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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Lord Lochlan of Galloway & Elena de Moreville

 79958028. Lord Lochlan of Galloway & 79958029. Elena de Moreville

~1150, Lochlann “Roland” born in Scotland, s/o 159916056. Lord Uchtred of Galloway & 159916057. Gunhilda of Dunbar.

~1150, Elena born in Scotland, d/o 159916058. Richard de Morville & 159916059. Avice de Lancaster.

5/24/1153, Malcolm IV succeeded King David I of Scotland.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

5/12/1161-8/1173, Uhtred son of Fergus, to all his men and friends, French, English and Galwegian, making known that he has given, granted, …, with the consent of his son and heir Roland, to Richard son of Truite the whole land of ‘Lochenelo’ …, for the service of one knight.

By 1164, Uhtred son of Fergus, to his lord and father, Christian, bishop of Galloway (i.e., Whithorn), noting that he and his heir [Roland] have granted and given to St Leonard and to St Peter’s Hospital, York, one ploughgate of land and a toft in Troqueer.

12/24/1165, William “the Lion”, age 22, crowned King of Scotland.

1165-1174, Uchtred and his son Roland witnessed the restoration of the lands of Robert de Brus by King William. (S) POMS.

1174, Lochlan’s father was killed by his uncle Gille Brigte [half brother to his father and co-ruler of Galloway.]

1174–1184, Lochlan was sent to the court of King William for protection. There he met and married Elena.

[––Lochlan & Elena––]

~1178, Lochlan married Elena.

1176-5/2/1185, Roland son of Uhtred has given and granted in perpetual alms to Holm Cultram Abbey at feu-ferme the villa called Kirkgunzeon.

3/30/1180, Roland witnessed a settlement by King William of a dispute between the monks of Melrose abbey and Richard de Moreville.

5/8/1185, Pope Lucius III confirmed the gifts to the abbey of Holm Cultram by …  Kirkwinning, as in the charter of Roland, son of Uctred …

7/1185, Roland of Galloway, after the death of his uncle Gilbert who had murdered his father, defeated the vassals of Gilbert, slaying their commander Gilpatrick. (S) American Historical Mag., V4, 1909, P85.

1185, Lochlann started seizing the land of his newly deceased uncle Gille Brigte’s heirs. However, these lands were protected by King Henry I. King Henry threatened to invade. Lochlann submitted but kept most of Galloway, and Donnchad, and was given the new “Mormaerdom” of Carrick in compensation.

1186 at Carlisle, Roland of Galloway, by the command of William II, King of Scots, takes the oath of fealty to Henry II King of England, and his heirs, against all men. (S) Documents … Illustrating the History of Scotland, 1837, P-CII.

1186, Lochlan sent to quell an insurrection in the Welsh marches by King Henry II.

7/31/1187, At the battle of Mam Garvia near Inverness, Lochlann defeated and killed the pretender Domnall mac Uilleim, who claimed the Scottish throne as a grandson of King Donnchad II of Scotland. (S) The Scottish Nation, V1, Anderson, 1877, P72.

1188, Roland witnessed a gift to Melrose abbey by Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scotland, and Avicia, his wife.

1189, Elena’s father died; her brother William succeeding.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

1189-93, Roland witnessed King William’s grant to the church of St. Mary of the Isle of Trail. (S) POMS.

1190, Lochlan founded the Cistercian abbey of Glenluce. (S) Archaelogical … Relating to Ayrshire, V5, 1885, P125.

1190-96, Roland son of Uhtred has given, granted, …, to Holm Cultram Abbey, …, a saltworks in Southerness. (S) POMS.

1/1/1191, Elena’s mother died.

3/25/1192-4/24/1193, Brother Alan, prior of Hospitallers of Jerusalem in England, for Holyrood Abbey; … lands which he held in Galloway, … which Roland [of Galloway] donated to Hospitallers, rendering yearly to them 40s.

1193-96, Roland son of Uhtred has granted, and established by his charter, to Holm Cultram Abbey the land it held of Walter of Berkeley, chamberlain of the king of Scotland.

1196, Elena’s brother William died. Lochlann, Constable of the King of the Scots, in right of his wife. Roland paid 700 marks for relief of her inherited lands.

Aft. 8/1196, Roland, son of Uhtred, constable of the king of Scots, and Helen [de Moreville], his spouse, with the consent of their heir Alan and their other heirs, have granted and established by their charter to Furness Abbey … as the charter of Avice of Lancaster, wife of Richard de Moreville, donated and established to the same monks. (S) POMS.

Aft. 8/1196, Roland son of Uhtred, constable of the king of Scots, has given, granted, and established by his present charter, to Alan Sinclair and Matilda of Windsor, his spouse, and the heirs of their bodies, that land which William de Moreville gave them in marriage, namely, as ‘Mosburne’.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

1199, Roland, high constable of Scotland, accompanied King William to Lincoln where he did homage to King John.

12/26/1199, Roland, lord of Galloway, witnessed a grant of King William to the church of Holy Trinity of the bishopric of Moray. (S) POMS.

10/1200, at Lincoln, William the Lion of Scotland did homage to King John. Roland of Galloway attended King William to the meeting. (S) Lordship of Galloway, Oram, 2000, P132.

12/12/1200, Lochlann died in England. He had accompanied King William of Scotland to visit the new King John; and to make legal proceeding in Northampton regarding the property claims of his wife, Helena.


12/19/1200, Roland buried at St. Andrews abbey, Northampton.

9/25/1201-1205, King William to Kelso Abbey; has granted donation which Alan, son of Roland, and Helen, his mother, made of 5 ploughgates in Oxton in Lauderdale [in exchange] for revenue which abbey used to have in Galloway.

Bef. 1/7/1210, Helen de Moreville has given and granted and by this her charter established for the souls of Roland her husband and others, to St Andrews Priory, Northampton …

12/4/1214, King William died.

12/5/1214 at Scone, Alexander II crowned King of the Scots.

By 1217, Helen de Moreville has given, granted and by this his charter established to Melrose Abbey, for the souls of her father, her mother, William, her brother, and Roland, her spouse, and for the salvation of herself, Alan, her son and heir, and all their successors, in free and pure alms, a certain part of her land in the territory of ‘Killebeccokestun’. (S) POMS.

1217, Eleana died.

(S) Medieval Scotland, Barrow, 1998. (S) Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway, Agnew, 1893. (S) People of Medieval Scotland.

Children of Roland and Elena:

i. Alan Fitz Roland (39979014), born ~1180 in Scotland.

ii. Thomas of Galloway, born ? in Scotland.

1204, Thomas joined the military household of King John of England.

1206, Thomas indicted for breach of peace in Herefordshire, England.

1/7/1210, Thomas created earl of Atholl.

1210-1231, Adam son of Edulf has given, granted, and by this his charter established, for the souls of Sir Alan of Galloway and of his lord the earl of Atholl, Thomas his (Alan’s) brother and of Sir Roland their father, and of Lady Elena their mother, and others, in pure and perpetual alms, to Newbattle Abbey that land in the territory of ‘Loughogou’. (S) POMS.

1212, Thomas indicted for rape in York.

1221, Thomas indicted for murder in Worcestershire.

1228, Thomas and his brother attacked the Isle of Man.

iii. Dervorguilla of Galloway (19989619), born ~1188 in Scotland.

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