various other Burgundian nobles. (S) Vezelay Chronicle, Poitiers, 1992, P114.

1153, The Bishop of Langres brought a complaint against Duke Eudes of Burgundy in royal court. (S) France in the Making, Dunbabin, 1985, P264. [Odo refused to perform homage to the Bishop.]

5/1154-4/1155 at Macon, The papal legate Cardinal Odo Bonacassa held a council attended by Burgudian magnates.

6/28/1156, ‘Odo dux Burgundie, Maltrix mater eius …’ witnessed a donation to Grosbois abbey by ‘Henricus Eduensis ecclesie presul.’

9/7/1159, Pope Lucius III succeeded Pope Adrian IV.

9/1162, Eudes died before his mother; buried with his father and grandfather at Abbaye de Citeaux, Cote-d’Or [South of Dijon]. (S) Life of St. Stephen Harding, Dalgairns, 1898, P79.


9/1162, Marie became regent for her son, a minor.

1/1/1163, Marie, duchess of Burgundy, wrote to King Louis: “… It is known to your majesty that my son is your man and liege and, may it please you, your relative and whatever he can do is yours; and if he could do more it would be yours. Therefore, with more assurance I ask your highest love for my son. For I have been told that Count Ralph of Perona has a certain unmarried sister who, as I am told, would be suitable for marriage to my son. …” (S) Epistolæ.

4/1165, Marie’s son came of age and took control of the duchy.

Aft. 1165, To the most illustrious king of the French, Louis, her most beloved lord, Marie, duchess of Burgundy, greetings, … I send my messenger to your highness, that you may send word back of whatever day you fix for my very bad son. Indeed, driven out and in exile, I who was once rich, am now like a beggar; once a duchess, now truly without power, suppliant and humble, prostrate at the feet of your royal majesty, miserable and tearful, I beg you to have mercy on me and deign to act so that through your mercy I may recover my dowry which has not yet been given to anyone else. (S) Epistolæ.

1171, ‘Maria ducissa Burgundie’ donated property to Cîteaux specifying that she was acting while ‘Hugo dux Burgundie filius meus’ was on a journey to Jerusalem.

By 1174, Marie an abbes at Fontevraud. [South of Le Mans.]

1174, “I Henry, count palatine of Troyes, make known … that I have assigned to Mary, my most beloved sister formerly duchess of Burgundy, 10 pounds in annual rents of Troyes … annually for her life. After her death they will remain ... of the church of Fontevrault for celebrating the anniversary of my sister. … Witness to this were: the countess my wife, …” (S) Epistolæ.

1190, Marie died at Fontevraud.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy.

Children of Odo and Marie:

i. Hugh III of Burgundy (378250680), born 1144 in Burgundy.

ii. Alix of Burgundy, born ? in Burgundy.

Alix married Archambaud of Burbon.

1169, Archambaud died.

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