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Friday, August 28, 2020

Lord Richard Comyn & Hextilde Fitz Waltheof

 94562960. Lord Richard Comyn & 94562961. Hextilde Fitz Waltheof

~1120, Richard born in Scotland.

~1130, Hextilde born in Scotland, d/o §§Uchtred Fitz Waltheof & 189125923. Bethoc of Scotland.

1144, “Ricardus nepos Willelmi Cumin frater illius Willelmi defuncti”, lord of the castle of Northallerton, Yorkshire, by grant of his uncle William Comyn, chancellor of Scotland and archdeacon of Worcester. (S) FMG. [Richard received the honour of Richmond as part of his uncle’s settlement of a long standing issue of the control of the diocese of Durham.]

[––Richard & Hextilde––]

1145, Richard, “the Chancellor’s nephew”, married to Hextilde. (S) Historical Dictionary of the British Monarchy, Panton, 2011, P72. King David of Scotland granted Richard and his wife Hextilde the inheritance of Uchtred Fitz Waltheof, father of Hextilde. The land included the manor of Linton Roderick, Roxburghshire. [The gift later confirmed by King Henry II.]

1152-60, Richard Comyn has given, granted and by this, his present charter, established to Kelso Abbey, the church of West Linton … Additionally, … a half ploughgate of land in the villa for the soul of Earl Henry, his lord, and for the soul of John, his son, who was buried at Kelso, … Kelso received Richard and Hextilda, his wife, and their sons into the abbey’s fraternity and granted to them the benefits of the church. (S) POMS.

By 1153, Richard witnessed 6 charters of King Malcom.

5/24/1153, Malcom IV succeeded as king of Scotland.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1159-60, King Malcolm to Kelso Abbey; grants and confirms liberties and possessions given by his ancestors, himself and others … Ada de Warenne, countess of Northumberland, … David, earl of Huntingdon … Gilbert de Umfraville … Richard Comyn … (S) POMS.

1160, "Ric Cymyn" donated "ecclesiam de Lyntunruderie" to Kelso monastery, for the souls of "Henrici comitis dni mei et … Johis filii mei quorum corpa apud eos tumulant". (S) FMG.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

1166-78, Richard Comyn, with the assent and consent of Hextilda his wife and his heirs, has given, and by this his charter established, to Holyrood Abbey, … all the land [of Slipperfield], by stated bounds, with liberty to build a mill. (S) POMS.

1166, "Ricardus Cumin" donated [Slapfeld] to Holyrood Abbey, with the consent of "Hestild uxoris mee et heredum meorum". (S) FMG.

By 1173, Richard appointed as a justiciar in Scotland.

4/1173, Henry II’s 3 eldest surviving sons: Henry, Richard & Geoffrey rebelled against him; supported by their mother. King William also supported the rebellion of the sons.

7/11/1174, Richard with King William ambushed and captured at the Battle of Alnwick, Northumberland, by the forces of King Henry II. (S) Memoriale Fratris Walteri de Coventria, V2, 1873, P227.

10/11/1174, By the Treaty of Falaise, King William agreed to submission to King Henry, at which time Richard’s release was also granted.

1175, Ducan, earl of Fife, and Richard Comyn both Justiciaris of Scotland. (S) The Scottish Nation, V2, 1867, P209.

1178, Richard, Justiciar of Scotland. (S) History of the Provence of Moray, Shaw, 1827, P116.

1179, Richard fined £100 for not fulfulling his duties as an English itinerant judge.

10/21/1179, Richard named in the renewal of pasture rights in the direction of and within his forest. (S) POMS.

[Undated], Richard witnessed 33 charters of King William.

[Undated], “R. Cumin” donated property to Hexham Priory, with the consent of “uxoris meƦ Hextildis”

Bef. 1182, Richard died.


Hextilde married Malcom, earl of Atholl. (S) Scots Peerage, V1, Paul, 1904, P417.

“Hextildis comitissa de Eththetela” donated property to Rievall Abbey, for the soul of “domini mei Richardi Cumin”. (S) FMG.

Bef. 1189, Hextilde died.

(S) Scotland’s Historic Heraldry, McAndrew, 2006.

Family notes:

·         ~1095, Bethoc, born in Scotland, d/o 378251846. Donald III Bane, King of Scotland.

·         1113-24, Uchtred, son of Waltheof, Lord of part of Tynedale, associated with an inquest to determine the possessions of the church of St Kentigern of Glasgow. (S) POMS.

·         1116, Uchtred, son of Waltheof, witnessed a charter of Glasgow abbey. (S) Notes and Queries, White, 1879, P114. [Uchtred, son of Scot, witnessed the same charter.]

Child of Richard and Hextilde:

i. William Comyn (47281480), born 1163 in Scotland.

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