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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Earl Ralph de Gael & Countess Emma of Hereford

636464188. Earl Ralph de Gael & 636464189. Countess Emma of Hereford        

Bef. 1040, Ralph, ‘Brito ex patre’, born in Brittany, France, s/o 1272928376. Ralph de Gael.

~1055, Emma born in Normandy, d/o 1272928378. William fitz Osbern & 1272928379. Adeliza de Tony.

5/23/1059, Philip I crowned King of France.

1060, Ralph son of Ralph the Staller attested a document at Angers with other Bretons.

1065, Ralph besieged the castle of Combour of the lord of Dol with Conan II, Duke of Brittany.

10/14/1066, Ralph commanded Bretons in the army of William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings.

10/25/1066, William I crowned King of England.

1067, Ralph created Earl of Norfolk by King William.

3/1068, Ralph with his father Ralph the Staller attended the court of William the Conqueror.

1068-69, Ralph’s father died.

4/1069, Ralph repelled a force of Norsmen who had invaded Norfolk.

4/13/1069, Ralph’s father died.

1069, Earl Ralph witnessed a royal charter in favor of the Bishop of Essex.

1070, King William invested Ralph as earl of Norfolk.

2/22/1071, Emma’s father died in battle in France. Her step-mother was captured in the battle, and they were taken to England.

1071, Ralph styled ‘Earl of Norwich’.

1074, Ralph held the lordship of Gael and had established himself in England. (S) William the Conqueror, Douglas, 1999.

1074, Earl Ralph de Gauder, constable, conspired against King William.

[––Ralph & Emma––]

1075 at Norwich, Ralph married Emma against the will of the King.

1075 at Exning, Cambridgeshire, Roger de Breteuil, earl of Hereford, conspired with his brother-in-law Raoul de Gaƫl, Earl of Norfolk, and Siward of Northumbria [Earl Waltheof], against King William, at the marriage of his sister. [This was a plot to kill King William.]

1075,Bishop Odo of Bayeux and William de Warrene led a siege against Ralph’s fortress at Norwich. (S) Annals of Cambridge, V1, Cooper, 1842, P18.

1075, Ralph had to flee England to Brittany where he allied himself with Count Hoel of Brittany.

1075, Emma held the family castle after Ralph fled for 3 months. (S) Memorials of Old Norfolk, Astley, 1908, P32.

1075, Emma retired to her estate in Brittany after being given safe conduct.

1075-76, Ralph went to Denmark seeking the help of King Cnut. Ralph invaded England with 200 ships, but was unsuccessful in restoring his lands.

1076, King William punished some of the members of Ralph and Emma’s wedding with having their eyes put out; others with banishment, and others with forfeiture of all lands and titles.

1076, Fulk of Anjou allied himself with Ralph de Gael, earl of Norfolk; Hoel, count of Brittany; and King Philip of France against William, King of England and Duke of Normandy.

8/1076, King William advanced into Brittany, besieging the castle at Dol held by Ralph de Gael, earl of Norfolk.

10/1076, King Philip of France arrived and forced William to give up the siege. [The 1st major defeat of King William.] (S) William the Conqueror, Douglas, 1999.

1077, King William made peace with Ralph and King Philip.

8/1086, The first draft was completed of the Domesday book. Earl Ralph is mentioned in association with over 100 entries recording forfeitures. (S) Medieval East Anglia, Harper-Bill, 2005, P177.

9/26/1087, William Rufus crowned King of England, succeeding his father William the Conqueror. His elder brother Robert became Duke of Normandy.

1089, Ralph attested a judgement between the monks of Redon abbey and the chaplains of the Duke of Brittany.

1093, Ralph a witness to a suit between the abbots of Lonlay and St. Florent.

9/1096, Ralph and Emma joined the 1st crusade.

1096-97, Ralph and Emma died in, or on the way to, the Holy lands.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Blomefield, 1806. (S) History of the Norman Conquest, V3, Freeman, 1873, P507.

Child of Ralph and Emma:

i. Ralph de Gael de Montfort (318232094), born ~1076 in France.

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