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G23: 5908512

5908512. William Gascoigne & 5908513. Maud de Gawthorp

Search for Baronetage of England

~1265, William born in Harwood, England, s/o §William Gascoigne & Elizabeth Bolton. [Harwood, between Leeds and Knaresborough.]

Maud born in Gawthorp, England, heiress & d/o §John de Gawthorp.

1270, William heir to his father.

William married Maud and moved the family seat to Gawthorp.

1331, William died.

(S) The Baronetage of England, V5, Betham, 1906, P9. (S) Publications of the Thoresby Society, V17, 1908, P113. (S) Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, V6, P371.

Family notes:
• This William was the 6th William in succession in the family.
• William, married to Elizabeth, died in 1222.
• Elizabeth d/o heiress & William de Bolton of Aldwark.
• John de Gawthorp s/o Henry de Gawthorpe & Margaret de Hillum.

Child of William and Maud:

i. William Gascoigne (2954256), born ~1310 in England.

G23: 5908488

5908488. Lord John de Thornhill & 5908489. Beatrice Talboner

Search for Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids

~1265, John born in Yorkshire, England, s/o 11816976. Sir Richard de Thornhill & 11816977. Matilda de Fixby.

~1275, Beatrice born in England, d/o §Sir William Talboner.

1287, John succeeded his father.

8/14/1290, Renunciation and disclaimers by Nicholas de Leycestr' of his right and interest in the advowson and presentation of Thornhill church in favour of John de Thornhyll. (S) UKNA.

12/27/1291, John de Thornhull, staying in Scotland on the king’s service with Brian fitz Alan. (S) CPRs.

7/18/1302 at Hunsworth, “Quitclaim by John Tylly and Gena de Gomersale … to John de Thornhyll of an annual rent of 40d, …” (S) UKNA.

1303-4, “Quitclaim: William, son of Lord Richard of Arcy to John son of Richard of Thornhill claim to 5a in Flkesburgh, Northdale.” (S) UKNA.

11/12/1305, Grant under conditions of a messuage and six acres by John de Thornehill to William son of Ellis de Waddisw' and Agnes his wife.

1308-09, William son of Nicholas Boteler made a claim respecting a tenement in Midst Rawcliffe against John de Thornhill and others, but did not prosecute . (S) A History of the County of Lancaster, V7, 1912.

6/3/1310, Grant and Quitclaim by Jordan de Denay to John de Thornehill' (Thornhill, Yk) his lord of 1½ acres in Thornehill.

2/20/1314, Association of John de Thornhulle as an assessor and collector … Westrighing of the county of York … (S) CPRs.

2/24/1317, John de Thornhill granted a market and fair at Thornhill, Yorkshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

9/25/1318, Commission to … and John de Thornhill, on complaint … assaulted him at Bergh by Derton, co. York, … (S) CPRs.

9/2/1320, John on a commission of oyer and terminer on complaint by Master Henry de Clif’, king’s clerk … co. York. (S) CPRs.

1321, John de Thornhill given wardship during the minority of Richard de Tonge. (S) Calendar of IsPM.

1322, John de Thornhill held the manors of Thornhill and Hunsworth of the heir of Richard de Tong, a minor in the King’s wardship, each by the service.

5/18/1322, John died; all lands and tenemants are yearly worth 89s. 4d. of the king by homage and fealty and by the service of knight’s fee. (S) Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids: 1205-1307, 1907, P46.

7/9/1322, “Record of the Grant to Beatrice widow of Sir John de Thornhill by William de Knol, attorney of Brian son & heir of the said Sir John, as her dower, of the manor of Thornhill called Le Grenehalle with all appurtenances except the advowson of Thornhill, with the boat ferry in Thornhill on the Kelder, …, Brettewysel, Farneley Tyas, Soutz Deneby and Waddesworth … Wydehope and Smaleshagh …, Halton, Theuelby, Haytheby and Burton …” (S) UKNA.

10/31/1326, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill (Wadsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

10/3/1327, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill (Wadsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

10/6/1328, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill (Wadsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

7/1333, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill held at Waddeswurh’ (Waddeswurh’, Yk). (S) UKNA.

11/7/1335, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill (Wadsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

5/6/1336, Court Roll of Lady Beatrice of Thornhill (Wadsworth, Yk). (S) UKNA.

(S) Nottinghamshire Archives: Savile of Rufford: Deeds and Estate Papers. (S) Foster’s Yorkshire Pedigrees.

Child of John and Beatrice:

i. Bryan Thornhill (2954244), born ~1300 in England.

G23: 5908480

5908480. Sir John De Savile & 5908481. Margery de Rishworth

Search for History of the Parish and Vicarage of Halifax

~1280, John de Savile born in Yorkshire, England, s/o 11816960. Peter de Savile & 11816961. Maud ?.

1282, John’s father Peter declared insane; custody of lands and family given to Peter de Eton [Heaton], his near relative. [Peter apparently recovered by 1302.]

~1295, Margery born in England, coheir & youngest d/o 11816962. Henry de Rishworth & 11816963. Alicia ?.

1300, John son of Peter de Seyville complained of William, Prior of Pontefract, and Walter de Sutton, his bailiff, … he said that he held of the Prior a house and a carucate of land in Dodesworth by fealty and the service of 10s. a year, and he was not bound to do any other service, …, the Prior did distrain him to do service at his court of Berneslay from 3 weeks to 3 weeks; he claimed £20 damages.

1301, John son of Peter de Seyville claimed against Roger Fitz-Thomas 10 acres of land and 2 acres of wood in Wyrkesburgh [Worsbrough] as his right.

1301, John son of Peter de Sayville sued Elias de Smytheton of Askerne claiming 20 acres of land, … in Calthorn … against five other defendants.

1302, The 5 defendants of the suit with Elias de Smytheton appeared, and John said that they had no entry in the property except after a demise made by John de Sayville, his grandfather (whose heir he is), to Ralph de Sayville, for a term which has expired.

1303, John son of Peter de Seyville sued William, Prior of Pontefract [who did not appear].

4/1306, John de Sayvile witnessed an agreement between Thomas son of Sir John de Heton and Adam de Pontefracto of Mirfield, relating to lands in Mirfield.

1306, Hugh son of John de Eland released to Thomas de Langfield and Ellen his wife, Jordan de Insula and Isabel his wife, and John de Sayvile and Margery his wife, daughters and heirs of Henry de Rishworth, the rent of 10 marks for the moiety of the vill of Barkesland.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

By 1308, John heir to his father.

1308 at Barnsley, John served in the court of Robert de Boseville, Prior of Pontefract.

9/1310, Robert, Prior of St. John … to answer John de Sayville of a plea … he held 2 messuages, 112 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, and 20 acres of wood in Dodworth, by homage, fealty and the service of 17s. 6d. a year for all service of the Prior of Pontefact … damages £20. (S) Year Books of Edward II, Selden Society, 1904, P94.

1319, Fine between John de Sayville and Margery his wife, plaintiffs, and Jordan son of Jordan de Insula and Isabel his wife, deforciants, of 27s. rent in Barkesland, Bothamley and Northland, and of 1/3 of the manor of Rissheworth, which Alice, widow of Henry de Rissheworth, holds for life of the inheritance of Isabel. To hold (subject to the life interest) to John and Margery and the heirs of John. Warranty against the heirs of Isabel. Alice was present and did fealty to John and Margery. (S) Feet of Fines.

1320, John and Margery paid a fine of 27s. to be paid from lands in Barkisland, Bothomley, Northland, and a third part of the manor of Rishworth. (S) A Concise History of the Parish and Vicarage of Halifax, Crabtree, 1836, P486.

1/20/1327, King Edward II abdicated in favor of his son, Edward III.

1327, Pardon to John de Sayvill for the death of Robert de Baldok. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1328-29, Court held at Wakefield: Order to distrain John de Savile to do suit of court for tenements in Rishworth late belonging to Henry de Rishworth. (S) Wakefield Court Rolls.

4/1330, The king sues John de Seyville, to permit him to present a parson to the church of Smetheton.

11/29/1331, John [possibly the son] amerced 4d. for not “coming to do suit”. (S) Wakefield Court Rolls.

By 1336, John, Knt. of Golcar and of Rishworth died.

(S) De controversia in curia militari inter Ricardum Le Scrope, Scrope, 1832, P303.

Family notes:
• John built the Savile-gate road when he started spending half the year at Rishworth and half at Bothom Hall in Huddersfield.

Child of John and Margery:

i. John Savile (2954240), born ~1310 in England.

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G23: 5080588

5080588. Sir John de Ralegh & 5080589. Margaret le Bret

Search for Antiquities of the County of Somerset

~1280, John born in Somerset, England, s/o 10161176. Sir Simon de Raleigh & 10161177. Joan le Tort.

~1285, Margaret born in England, d/o 10161178. Richard le Bret.

1304, John’s father died.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

6/28/1314, Commission of oyer and terminer … to … on complaint by Ralph, prior of Goldeclyve, that … John de Ralegh … Henry Bardolf … with others, after the king had taken fealty … entered the manor of Preston and Selure, co. Somerset, belonging to the priory, … felled trees … took 23 oxen … and forcibly hendered the escheator … (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1315, John de Ralegh the Lord of the town of Boleham with its members Honesham & Evedon, Devon. (S) Historical Memoirs of the Town and Parish of Tiverton, Dunsford, 1836, P3.

1317, John de Raleigh of Nettlecombe, and his brother Simon rebelled with Thomas of Lancaster. They were pardoned on fines of £100 and £40 respectively.

1320, John witnessed a deed of Walter, Bishop of Exeter. (S) Registrum Collegii Exonienesis, Boase, 2009, P324.

2/8/1322, Writ of aid for John de Lortye and John de Say appointed to arrest Thomas de Gornay, John de Kyngeston, Walter de Pavely of Stratton, John de Ralegh, Simon de Ralegh, Warin de Ralegh, John de Mautravers, John Luterel, Andrew Luterel … (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

1323, “Grant, exchange Peter de Brochille to John de Ralegh Aldeston and Aylesbeare 1½ acres.” (S) UKNA.

1325, Sir John de Ralegh owned a house opposite the Dominican convent in Exeter. (S) The History of Newenham Abbey in the County of Devon, Davidson, P83.

1/20/1327, King Edward II abdicated in favor of his son, Edward III.

1327, John recovered the manor of Alford, which had been seized by the crown. In addition, the fines of 1317 were remitted.

1331, John de Raleigh held a fee at Allecheford of John de Mohun. [Previously held by his father Simon.]

1332, John [senior] settled the manor of Allydeford on his son John [of Netelcombe] and his wife Margaret. (S) Feet of Fines for the County of Somerset, P159.

1333, “…Witnesses: the lords John de Ralegh, John de Cheverston, knights, … Exeter …” (S) UKNA.

1336, John de Reylegh of co. Devon sealed a document: a cross betw. Four crosses, crosslet fitchees, … (S) Catalogue of Seals in the Department of Manuscripts.

1337, John a collector of the King’s revenue for Somersetshire.

9/25/1337, John, of Beaudeport [or Churneys], Sheriff of Devon. [This may be the son.]

9/6/1338 at Windsor, John witnessed the ratification of letters of confirmation by the dean and chapter of the church of Exeter. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

7/22/1340, “Endorsement: John de Raleigh {Ralegh}, of Charles [in Shirwell Hundred, Devon.], Sheriff.” (S) UKNA.

1340, John died, Margaret surviving.

(S) The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, Cruttwell, 1791. (S) The History of the Part of West Somerset, Heley, 1901, P186-8. (S) Archaeologia Cambrensis, 1868, P357. (S) Nettlecombe Court, Bush, 1970.

Family notes:
• There is also “John de Ralegh” of Surrey at this time.

Child of John and Margaret:

i. John de Raleigh (2540294), born ~1305 in England.

G23: 5080576

5080576. Robert Biccombe & 5080577. Agnes ?

Search for History of Carhampton

Robert married Agnes, the co-heiress of a small estate at East Luccombe.

1279, Robert and Geoffrey le Tort jurors of an inquisition.

1284, Robert of Biccombe was found by inquisition to be the tenant of a knight’s fee at Biccombe, held of John de Mohun, deceased. [Another list of the period credits Robert and Geoffrey le Tort with two thirds of a fee there; and Geoffrey is also one of the owners of the adjoining manor of Timberscombe.] (S) Calendar of IsPM, P351.

1285, Robert of Biccombe was found by inquisition to be the tenant of a fee at Biccombe, held of John de Mohun, deceased.

1286, Robert de Bykkombe held one knight’s fee (six hides or 720 acres) in Biccombe of John de Mohun, lord of Dunster, “which appears to have continued in his family for many generations.” (S) History of Carhampton, Somerset, Publ. 1830, James Savage. [Biccombe was one of the manors which were anciently subject to the castle of Dunster.]

1289, Robert of Biccombe was suing Walter of Cloutsham and others for disseising him of an acre of wood and some land at Biccombe, evidently situate in the common fields, 4 perches measuring 3 perches in width, and 6 perches measuring 1 perch in width.

(S) Historical Notes on Some Somerset Manors Formerly Connected with the Honour of Dunster, Somerset Record Society, 1931.

Family notes:
• Richard who held Biccombe of William de Mohun, at the time of the Domesday survey, may have been the progenitor of the family which derived its surname from that place. Little is known about the history of Biccombe before the year 1201, when Alfred of Biccombe was one of the tenants of the Honour of Dunster. Although Richards holding, in 1086, had been only a single virgate [equal to five hides of land or a total of 600 acres], Alfred was responsible for a whole fee.

Child of Robert and Agnes:

i. Robert Biccombe (2540288), born ~1290 in England.

G23: 5079808

5079808. Sir John Malet & 5079809. Sibylla De St Cleere

Search for Magna Britannia

~1252, John Mallet born in Enmore, Somerset, England, s/o 10159616. Sir Baldwin Malet & 10159617. Mabel De Deandon.

~1265 Sibylla born in Stapleton, Somerset, England, d/o § Sir Robert De St Cleere & Mabilia de Mohun.

1279, John succeeded his father as lord of Enmore manor.

1279, John was in possession of Sutton manor. (S) Sutton Mallet, A History of the County of Somerset, V8, 2004.

“Johannes Malet Miles Dominus de Enemere filius et haeres Balwini Malet Milities Ed. I.” married Sibylla.

1280, entry for “Johannem Malet Dominum de Enemere”. (S) Sir A.M.'s MSS., Vol. I, Sup. II, P16.

1284, John held the estate of Enmore. (S) A History of the County of Somerset, V8, 2004.

By 1288, John, K.B., of Enmore & Deandon died: John Malet 96 acres of land, 14 acres of meadow, … in Deandon, of the heir of Almaric de St Amando, by soccage, … held of John of Grendon, … in Grendon … held of Michael de Spitchwick … in Cator and Shallowford … by military service … of the abbot of Buckfastleigh by military service … “Baldwinus est filius et haeres dicti Johannis Malet et aetat: 4 ann: ”. (S) Dewdon Manor, Dingley, 2007.

1303, Sibilla Malet tenet in Bridewyk “quintam partem f. ”, and Bykeworth[y] et La Venne “nonam partem j. f.”, Schyrewill, Devon. (S) Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Fuedal Aids, 1899, P361.

(S) Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family, Arthur Malet, 1885, PP32-3. App’s H1, H2. (S) A History of the County of Somerset, V6, 1992. (S) Magna Britannia, V6, P-CLI.

Family notes:
• “Sibilla Malet tenet … partem f. un. M. in Bridwike de heredibus Baldewini Malet, et iidem heredes de heredibus Johannis de Mohun, et, iidem heredes de Thoma de Ralegh, …” (S) Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Fuedal Aids, 1899, P336.
• “Sibilla Malet tenet nonam partem un. F. in Bykeworthy et in La Venne de Mabilia Malet, et eadem Mabilia de heredibus Johannis de Moun, et iidem heredes de rege i.c.” (S) Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Fuedal Aids, 1899, P337.
• Robert de St. Cleere aka "Robert de St. Claro" and "Robert de Saint-Clair".

Children of John and Sibylla:

i. Baldwin Malet (2539904), born 1284 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

ii. Thomas Malet, born ~1286 in Enmore, Somerset, England.
Thomas married the heiress of Monford in Devon.
1311, Knight of Nottinghamshire.

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G23: 5000486

5000486. Baron William de Cantelowe & 5000487. Eve de Braose

Search for History of the County of Somerset

~1215, William born in England, s/o 10000972. William de Cantilupe & 10000973. Millicent de Gournay.

~1225, Eve born in England, d/o 47279586. William de Braose & 47279587. Eve Marshall.

1230, Eve’s father died leaving her Totnes.

1238, William’s father William granted custody and marriage of Eva de Braose with the honor of Abergavenny.

1239, William’s father heir to William’s grandfather – all of the same name.

8/27/1239, Matilda, mother of Julian, challenged the custody of William de Cantilupe.

7/25/1241, Grant to William de Cantilupo the younger, that he make take each week in the town of Bergeveny murage for walling the town, for five years. (S) CPRs.

4/7/1242, Protection for the following so long as they are on the king’s service beyond seas … W. de Cantilupo, the younger … (S) CPRs.

7/1242, William a member of the army of King Henry III in France at war with King Louis IX. The 2 armies met at the battles of Taillebourgh [6/19] and Saintes, with the superior sized French force winning.

8/28/1242, Appointment of William de Cantilupo the younger, John de Gray, Philip Basset, and Paulinus Peyvre as constables and leaders of the knights crossing this time to Poitou by order of the king. (S) CPRs.

1/13/1243, Grant to William de Cantilupo the younger of 50£ a year … (S) CPRs.

Willam married Eve [and later became Baron of Abergavenny in her right].

12/1245, Eve a coheir of her maternal uncles Walter and Anselm, who both died the same month.

2/15/1248, Restitution to Roger de Mortuo Mari and Maud his wife, William de Cantilupo and Eva his wife, and Humphrey de Boun and Eleanor his wife, of the castle and town of Haverford, as the right and inheritance of the said Maud, Eva and Eleanor … lands late of Walter Marshal, earl of Pembroke … In the partition of Bridgwater, Eve de Braose, wife of William de Cauntelo, received two thirds of the borough and manor. (S) Bridgwater, A History of the County of Somerset: V6, 1992. (S) CPRs.

10/20/1248, On the death of John de Mornemue … William de Cantilupo the younger had intruded in the castle of penros after the death … the said William came to the king and put himself in mercy and surrendered to the king the sesin of the castle … (S) CPRs. [William and John, son of this John, became involved in extended disputes.]

5/26/1250, A charter records the restoration of property, granted to "Margaret Countess of Lincoln", to "William de Vescy and Agnes [de Ferrers] his wife, Reginald de Moun and Isabel [de Ferrers] his wife, William de Fortibus and Matilda his wife, Francis de Boun and Sibil his wife, William de Vallibus and Alienor [de Ferrers] his wife, John de Moun and Joan [de Ferrers] his wife, Agatha de Ferrers in the king´s custody, Roger de Mortimer and Matilda his wife, and William de Cantilupe and Eva his wife.” (S) Calendar of Documents of Ireland, V1.

1250, Margery and Hillaria de Hastings, in the nunnery of Alneston, had their tuition committed to William de Cantelupe when their father Henry de Hastings, husband of Ada of Huntington, died.

1251, William received wardship of the heir of Henry de Hastings from Geoffrey de Lusignan. [But not the wardship of the lands.]

1251, William heir to his father.

11/5/1252, Restitution and quit-claim to William de Cantilupo and his heirs, as their inheritance, of the lands late of Eustace de Cantilupo in the manors of Berewesby, co. Northampton, Lubbestorp, co. Leicester, and Baseford, co. Nottingham. (S) CPRs.

1253, William accompanied King Henry III into Gascony to suppress a rebellion. (S) Dictionary of National Biography, P199.

6/11/1253, Licence, for William de Cantilupo to make his will … (S) CPRs.

1253, William and wife Eve in a lawsuit with Adam Gurdun. (S) Pedes Finium, 1894, P34.

11/28/1253, Appointment, during pleasure, of William de Cantilupo to the keeping of the castle of Boelt, rendering … 40 marks. (S) CPRs.

3/3/1254 at Mylan, Bond to William de Cantilupo in 200£ [by the king].,3/3/1354 … granting to William de Catilupo and his heirs free warren in all their demesne lands in England. (S) CPRs, 10/16/1374.

6/7/1254, Charter … John de Berneres, the elder, … Witnesses:- … Geoffrey de Lezygnan and William de Valenciis the king’s brothers, William de Cantilupo, … (S) CPRs.

9/25/1254, William, Knt. of Calne, Wiltshire, Baron of Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire died at Calveston; Simon de Montfort the chief mourner at his funeral. [William died holding the market of Calne, which would be passed down in his family.]

10/28/1254, Mandate to Eva de Cantilupo to deliver the castle of Boelt which remained in her keeping after the death of William de Cantilupo her husband, to Geoffrey de Langele, … (S) CPRs.

1255, Eve died; son George, 3 years old, succeeding.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P635.

Family notes:
• Wardship of the lands of William’s heirs was given to Lord Edward. (S) Edward I, Prestwich, 1988, P38.
• Confirmation by William de Cantilupe to the chapel in his court of Eyton, of the grant made to it by his father, William de Cantilupe, of a messuage and … It appears that Cantilupe had Eyton and it was settled on Millecent, married to Ive Zouche. (S) UKNA.
• Maurice son of Gerald, deceased, … held the barony of Offaly of Roger de Mortuo Mari and Matilda his wife, William de Cantilupo and Eva his wife, Humphrey de Bohun and Eleanor his wife, daughters of Eva de Breus, fifth heir of Walter and Anselm, the Marshals, by service of twelve knight’s fees. (S) CPRs, 8/23/1273.

Children of William and Eve:

i. Joan de Cantelowe (11820101), born ~1245 in England.

ii. Milicent de Cantelowe (2500243), born ~1250 in England.

iii. George de Cantelowe, born 1252 in England.
9/1/1254, Ratification of a marriage to be contracted between George son of William de Cantilupo and Margaret daughter of Edmund de Lacy, as their parents, … have arranged. (S) CPRs.
4/5/1273, Mandate … to deliver to George de Cantilupo, son and heir of William de Cantilupo, … the castle and town of Totten. (S) CPRs.
5/1/1273, George had seisin of the castle of Kilgaran and the manor St. Clare … (S) CPRs.
By 2/6/1274, George died. (S) CPRs.

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G23: 5000480

5000480. Sir Nicholas Poyntz & 5000481. Isabel Dyall

Search for Survey of the County of Kent

~1215, Nicholas born in England, s/o 10000960. Hugh Poyntz & 10000961. Hawise Malet.

By 4/4/1220, Nicholas’ father died.

1225, Nicholas, co-heir to Robert Bardolf.

9/1232, Concerning respite of a demand. And to the sheriff of Gloucestershire, concerning the demand he makes for the debts of Nicholas Poinz and Hugh Poinz. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

~1235, Isabel born in England, d/o §Timothy Dyall.

2/1233, Order to the sheriff of Gloucestershire that since the king has given respite to Ralph fitz Nicholas, …, by reason of the lands of Nicholas Poinz, which are in the custody of the same Ralph, he is to permit him to have peace in the meantime. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

2/5/1236, The king has rendered the manor of Bromsgrove to Nicholas Poinz and his parceners as their right and inheritance. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

4/7/1242, Protection for the following so long as they are on the king’s service beyond seas … Nicholas de Poinz … (S) CPRs.1249, Nicholas and his cousin William de Forz were asked to warrant John de la Stane ½ knights fee.

7/1242, Nicholas a member of the army of King Henry III in France at war with King Louis IX. The 2 armies met at the battles of Taillebourgh [6/19] and Saintes [7/22], with the superior sized French force winning.

10/1251, Nicholas Poynz gives the king 2 m. for taking an assize of novel disseisin before R. Walerand. Order to the sheriff of Gloucestershire to take security. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

1253-4, at the death of his step-father, Nicholas received half of the barony of Curry Malet, Somerset, through his mother.

5/1254, Nicholas Poynz gives the king 20s. for a writ ad terminum. Order to the sheriff of Somerset. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

1257, Nicholas fought in Wales.

Nicholas joined the barons’s revolt against King Henry III as a follower of John Giffard.

3/28/1264, Grant to William de Kaynes of 30 marks a year at the Exchequer, … The like to Nicholas Poynz. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls.

10/25/1264, Whereas the king’s beloved and faithful Henry de Sutleg’ lately mainperned for Nicholas Poinz to pay to Cressa son of Mosse, formerly Jew of London, deceased, the £70 in which Nicholas was bound to the aforesaid Jew by his charter for having a certain piece of land that Nicholas granted to Henry forever … (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

1265, the moiety of Poyntz Hall assigned to Nicholas, part of Dullingham manor.

11/25/1265, Remission … Nicholas Poynz of all debts, usuries and penalties wherin he was bound by charter to Cresseus son of master Mosseus, Jew of London, deceased. (S) CPRs.

3/1268, Nicholas Poynz gives one mark for an assize to be taken before Robert de Brywes. Order to the sheriff of Cambridgeshire. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

7/6/1268, Pardon to Nicholas Poynz, by testimony of John Giffard, of all trespasses of the non-observance of the Provisions of Oxford. . (S) CPRs.

11/3/1270, Grant to Hagin son of Master Mosseus, Jew of London, … their debtors … Nicholas Poynz … (S) CPRs.

Nicholas granted Poyntz Hall to his son Hugh.

1272, Nicholas Poinz, Knt. of Tockington and Swell, Gloucester died in possession of Hoo manor. (S) The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent, V4, 1798.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P634. (S) Visitations of Essex, Hawley.

Child of Nicholas and Isabel:

i. Hugh Poyntz (2500240), born 8/25/1252 in England.

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G23: 4998720

4998720. Reginald de Haslacton & 4998721. Isabel de Watton

Search for Antiquities of Nottinghamshire

Isabel born in England, d/o §Walter de Whatton.

“Reginaldo de Aslactona” witnessed a charter granted by Lady Adeliza de Whatton to Belvoir Priory [a cousin of Isabel.] (S) The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, Thoroton, 1790, P262.

Reginald married Isabel, receiving a gift of the manor [from which he took his surname.] (S) Whatton, 1825.

Family notes:
• Walter de Watton a knight of the 2nd Crusade.
• “Reginaldo de Aslactona” witnessed a charter granted by Lady Adeliza de Whatton to Belvoir Priory [a cousin of Isabel.] (S) The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, Thoroton, 1790, P262.

Child of Reginald and Isabel:

i. Sir Simon de Aslacton (2499360), born bef. 1231 in England.

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G23: 4997496

4997496. Baron Robert de Roos & 4997497. Isabel D’Aubeney

Search for Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland

~1235, Isabel born in England, heir & d/o 9994994. William D’Aubeney & 9994995. Isabel ?.

Bef. 1237, Robert born in England, heir & s/o 4997476. William de Roos & 4997477. Lucy Fitz Peter.

Isabel was a King’s ward at Windsor as a child.

1244, Robert married to Isabel.

5/17/1244, Mandate to Bernard de Sabaudia and Hugh Giffard to deliver Isabel daughter of William de Aubynny, who is in the king’s custody, to Robert son of William de Ros, her husband, and let him take her where he will. (S) CPRs.

5/17/1244, Robert ordered to pay £200 yearly for delivery of Isabel [his wife] on £3,285 14s. 4.5d owed by her father.

1247, Robert received the castle of Belvoir.

1248, Isabella, wife of Robert, and her husband called to account for non-payment of the marriage fine.

10/21/1249, The king has granted to Robert de Ros and Isabella, his wife, daughter and heiress of William d’Aubigny, that they may render those £100 and 50s. which are exacted from them by summons of the Exchequer for William’s debts together with the other debts which William owed to the king. (S) FRsHIII.

7/2/1251, Robert de Ros and Isabella, his wife, give the king one mark of gold in bezants for having a charter of warren, which he has paid … and is quit. (S) FRsHIII.

12/29/1251, The king has granted to Robert de Ros, who has taken to wife Isabella, daughter and heiress of William d’Aubigny, that he may render 100 m. per annum at the Exchequer. (S) FRsHIII.

7/3/1257, Robert obtained a grant of free warren in his lordship of Belvoir.

5/13/1258, Simon de Aslacton acted as a security for Robert de Ros and his wife Isabel.

6/14/1261, Robert de Ros of Belver and Isabel his wife granted a market and fair at Belvoir, Lincolnshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs.

1261-2, Grant by Robert de Ros, lord of Beauvier, to Sir Philip Basset, for 40 marcs, of the wardship and marriage of John, son of William de Goldingham, … Witnesses:- Sirs William de Insula, …, Henry Sturmy, …, and Richard Sturmy, knts., … (S) UKNA.

1261, Robert de Ros of Belvoir pardoned for tourneying at Pontefract.

10/17/1263, Robert de Ros [one of many] to come to the king at Wyndesor with the horses and arms … (S) CPRs.

1265, Robert summoned to parliament, 1st Baron of Roos of Helmsley, Yorkshire.

2/7/1267, Robert de Ros de Beverlac had license to fortify Belver [Belvoir], his principle residence.

7/1268, Robert de Ros, lord of Belver, made a charter giving the weal of his soul and that of Isabel his wife … (S) Manuscripts of His Grace the Duke of Rutland, 1905, V4, P9.

8/19/1274 at Westminster abbey, Edward I crowned king of England.

4/1277, Robert made a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Edmund at Pontigny in France.

1277, Robert fought in Wales as a banneret under the Earl of Warwick with 4 knights and 4 troops. [King Edward made forays into the Welsh lands of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, prince of Wales, capturing Snowdonia and the isle of Anglesey.]

1279, Robert owed £2000 in scutage fees for the previous wars of King Henry.

5/1/1281, Mandate to Robert de Ros to deliver up for punishment … Adam de Karleton, and William de Hikeham, lay brethren [of the hospital of St. Katherine without Lincoln] detained in the castle of Belvoir of the said Robert … (S) CPRs.

1282, Robert summoned to serve against the Welsh with 3 knights and 6 troops [3 knights in the name of Isabel].

6/28/1283, Robert de Ros summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

5/17/1285, Robert, Knt. of Helmsley and Hunsingore, Yorkshire died; buried at Krikham, Yorkshire.

1285, Isabel age 52.

4/1291, Domina de Ros [Isabel] ordered to send men into service to meet at Norham on Easter day.

1294, Isabel seized of the fee of Belvoir. (S) Jurisconsult Exercitations, V2, Hargrave, 1811, P34.

1295, Newstead Priory filed a complaint against Isabel and some of her sons.

8/21/1295, Commission on complaint by the prior of Belvoir … that Isabell de Ros, … assaulted his men as they wee carrying his corn at Redemylde and Belvoir, co. Leicester, … (S) CPRs.

11/16/1299, Confirmation of a grant, for life, by Isabella de Ros, lady of Belvoir, to Nicholas her son of the manor of Orston, co. Nottingham, which is held in chief. (S) CPRs.

6/28/1300, Licence … in consideration of a fine made by Robert de Ros … for Isabella de Ros of Belvoir to enfeoff the said Robert of the manor of Botlesford, held in chief by … knight’s fee; and for him to regrant it to her for life. (S) CPRs.

12/28/1300, Pardon to William de Kyselingebury of his outlawry for not rendering account, at the suit of Isabella de Ros before justices at Westminster, for the time that the was her bailiff on the honor of Belvoir. (S) CPRs.

6/15/1301, Isabel died; buried at Newstead Priory, Lincolnshire.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P700. (S) Some Historic Mansions of Yorkshire, Wheater, 1889, PP170-2. (S) The Welsh Wars of Edward I, Morris, 1901.

Family notes:
• 1320, “Executors of Isabel de Ros (Roos), Lady of Belvoir … an ancestor of the petitioner, made a fine of £1,000 with the king's ancestors for his ransom to be paid by instalments of £10 per annum by Robert de Ross, and Isabel de Ros continued to pay it during her life … Isabel de Ros (Roos), Lady of Belvoir; William Daubeny …” (S) UKNA.

Children of Robert and Isabel: [5 sons, 3 daughters]

i. William de Roos (2498748), born 1255 in England.

ii. Mary de Roos (121691596), born ~1260 in England.

iii. Joan de Roos, (60844705), born ~1265 in England.

G23: 4997490

4997490. Sir John Engaine & 4997491. Joan de Greinville

Search for History of the County of Essex

~1225, John born in England, 4th s/o 9994980. Viel Engaine & 9994981. Rohesia de Montgomery.

1236, Joan born in England, d/o 9994982. Sir Gilbert de Greinville & 9994983. Joyce de Montfichet.

1248, John’s father died; his brother Henry the heir.

10/5/1261 at St Paul’s, London, John de Engayne gives one mark for having a writ of trespass before the king [Leicestershire.] (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

1264, “Robert de Martivall of Hallaton for Sir John Engayne. … Covenant to pay (ii) forty marks in three parts beginning in 1265 or suffer distraint.” (S) UKNA.

1271, John heir to his older brother Henry. (S) A History of the County of Hertford, V3, 1912.

1271, Colne-Engaine and Gaines, Essex, held by Sir John Engaine by the service of keeping the King’s greyhounds. [As well as Gidding and Dilington of the Abbot of Ramsey. (S) The History of English Law Before the Time of Edward I.]

1274, the king ordered the escheator to deliver the manor of Tayden Garnet to John Engaine and his wife Joan, daughter of Joyce de Montfichet, as it had been found that Joyce held nothing in chief at her death and that the manor was held of William de Lambourne.

1279, Viel de Grafham held 2½ hides of Sir John Engaine, which were of the fee of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester.

10/28/1279, Commission … complaint by John de Lovetot, John Engayne … and others assaulted them. (S) CPRs.

4/23/1282, Simple protection for John Engayne until Michaelmas. (S) CPRs.

7/16/1284, John Engayne and Joan his wife granted a market and fair at Halverton [1 of 2, previously held by Eustace de Grienvil in 1224.]. (S) Calendar of Charter Rolls.

1287, John and his wife granted the Gaynes Park manor for life to Robert Fitz Walter, … After his death it was to be held by Walter, son of Robert and his wife Joan, who was daughter of John and Joan Engaine, and her heirs.

7/23/1287, Protection for Vitalis de Graffham, going on the king’s service into Wales with John Engayne. (S) CPRs.

10/8/1288, The … have quittance of the common summons for pleas of the Forest in co. Essex … John de Engayne, the elder. (S) Calendar of the Close Rolls.

10/6/1293 at the Great Court at Broughton, Ralph of Gidding attorney of John Engaine of Dilington of the common suit by Richard Dally. (S) Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts, V1, 1889, P70.

3/25/1296, Waleran de Rocheford knighted while serving in the retinue of John de Engayne. (S) The English Aristocracy at War, Simpkin, 2008, P86.

7/11/1296, Pardon, at the instance of John Engayne, to John de Illeye … (S) CPRs.

1296, “John de Engayne, alias Engayne, Engayn, alias John Engayne the elder: Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire, Essex, Hertfordshire” died. (S) UKNA, IPM.

9/3/1297, “Joan de Engayne to grant land in Kirby, Dene, Bulwick, Gretton, and Laxton to the prior and convent of Fineshade, retaining land. N'hamp.” (S) UKNA, (S) CPRs.

11/2/1305, Licence, in consideration of a fine … for the alienation in mortmain by Joan Engayne to the prior and convent of Fynnesheved … in Kirkeby, Deen, Gretton, Bulewyk and Laxton. (S) CPRs.

(S) Theydon Garnon, A History of the County of Essex, V4, 1956.

Children of Robert and Isabel:

i. Joyce D’Engaine (23640075), born ~1263 in England.

ii. John d’Engaine, born 1266 in England. [Heir]
1297, John enfeoffs Simon de Havering with the manor of Upminster for 10 years.
7/22/1298, John, with 2 knights and 7 troopers, at the defeat of Sir William Wallace at the battle of Falkirk, Scotland.
2/12/1301 in Lincoln, John, “lord of Colum”, signed the baron’s letter to the Pope.
1322, John died. (S) The Roll of Arms, of the Princes, Barons, and Knights Who Attended the King, 1864, P13.

iii. Nicholas de Engaine (5910252), born ~1268 in England.

iv. Joan d’Engayne (2498745), born ~1270 in England.

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G23: 4997488

4997488. Lord Robert de Welle & 4997489. Isabel de Periton

Search for Final Concords of the County of Lincoln

~1220, Robert born in England, heir & s/o 9994976. William de Welle & 9994977. Emma de Grainsby.

1241-2, Robert held the lands of his father; holding 3.5 fees and the 14t part of G. de Gant in Well, Alford, Claxby, Withern, Strubby, Belleau, Swaby, and other places in Calswaith.

10/1247, Robert de Welle gives half a mark for a precipe [removes a plea] from the county court of Lincolnshire. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

7/28/1249, Robert de Tateshall, deceased, had held Maltebi manor of Robert de Welle. (S) Calendar of I’sPM.

~1250, Isabel born in England, coheir & d/o 9994978. Adam De Periton.

9/8/1251, Robert de Well’ shall give the king 4 m. of gold at the feast of St. Edward next to come for having a warren in his demesne lands in Lincolnshire and for acquitting that charter. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

2/22/1252, Exemption, for life, of Robert de Welles from assizes, juries or recognitions. (S) CPRs.

1252, Lincolnshire, Robert de Welle gives the king one mark for a writ ad terminum. (S) Fine Rolls of Henry III.

12/1253, “… Witnesses: Lord Robert de Welle, lord John de Orreby, …, Knights, …” (S) UKNA.

2/3/1256 at Lincoln, Between Ralph abbot of Croyland, Gilbert de Gaunt, Robert de Well, Robert de Wylgeby, Nicholas de Grendal', Jollan de Hamby and Gilbert de Orreby, querents, and William de Gaunt and Alice his wife, deforciants, of a certain sewer which they claimed to have in the lands of William and Alice in Munby and Hogestorp. (S) Final Concords of the County of Lincoln: 1244-1272, 1920.

1258, Robert presented to the chapelry of Well.

1261, Lincolnshire, Robert de Welle gives half a mark for a writ ad terminum. (S) FRsHIII.

1261, Miles Mauger, by his attorney, demands v. Robert of Well and Isabel his wife the moiety of the manor of Hayden with the appurtenances, … Robert and Isabel come and demand view thereof. (S) Curia Regis Roll, No171.

2/27/1263, Association of Robert de Welles, … in a commission of oyer and terminer … county of Lincoln … (S) CPRs.

1263, Miles Mauger who brought a writ of entry v. Robert of Welles and Isabel … moiety of the manor of Hayden asks for leave to recede from his writ. (S) Curia Regis Roll, No172.

4/13/1264, Safe conduct until Easter for Robert de Well[es], coming to the king where he may be in England. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 9/24/1265, Robert died.

1266, Isabel’s father died.

Aft. 25 Jul 1266–69, Isabel married William de Vescy, Lord Vescy; acquiring in dower Faxton under John de Balliol, previously held by Robert.

1288-89, William de Vescy and his wife Isabel conveyed the manor of Faxton to John de Vescy, their son.

1290, William, Justiciar, leased out all the dower lands of Isabella, his wife, widow of Robert de Welle.

Isabel granted £20 yearly out of the manor of Faxton to her daughters Cecily and Aline.

Bef. 1/5/1314, Isabel died; buried in Malton Priory, York. (S) Calendar of I’sPM.

(S) Lincolnshire Notes and Queries, V6, 1901, P55.

Child of Robert and Isabel:

i. Adam de Welles (2498744), born ~1265 in England.

G23: 4997478

4997478. Ralph Fitz Hugh & 4997479. Joan de la Haye

Search for Magna Carta Ancestry

~1230, Ralph born in England, s/o 9994956. Hugh Fitz Ralph & 9994957. Agnes de Greasley.

~1235, Joan born in England, d/o §John de la Haye.

Ralph married Joan.

7/25/1253, Licence, for life, for Ralph son of Hugh to hunt with this dogs the hare, fox, cat and badger through the forests in the counties of Nottingham, Northampton and Buckingham, … except in fence monty and not in warrens ; provided that he take none of the king’s deer. (S) CPRs.

1258, Ralph presented to the church of Middle Claydon

1261, Ralph of Greasley and South Muskham, Nottinghamshire, and Ilkeston, Derbyshire died before his father.

1261, Ralph's daughter and heir Eustacia and her husband Nicholas Cauntlow granted Claydon Manor to his widow Joan for life, who in return gave up all claim to Hugh’s estates.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P119. (S) A History of the County of Buckingham, V4, 1927.

  Family notes:
• 1251, Philip de Neville of Enderby quitclaimed Oxenton manor to John de la Haye. This might have been her brother or her father.

Child of Ralph and Joan:

i. Eustache Fitz Ralph (2498739), born ~1255 in England.

G23: 4997476 Roos-FitzPeter

4997476. Sir William de Roos & 4997477. Lucy Fitz Peter

Bef. 1200, William born in England, heir & s/o 9994952. Robert de Roos & 9994953. Isabel of Scotland.
~1210, Lucy born in England, d/o 9994954. Peter Fitz Herbert & 9994955. Alice Fitz Robert.
1215, Robert de Ros and his son William joined the confederacy of barons at Stamford.
12/16/1215, Robert and son William excommunicated by Pope Innocent III.
10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.
5/20/1217, William taken prisoner at the battle of Lincoln supporting the barons. The Barons, being greatly outnumbered, were besieged and defeated by the troops of King Henry III. [300 knights were captured.]
10/26/1217, William released from custody.
12/23/1226, The king has taken the homage of William de Ros for the lands and fees which Robert de Ros, his father, held of the king in chief and which fall to William by hereditary right. … William rendering £100 to the king for his relief. (S) FRsHIII.
3/20/1228, William de Ros and Robert, his brother, sons of Robert de Ros, have quitclaimed to the abbot and monks of Rievaulx the debt that they exacted from them in the name of their father for 250 m. (S) FRsHIII.
1230, William fought in Brittany.
12/17/1233, Pledges for the Bishop of Exeter having the custody of the land and heir of W. d’Avranches: Earl Roger Bigod for 100 m. … William de Ros for 40 m. … Upon the barony of the same bishop, 300 m., by the king. (S) FRsHIII.
Bef. 1/24/1234, William, Knt. of Helmsley and Hunsingore, Yorkshire married Lucy.
1235-39, “Edmund, Thomas, and Philip, … gave to Meaux … of land which was their father Simon’s. …, and Sir William de Roos, chief lord (capitalis dominus) of that fee, confirmed those lands to us.” (S) Essays Upon the History of Meaux Abbey, Rarle, 1906, P117.
1237, Willelmus de Ros with King Alexander II of Scotland at York where he witnessed a treaty with King Henry II.
7/18/1238, Mandate to Robert de Creppinges to take into the king’s hands all the assarts made by William de Ros in the manor of Lincoln in the forest of Gauteris, … to show why he made them without the king’s assent … (S) CPRs.
1242, William fought in Gascony, returning home without the King’s sanction – claiming poverty, for which his lands were confiscated. The King’s brother and many other nobles supported William’s in his decision. (S) The Baron’s War, Blaau, 1871, P182.
5/17/1244, Mandate to Bernard de Sabaudia and Hugh Giffard to deliver Isabel daughter of William de Aubynny, who is in the king’s custody, to Robert son of William de Ros, her husband, and let him take her where he will. (S) CPRs.
1246, William “incurred the King’s displeasure”. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P486.
1247, On the death of his grand-aunts, the 2 sisters of his grandmother Rose Trusbut, William became the sole heir to Trusbut and Watre. (S) Some Historic Mansions of Yorkshire, Wheater, 1889, PP170-2.
10/3/1249, The king has given respite to his beloved and faithful William de Ros, until Martinmas, from his relief of the lands formerly of Agatha Trussebut [his grand aunt], which he says he does not owe, on condition that he satisfies the king at the Exchequer within the same term for any relief that is owed for the aforesaid lands. (S) FRsHIII.
4/1/1252, Protection with clause volumes for William de Ros gone to Santiago, so long as he be on pilgrimage. (S) Patent Rolls of Henry III, V4.
1253, Ebor … Dominus Eadwardus filius domini regis. Robertus de Vertri Ponte. … Willelmus de Ros. Robertus de Nevill. Rogerus de Mubray. … Johannes de Warenna. … Petrus de Brus. Henricus de Percy. … Willelmus de Stotevill. … Adam de Everingham, … Simon de Steyngrif. … (S) Survey of the County of York, 1867, P432.
4/10/1257 in London, William listed 1st in witnessing a charter of Richard, Earl of Cornwall and King of Alemaine, to the friars of Knaresburgh. (S) Knaresburgh and Its Rulers, Wheater, 1907, P307.
1258, William fought in Wales.
1258, William died; buried at Kirkham. (S) A Synopsis of the Peerage of England, Nicolas, 1825, P547.
1266, Lucy living.
(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P700.

Children of William and Lucy: [6 sons, 2 daughters]
i. Robert de Roos (4997496), born bef. 1237 in England.
ii. William de Roos (2498738), born ~1245 in England.
iii. Lucy de Roos, born ? in England.

Lucy married Sir William de Kyme.

iv. Alice de Roos (11817061), born ~1250 in England.

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G23: 4997472

4997472. Sir William le Scrope

Search for Castle Combe

~1220, William born in England, heir & s/o 9994944. Henry le Scrope & 9994945. Julian Brune.

1254-5, William held 6 hides in Baldinton, Oxfordshire by service of 1 knights fee of Adam Despenser. (S) History of the Manor and Ancienct Barony of Castle Combe, Scrope, 1852, P94.

Bef. 1263, William died; buried at Wensley [York] near his father.

(S) A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Burke, 1835, P694. (S) The Controversy Between Sir Richard Scrope and Sir Robert Grosvenor, Nicolas, 1832, P9.

Children of William and ?:

i. Richard le Scrope, born ? in England. [Heir]
1263, Richad summoned to serve with horse and men against the Welsh.
Richard died; his brother William his heir.

ii. William le Scrope (2498736), born ~1245 in England. [2nd son]

G23: 4997468

4997468. Baron Roger de Tony & 4997469. Alice de Bohun

Search for Magna Carta Ancestry

~1230, Alice born in England, d/o 47279584. Humphrey de Bohun & 47279585. Maud de Eu.

9/29/1235, Roger de Toeni born in England, heir & 2nd s/o 9994936. Baron Ralph de Tosny & 9994937. Pernel de Lacy.

1239, Roger’s father died at sea.

Roger became a ward to Humphrey de Bohun.

6/30/1239, agreement for Alice to marry Roger de Tony, Baron of Flamstead, Hertfordshire.

4/26/1242, Grant to Queen Eleanor of the custody, during the minority of the heir, of the lands of Ralph de Tony, to receive in her wardrobe all the issues thereof, with the wards and escheats belonging thereto. (S) Epistolae: Women’s Biography, Eleanor of Provence.

10/15/1242, the earl of Hereford & Wessex was ordered to deliver Paincastle to Roger,who held it by knight’s service.

6/20/1251, Memorandum … the earl [H. de Boun, earl of Essex and Hereford] … keep during the minority of Roger son and heir of Ralph de Thoeny, when he comes of age the earl will restore it [Painscastle] to the king to surrender to the heir. (S) CPRs.

1254, Roger married Alice.

1255, Alice living.

10/21/1255, Grant … the king’s gift by reason of his wardship of the lands of Roger de Thoney. (S) CPRs.

12/8/1256, Roger had license to hunt in multiple counties with his own dogs, the hare, the fox, the cat and the badger. (S) CPRs.

10/15/1256, Mandate to William de Sancto Omero and Pernell de Thoeny his wife to restore to Roger de Thony, son and heir of Ralph de Thony, who is of full age and has done homage … his lands, charters, … in the keeping of the said Pernell. (S) CPRs.

10/1257, Roger went to Wales with Edward the king’s son and was among those asked to meet the king in London with all the service they owed.

6/28/1258, Commission of oyer … touching trespasses and excesses committed against Roger de Mortuo Mari … in the parts of Wales by Roger de Thony, … (S) CPRs.

~1259, Grant of Roger, son of Ralph of Tony to William of Mohun, son of the Lord of Mohun. Marriage of William and Juliana, Roger's relation Premises: £10.13s. annual rent in the manor of South Tawton. (S) UKNA.

10/28/1259, Of those who are crossing with the king to France and have protection … Roger de Thony, the elder … (S) CPRs. [French King Louis and Queen Margaret hosted a family Christmas gathering in Paris that included King Henry III and Queen Eleanor. Margaret and Eleanor were sisters.]

1260, Roger patron of Brinkley church. (S) Brinkley, A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely, V6, 1978.

Roger married 2nd Isabel ?. [1 son, Geoffrey.]

1261, Roger, son of Ralph de Tony, grants the manor of Itton, alias South Tawton, to Moyhon in marriage. (S) Devon Notes and Queries, Amery, 1905, P123.

1262, Roger accompanying the Queen beyond the seas.

2/1263, Roger summoned to Hereford for action against Llywelyn.

1/27/1264, “Receipt of homage, and remission of rent. Roger de Tony, lord of Karneton = (1). Sir Ralph de Arundel = (2). Receipt by (1) of the homage of (2) for 1/2 acre of land in Retthelec.” (S) UKNA.

Roger died.

5/12/1264, Grant to Edmund the king’s son of the wardship of the castles and lands of Roger de Tony, tenant in chief, … dowers when they fall in … Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford, the marriage of the heirs … to Isabel, late the wife of the said Roger her dower, … the said Edmund of the marriage of the said Isabel, or the fine which she will make for the same. (S) CPRs.

1264, “Roger de Tony alias de Thony: Wales: Painscastle with the appurtenant honour; Devon: South Tawton manor with advowson; Norfolk: Necton manor; Necton, Little Fransham, Little Cressingham, Westacre, Godwick, Sparham, Bodney, Shingham, Downham, Gutland, Hales, Little Fransham, Great Cressingham, Little Cressingham, Wrotham, North Wrotham; [Essex]: Walthamstow manor; Hertfordshire: Flamstead manor” died. (S) UKNA, IPM.

2/1265, Isabel living.

~1270, Quitclaim of rent Isabel who was wife of Roger de Thony. Randulf de Arundel. Remission and quitclaim by Isabel of 8d rent in Reshelec which she had claimed during her widowhood on the king's instruction (per preceptum domini regis), to Randulf and his heirs for ever; rent [henceforth] 1d or a pair of white gloves yearly. (S) UKNA.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P824.

Children of Roger and Alice:

i. Ralph de Tony (2498734), born 1255 in England.

ii. Alice de Tony (15212121), born ~1260 in England.

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G23: 4997466

4997466. Sir William la Zouche & 4997467. Matilda ?

~1220, William de la Zusche born in Leicestershire, England, 2nd s/o 9994932. Roger la Zouche & 9994933. Margaret Biset.

Bef. 5/14/1238, William’s father died; his older brother Alan the heir.

1242, King’s Nympton held by William la Zouche of Essex.

5/3/1254, Protection with clause volumus for the following who are going with the queen to the king in Gascony ; … William la Zuche … (S) CPRs. [Prince Edward would marry Leonore at Las Huelgas in Burgos, which the queen attended.]

William, 2nd Baron Zouche of Assheby.

5/12/1268, Grant to William la Zoche of 146£ 17s 7.5d … counties of Essex and Hertford, in which sum the king is bound to him for arrears for his keeping of the Isle of Ely … (S) CPRs.

2/3/1271, William of King’s Nympton died.

1271-2, “Writ to sheriff of Essex: to enquire into the lands, heir etc of William la Zouche and Matilda his wife”. (S) UKNA.

(S) A Genealogical History of Dormant …, Burke, P385.

Family notes: (S) The ‘Lands of the Normans’ in England (1204-1244).
• Roger de la Zouche granted King's Nympton to William de la Zouche.
• William de la Zouche holds King's Nympton of Alan de la Zouche in demesne, doing no service, and Alan holds of the king in chief.

Child of William and Matilda:

i. Joyce la Zouche (2498733), born ~1250 in England.

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G23: 4997458

4997458. Sir Thomas Fitz Otes & 4997459. Beatrice de Beauchamp

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1231, Thomas born in England, s/o 9994916. Otes Fitz William.

~1235, Betrice born in England, 4th d/o 9994918. Sir William de Beauchamp & 9994919. Ida Longespee.

1256, Thomas’ uncle Otto died, leaving the hereditary coiner of the Mint in the Tower of London to his son William, who died without issue. (S) Transactions – Bristol and Gloucestershire Arch. Soc., V11.

6/24/1261, Thomas, age 30, heir to his cousin William Fitz Otes receiving 1 knights’s fee in the honor of Boulogne, 2 hamlets held of the earl of Gloucester by 1 kinght’s fee, and land held of the heir of Ralph de Hodeng. (S) Calendar of IsPM, 1904, P136.

Thomas married Beatrice. (S) Magna Britannia, V1, part 1, 1813, P46.

1265, Thomas petitioned the Court of Exchequer for the broken dies of the mint.

1266-7, Beatrice coheir to her neice Joan, d/o Sir Simon de Beauchamp, inheriting a third of Bedford.

12/5/1266, Remission to Robert de Ver, earl of Oxford, of the king’s indignation … on the mainprise of Guy de Brione of the county of Devon and Thomas son of Otto of the county of Essex for his future good behavior … (S) CPRs.

1267, Thomas Fitz “Otto”, hereditary coiner of the Mint in the Tower of London, claimed the scrap iron from the broken coining dies; a family heritage to the time of King Henry I.

1274, Park Hall held by Thomas fitz Otto, of the earl of Gloucester, as two carucates in Gestingthorp and Gosfield, by the service of one knight's fee. [Previously held by his uncle William in 1260, and his father in 1256.] (S) The History and Topography of the County of Essex, Bk2, Ch5.

Bef. 3/23/1274, Thomas, knt. of Mendlesham, Suffolk, Belchamp Otton, Essex, and Hamerton, Huntingdonshire; and city of Canterbury died. (S) Calendar of IsPM, V2, 1906.

1274, Beatrice given the advowson of Mendlesham and Beauchamp Parva, co. Essex, as part of her dower.

Beatrice married 2nd Sir William de Munchensy, holding Hamerton manor in dower.

6/26/1278, Writ from the King … assigned … to Roger de Munbray [Mowbray], John de Steyngryve and Ida his wife, …, and William de Mountchensy (de Monte Caniso) of Edwardeston and Beatrix his wife, heir of William Beauchamp (de Bello Campo) of Bedford, their reasonable shares which fell to them fro the inheritance … which Amicia, William Beauchamp’s widow, lately deceased, held in dower. (S) Yorkshire Inquisitions of the Reignes of Henry III and Edward I, 1902, P10. [This William, brother of Beatrix de Beauchamp, died 8/1262, leaving as his heir his brother Simon, William’s wife Amicia holding dower. Simon left a daughter Joan that died 1266-7. Joan having no heir, the estates were distributed under the Dictum of Kenilworth.]

Bef. 7/12/1281, Beatrice died: Grant to High son of Otto of the custody, during the minority of Otto the son and heir, of the manors of Hamerton, co. Huntingdon, … which Beatrix, deceased, late the wife of Thomas son of Otto, held in dower. (S) CPRs.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P135. (S) The Numismatic Circular, V16, 4/1908.

Children of Thomas and Beatrice: [1 son, 3 daughters]

i. Joan Fitz Thomas, born ? in England. [Eldest daughter]
Joan married Guy Ferre, Lord of Benhale.

ii. Maud Fitz Thomas (2498729), born 1270 in England.

G23: 4997456

4997456. Sir Guy Botetourt & 4997457. Ada ?

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1272, Guy was conveyed the lordship of Upton with lands, … in Fishley, South Walsham, … (S) An Essay Towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Parkin, 1810, P133.

1274, Guy de Butetort lord and patron of Little Elingham.

5/7/1276, … Guy Boteturt … acknowledge that they owe to Robert de Tybotot 43£. 6s. 8d. (S) Calendar of the Close Rolls.

7/18/1277, Protection with clause volumus for Guy Butetourte going to Wales on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

1285, Sir Guy de Botetourt obtained the grant of a market and fair to be held at Upton, Norfolk.

1286, Guy de Butetort given free warren in Little Elingham.

1287, Guy claimed the right of frankpledge for Upton.

5/20/1290, Sir Guy Botteturt and Sir John Butteturt witnesses to indenture between Sir Roger de Leukenore and Sir Robert de Tybotot. (S) Calendar of the Close Rolls.

9/16/1297, Appointment of Guy Buteturte, … to select and retain knights and yeomen in the king’s service in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, and to be a week after Michaelmas in London. (S) CPRs.

1301, Creditor: Thomas, the son of Guy Buttetourt {Buteturt}. (S) UKNA.

11/12/1302, Guy granted a market and fair to be held at Upton. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516.

1305, Guy settled the manor of Cantley on his son. (S) A History of Upton Norfolk, Hill, 1891, P9.

1307, Culmination of a long lawsuit over the advowson of St. Martin, Norwich won by Guy de Buttetourte and Ada his wife, Robert son of Philip Crowe, Ral de Butteturte, John Crowe and Agnes his wife against Thomas de Reppes.

9/17/1308, Master Ralf Buttetourt presented by Sir Guy de Butetourt, Knt. and Ada his wife at St. Martin.

1313, The manor of Craneworth was settled by fine on Guy de Buteturt and Ada his wife; reminder to Ralph de Boteturte and his heirs.

By 1317, Guy, Knt., of Little Ellingham, Norfolk died.

(S) Plantagenet Ancestry, P136. (S) Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, Blomefield, 1805.

Family notes:
• Guy s/o Guy [died 1264]; s/o Roger [living 1228]; s/o Guy [living 1212.]

Child of Guy and Ada:

i. John Botetourt (2498728), born ~1260 in England.

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G23: 4997442 Cromwell-Marmion-Basset-Somery

4997442. Sir Ralph de Cromwell & 4997443. Mazera Marmion & 243382628. Lord Ralph Basset & 243382629. Margaret de Somery

Search for Transactions of the Leicestershire

~1215, Ralph Basset born in Drayton, Staffordshire, England; s/o §Ralph Basset & Isabel ?.

~1230, Margaret born in England, d/o 486765256. Roger de Someri & 486765257. Nichole D’Aubigny.

7/8/1253, Simple protection for seven years, for Margery de Sumery. The like for Joan de Berkele [Margery’s aunt, sister of her father]. (S) CPRs.

[–––Ralph Basset & Margaret de Somery–––]

~1250, Ralph married Margaret.

1257, Ralph summoned to the King Henry III at Chester with horse and arms to oppose a Welsh incursion.

Ralph’s father died.

8/10/1257, Protection to those going to Wales in the service of the king and Edward his son … Ralph Basset of Drayton. (S) CPRs.

9/3/1257, Ralph, “the younger”, of Drayton granted a market and fair at Colston Basset, Nottinghamshire. (S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516. [Colston originally of the Thurstan Basset lineage – brother of Ralph the Justiciar.]

1262, Warw. Ralph Basset of Drayton sued Philip Marmiun for sending his serviens … with a great multitude of outlaws and Welshmen … to the mill of the said Ralph … doing damage … 100£ … A concord was afterwards made at Tamworth, … sureties … John de Plessetis, earl of Warwick, Peter de Montfort, … Roger de Morteyn, … Thomas de Clinton [for Philip] … (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V4, 1883, P151.

9/18/1263, Pardon to Roger de Clifford, Roger de Leyburn, John de Vallibus, Hamo Lestrange, John Giffard and Ralph Basset of Dreyton of all trespasses … reason of non-observance of the Provisions of Oxford … (S) CPRs.

1/1263, Ralph ordered to Hereford by Henry III because of a possible Welsh attack. (S) The History of Ludlow, Wright, 1852, P172.

4/12/1263, Simon de Montfort returned to England to lead a rebellion of young barons. Simon sent his son Simon to secure Northampton castle, then being held by a supporter Ralph Basset of Drayton.

4/6/1264, King Henry attacked Northampton, capturing Simon’s 2nd son and Ralph Basset.

6/7/1264, After the King was defeated and captured at the battle of Lewes, Ralph was named governor of the castles of Salop and Bruges.

9/16/1264, Ralph prohibited by the King from attending the tournament to be held at Dunstable.

12/4/1264, Ralph summoned to Simon de Montfort’s parliament.

12/20/1264, Commitment during pleasure to Ralph Basset of Drayton of the castle of Shrewsbury. (S) CPRs.

2/16/1265, Prohibition to Simon de Monte Forti, earl of Leicester, Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, … Ralph Basset of Draiton, … going … to Dunstaple to tourney there, upon pain of forfeiture of all lands, … (S) CPRs.

5/20/1265, Mandate to Ralph Basset of Drayton, keeper of the peace in the counties of Salop and Stafford, … (S) CPRs.

8/4/1265, Ralph died at the battle of Evesham. He died at Montfort’s side, having refused Montfort’s request that he retire from the field in the face of inevitable defeat.

x11/5/1265, Grant for life, at the instance of Edward the king’s son, and for the laudable service of her father, to Margaret, late the wife of Ralph Basset of Drayton, daughter of Roger de Sumery, of the manor of Patingham, co. Stafford, and all the lands late of the said Ralph in Watton, co. Leicester, and Exton, co. Rutland, … (S) CPRs. [Upon remarring Margaret passed the estates to her son.]

[–––Ralph de Cromwell & Mazera Marmion –––]

~1245, Mazera born in England, d/o 9994886. Philip de Marmion & 9994887. Joane de Kilpec.

11/8/1257, Exemption, for life, at the instance of Peter de Monteforti, of Ralph de Crumbwell from being put on juries, assizes or recognitions, … against his will. (S) CPRs.

12/16/1263, Pardon at the instance of Ralph de Crumbewell, … (S) CPRs.

~1265, Ralph married Mazera.

11/21/1265, Manser son of Aaron de London … his debtors … John de Brugo the elder, … Ralph de Crumwell, … (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1271, Mazera died, leaving her daughter Joan as heir to her lands.

[–––Ralph de Cromwell & Margaret de Somery–––]

Bef. 1/26/1271, Ralph married 2nd Margaret de Somery [her 2nd].

8/26/1273, IPM of Roger de Somery: … part of the barony of Chester falling to him through Nicholaa de Albaniaco his first wife, one of the heirs of Hugh de Albaniaco earl of Arundell … Margaret the wife of Ralph de Cromwelle, Joan the wife of John le Strange, Mabel the wife of Walter de Suyllye, and Maud the wife of Henry de Erdinton, are next heirs of the said Nicholaa, and of full age. (S) CIsPM.

10/10/1273, Margaret coheir of a fourth of her father’s lands.

4/12/1274, Margaret got livery of her inherited lands.

7/21/1276, Ralph de Crumbewelle acknowledges he owes the merchants of Luca 1,000 marks if Nicholas de Sedgrave fails to pay. (S) CCRs.

12/28/1280, Grant, for life to Robert de Uffordof the castle and town of Oreford, … 10£ from Ralph de Crumwell, … (S) CPRs.

1281, Ralph de Cromwell of Derbyshire summoned to serve against the Welsh. (S) History of the County of Derby, V1, Glover, P406.

6/28/1283, Ralph de Crumwell summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

1289, Ralph of Cromwell and West Hallum [Derbyshire], and Cromwell [Nottinghamshire] died.

Betw. 3/1293-6/1293, Margaret took the veil.

By 1293, Margaret died.

(S) A Genealogical History of the Dormant, … Peerages of the British, Burke, 1866. (S) Transactions of the Leicestershire A&A Society, V4, 1878, P27.

Family notes:
• 1218, Ralph Basset paid 30 marks for the 15 knight's fees held, upon the levy of the first scuttage for the king.
• Ralph Basset [the father] s/o Ralph [died 1211], s/o Ralph [died 1160], s/o Richard Basset, Justiciar of England [died bef. 1146] & Maud de Ridel, d/o Sir Geoffrey de Ridel, Lord of Witheringe, & Geva Lupus d/o Hugh Lupus, earl of Chester. All Ralph’s “of Drayton”. Richard Basset [Justiciar] s/o Ralph Basset of Montreuil-au-Houlme, Normandy, France, and Northamptonshire, England; s/o Thurstan Basset, “the Norman”, of Ouilly-Basset, Normandy.
• The two main family lines are of Drayton, Staffordshire; and Great Weldon, Northamptonshire.

Children of Ralph Basset and Margaret:

i. Ralph Basset (121691314), born ~1250 in England.

ii. Maud Bassett, born ? in England.
Maud married John, Lord Grey de Wilton.

Child of Ralph de Cromwell and Mazera:

i. Joan Marmion (2498721), born 1268 in England.

Child of Ralph de Cromwell and Margaret:

i. Ralph de Crumbewell (23640104), born ~1270 in England.

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G23: 4997438

4997438. Count Hughes XII de Lusignan & 4997439. Jeanne de Fougeres

The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series)

~1235, Jeanne born in France, d/o 9994878. Ralph III de Fougeres & 9994879. Isabella de Craon. (S) The Norman Frontier in the Twelfth and Early Thirteenth Centuries, Power, 2004, P244.

~1239, Hugh born in Lusignan, France, s/o 9994876. Hugh XI de Lusignan & 9994877. Yolande de Dreux.

6/1249, Hugh’s paternal grandfather died on crusade with King Louis IX.

4/26/1250, Hugh succeeded his father, who died on the same crusade as the grandfather.

1/29/1252-3, Hugh married Jeanne; acquiring the manor of Agon near Coutances through her mother.

1253, Isabella, wife of Ralph de Fougeres, grants revenues from the fair of Montmartin in her dowery of Agon, with consent of her daughter Jeanne, wife of Hugh de Lusignan, count of La March.

8/8/1254, Grant to Hugh de Lezignan [by King Henry III], son of Hugh count of La Marche, the king brother, the he may receive at the exchequer the residue of the fee of 400 marks whereof 150 marks were deducted for the marriage of Robert son and heir of William sometime earl of Derby, to whom the king married Mary sister of the said Hugh, … if the said Mary die without heir … (S) CPRs.

1256, Jeanne and Hugh are Lord and Lady of the castle of Fougères in Brittany; when the construction of the Mélusine and Gobelin towers is completed. [The Mélusine tower was named after the mythical fairy, whose marriage to Raymond started the Lusignans’ bloodline.]

11/6/1265, Licence, at the instance of Hugh, count of La Marche and Angouleme, the king’s [Henry III] kinsman, … safe conduct … (S) CPRs.

Aft. 3/25/1268, Hugh joined the 2nd crusade of King Louis IX.

7/2/1270, King Louis IX’s crusader ships left the coast of Provence heading for Tunis. The emir of Tunis was in arrears to King Charles of Sicily. He was supposed to send 34,300 gold coins annually.

7/21/1270, Louis’ crusader fleet arrived in Tunis. After easily taking the port, they attacked Carthage, 15 miles from Tunis, but did not enter the city. Very quickly, a plague [likely typhus] decimated the crusader forces.

1270, Hugh, Seigneur de Lusignan, de Couhe et de Peyrat, Count of La Marche, and Count of Angoulême died on crusade.

(S) Fougeres, Bretagne, France.

Child of Hughes and Jeanne:

i. Joan de Lusignan (2498719), born ~1255 in France.

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G23: 4997436

4997436. Lord Geoffrey de Geneville & 4997437. Maud de Lacy

Search for Medieval Ireland

1226, Geoffrey born in Vaucouleurs, Champagne, France, s/o 9994872. Simon de Joinville & 9994873. Beatrix of Burgandy.

~1227, Maud born in England, coheir & d/o 9994874. Gilbert de Lacy & 9954823. Isabel le Bigod.

Maud 1st married Pierre of Geneva, a kinsman of Queen Eleanor of Provence. [No children.]

1239, Geoffrey’s older brother John succeeded to the French titles.

7/1241, Gefforey and “Beatrix, sa mere” [his mother] confirmed donations by his father Simon.

Bef. 6/29/1249, Pierre died.

Aft. 3/9/1250, Geoffrey arrived in England upon inheriting estates in England, Wales and Ireland.

1252, Geoffrey, Knt. and seigneur of Vaucouleurs in Champagne, France, married Maud, whose marriage had been granted to Peter de Savoy, uncle of the Queen and and husband of Geoffrey’s step-sister, Anges de Faucigny. Geoffrey become lord of Ludlow in Wales and Trim in Ireland.

8/8/1252, Geoffrey and Maud had livery of the lands in Meath, Ireland of her grandfather Walter de Lacy.

7/26/1253, Acknowledgement of the right of Geoffrey de Geynvill and maud his wife touching the wardship and of the lands and fees which Theobald le Butlier (Pincerna) held of Walter de Lacy, grandfather of the said Maud, which wardship the said Geoffrey has, … (S) CPRs.

7/28/1253, Grant to Geoffrey de Geynvill and Maud de Lacy, his wife, of the manor of Dilun, … which Peter de Genevre and the said Maud, sometime his wife, held at farm … (S) CPRs.

8/29/1254, Geoffrey and Maud had livery of the castle of Trim as right of the inheritance of Maud. (S) CPRs.

8/1255, Geoffrey in Gascony with the King’s son Lord Edward. [Edward never had the title “Prince”.]

12/1255, Geoffrey’s parentage is confirmed in a charter of his father to Dore Abbey which named his sons including: “Joffroy de Jenvile signor de Vauquelour”.

9/14/1256, Grant to Geoffrey de Geynvill of the manor of Dilun at farm … (S) CPRs.

2/28/1257, Renewal, under the great seal, of a grant made under the seal which the king used when last in Gascony, to Geoffrey de Geynvile and Maud de Lacy his wife, that in all their lands in Meath they may use their liberties by their own writs … as Walter de Lacy, sometime lord of the same lands, used … (S) CPRs.

1260, Geoffrey partitioned the barony of Weobley, Herefordshire with his wife’s brother-in-law John de Verdun. [Maud’s sister was deceased.]

7/26/1260, Grant to Geoffrey de Geynvill of murage for five years from … his town of Ludelawe. (S) CPRs.

1260, Geoffrey summoned against the Scots.

7/18/1262, … Geoffrey de Geynvill, constable of Struguyl, … to assist Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex … (S) CPRs.

1263, Geoffrey, Lord of Meath, and his wife founded a monastery near the Athboy-gate of Trim.

5/14/1264, King Henry and Lord Edward captured at the battle of Lewes.

1264, Simon de Montfort raided Wales and captured Ludlow castle, property of Geoffrey. (S) The Castles of England, V2, 1896, P139.

4/1265, Geoffrey negotiated a peace agreement between the feuding “de Burgh” and “Fitz Gerald” families in Ireland.

5/1265, Geoffrey de Geneville, Walter de Burgh, and Maurice Fitz Maurice summoned to the court inEngland [by Simon de Montfort] to work on getting the peace settlement accepted in Ireland. (S) Proceedings of the Newcastle upon Tyne Conference 1985, P162. [Some sources indicate that Lord Edward went to Geoffrey’s Ludlow castle after his escape.]

6/1265, After the escape from captivity of Lord Edward, Geoffrey again called to England from Ireland.

Geoffrey raised an army against the supporters of Montfort, secured the release of captured Richard de la Rochelle [Lord Edward’s representative in Ireland], and won royal support by promising all should hold their lands on the same basis as before the war started. (S) Edward I, Prestwich, 1988, P52.

8/4/1265, Lord Edward, with support of troops from Ireland, defeated Montfort’s army at the battle of Evesham, ending the Baron’s Revolt.

1266, Geoffrey and Maud founded the collegiale of Vaucouleurs.

9/4/1267, Safe conduct … for … envoys of Llewellin son of Griffin, … to the king to treat of peace … the king has appointed Geoffrey de Geynvull and Hamo Lestrange to conduct them. (S) CPRs.

1272, Geoffrey summoned by the King of France against Roger-Bernard III.

10/1273, Geoffrey made Justicar of Ireland. (S) The Household Knights of Edward I in Ireland, 2004.

9/11/1275, Writ of aid for Geoffrey de Gyenvill, lately appointed justiciary of Ireland, … to attend to the defence of that land … the king hearing that he is in want of counsel and assistance. (S) CPRs.

1276, Geoffrey summoned against the Scots.

10/30/1277, Letter for Geoffrey de Gyenvill and Matilda his wife, nominating Thomas de Lodelawe … attorneys … (S) CPRs.

1279-80, “Writ and inquisition on the claim of Geoffrey de Genevill and Maud his wife to have return of writs in their territory of Meath with copies of inquisition (51 Hen III) and report of the Justice on the part of the same territory belonging to John de Verdun.” (S) UKNA.

1280, Geoffrey rendered an account of their mission to the King of France about the peace between England and Castile.

1281, Geoffrey, an envoy to Paris, wintered at his estate of Vaucouleurs in France.

1282, Geoffrey, lord of Ludlow, assistant Marshall to the Earl of Norfolk in Wales, summoned against the Scots.

1283, Geoffrey and Maud granted all their lands in England and Wales to their son Peter.

10/19/1283, Grant to Geoffrey de Geynvill of 1,000 marks in Ireland, … (S) CPRs.

12/1283, Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, one of the sureties fo Geoffrey de Geneville and Matilda, his wife, and Peter their eldest son for a debt of 1,200£ to William de Valencia. (S) Calendar of Close Rolls.

3/27/1284, Simple protection for Geoffrey de Geynvill and Matilda his wife, and for Peter de Geynvill and Joan his wife going to Ireland. (S) CPRs.

1287, Geoffrey in Flanders in service to the King.

11/10/1288 in London, Letter of acquittance by William de Valence, Lord of Pembroke, to Sir Geoffrey de Geynville, the Lady Matilda his wife, and Sir Peter de Geynville, their son and heir, for 107£ 5s 11d … in full payment of 1200£ in which Geoffrey, Matilda, and Peter were bound to the said William for the marriage of Gerald Fitz Maurice. (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland.

1289, Geoffrey held court at Trim. (S) Calendar of Document Relating to Ireland.

1290, Geoffrey an envoy to Rome to discuss the King’s expedition to the holy land.

9/20/1291, Protection for Geoffrey de Geynevill, gone beyond seas, for one year. (S) CPRs.

1292, on the death of his son Piers, Geoffrey placed his 2 younger and unmarried granddaughters Beatrice and Maud at Aconbury Priory. [This disinherited them as coheirs and keeping the estates in England, Wales and Ireland from being broken up on his death.]

1293-4, “Record and and process of a plea of warranty between Simon de Geneville and Geoffrey de Geneville, and Maud his wife.” (S) UKNA.

1293, the Liberty of Trim take from Geoffrey by the crown. [Restored in 1294.]

1294, Geoffrey gave his land of Vaucoulueurs in France to his second son Walter.

4/23/1295, Protection with clause volumus, for two years, for Geoffrey de Geynvill, going to Ireland. (S) CPRs.

5/2/1295, Pardon, by reason of his services in the army of Wales, to Geoffrey de Geynville of his contempt in refusing to execute the king’s mandates … of Geoffrey’s liberty of Trym, Ireland, … (S) CPRs.

1297, Geoffrey the Marshall of the army in Flanders. (S) The Welsh Wars of Edward I, Morris, 1901, P61.

1/1298, “Appointment of Sir Geoffrey de Geneville as joint-commissioner for the exchange of prisoners. … Appointment of Sir Geoffrey de Geneville as joint-conservator of the truce in parts of Flanders.” (S) UKNA.

1298-1306, Geoffrey summoned to parliament by writ.

12/1298, “Contemporary copy of notarial act of the proceedings of Geoffrey de Geneville, John Lovel and Thomas Logore, ambassadors of Edward I to the King of France, …” (S) UKNA.

6/19/1299, Geoffrey an English representative at the treaty of Montreuil.

4/11/1300, Protection with clause volumus, for one year, for Geoffrey de Geynvill, going to the court of Rome on the king’s affairs. (S) CPRs. [Dealing with the Pope’s declaration of peace and concord between the kings of England and France.]

4/1301, Geoffrey returned from an emissary mission to Rome.

4/19/1301, Mandate to the justiciary of Ireland, … not to molest Geoffrey de Geynvill and Matilda his wife touching their liberty of Trym … Association of Geoffrey de Geynvill, one of the greater barons of Ireland, who has newly come from the court of Rome … with respect to the Scotch war. (S) CPRs.

6/7/1301, Letters for Matilda, wife of Geoffrey de Geynvill, staying in England, … attorneys in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

4/9/1302, Letters for Geoffrey de Geynvill and Matilda his wife, stayin in Ireland … (S) CPRs.

4/11/1304, Maud died.

9/2/1307, The king … empowers Geoffrey de Geynville, … to give the royal assent to [election of bishop of Elphin] … (S) CPRs.

12/24/1307, Geoffrey de Geneville to surrender to Roger de Mortuo Mari and Joan his wife [and Geoffrey’s granddaughter] the lands and tenenments in Ireland, which he holds … of the inheritance of his late wife Matilda, and which after his death will reviert to the same Roger and Joan, as kinswoman and heir of Matilda. (S) CPRs.

1308, Geoffrey entered the House of the Friars Preachers in Trim.

10/21/1314, Geoffrey died; buried at Trim; his granddaughter Joan his heir. (S) The Diocese of Meath, Cogan, 1862, P306.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P590. (S) Medieval Ireland, Duffy, 2005.

Family notes:
• Geoffrey was the most successful figure to emerge in Ireland as a a result of Henry III’s policy of investing foreigners with lands in order to bring the island to obedience and to conserve the peace. (S) Vaucouleurs, Ludlow and Trim, Irish Historical Studies, 11/2001.

Child of Geoffrey and Maud: [9 sons, 2 daughters]

i. Peter de Geneville (2498718), born ~1250 in England. [Heir]