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Friday, August 28, 2020

Earl Fergus of Buchan

 94562962. Earl Fergus of Buchan

~1158, Fergus born in Buchan, Scotland.

1178-85, Fergus, earl of Buchan, for Arbroath Abbey; he has given and granted, and by his charter established, 1 mark yearly in perpetual alms on Whitsun. [Not 1181-82.]

1178-1210, Rogerus (Fergus), earl of Buchan for céli De of Monymusk has given 20 bushels of barleycorn and 10 cudthroms of cheese from 'Feodarg' and 20 cudthroms of cheese and 4 of barleycorn from 'Foleyt', as his grandfather Gartnait gave and granted, to be taken on feast of All Saints at Monymusk.

1179, Fergus Earl of Buchan made a donation to Arbroth Abbay. [Later confirmed by Margaret Countess of Buchan, his daughter.]

1196-7, Fergus, earl of Buchan, donated 1 silver mark to the monks of Arbroath.

1206, Fergus, earl of Buchan, held his open-air court 3 times a year at Ellon. (S) Buchan, Pratt, 1901, P440.

~1209, John, the son of Uthred, received the lands of Tedrett and Ardindrach from Fergus, Earl of Buchan, and became bound to attend personally 3 times a year the Earl’s courts at Ellon.

By 1210, Fergus died. [on Fergus’ death, Buchan became the first native mormaer dommajorie to pass into the hands of a foreign family.]

(S) People of Medieval Scotland.

Child of Fergus and ?:

i. Majorie of Buchan (47281481), born ~1195 in Scotland.

1210, William named Earl of Buchan in right of his 2nd wife. (S) Chartulary of the Abbey of Lindores, 1903, P235.

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