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Bond 59418 Champernon-Norris

59418. Sir Arthur Champernon & 59419. Mary Norris {Bond}

1524, Arthur born in Dartington, com. Devon, England, 2nd s/o 118836. Sir Philip Champernon & 118837. Catherine Carew.

~1527, Mary born in England, 118838. Sir Henry Norris & 118839. Mary Fiennes.

~1543, Mary 1st married Sr George Carew [His 2nd.]

1545, Sir George died in the sinking of the Royal Navy flagship “Mary Rose” at the battle of Solent.

1546, Arthur married Mary.

1546, Arthur knighted by Edward IV after serving in France.

12/20/1546, “Counterpart lease for 60 years. 1 Sir Arthur Champernowne. 2 Sir Richard Edgecombe. Farm and grange at Maristow and the house and lands there, including a close at Blaxton.”

5/4/1549, “Bargain and sale. 1 Sir Arthur Champernowne. 2 John Stacye of Bere Ferrers, yeoman …”.

1549, Arthur helped suppress the rebellion against the English-language Bible.

11/6/1552, “By letters patent under the great seal …, Edward VI leased to Arthur Champernon, kt, the rectory of Ugborough, Devonshire, etc., …”

1554, Arthur, through exchange with Thomas Aylworth, Lord of Dartington, his mansion house at Polsoe, Exeter, for the Dartington estate.

1562, “Bargain and sale … 1 Sir Arthur Champernon of Dartington, knight. 2 Vincent Calmady … The site of Plympton Priory, … “.

1559-60, Arthur Sheriff of Devon. (S) Justices of the Peace in Mid-Tudor Devon, Zmarzly, 2007.

1567, “Letters Patent grating the rectory of Broadclyst to Arthur Champernowne, knight, for 21 years at an annual rent of £47-3-6.” (S) Devon Record Office.

1567-68, “Defeasance of a bond by Sir John Perrott of Castle Carew, and Sir Arthur Champernowne of Dartington, co. Devon, knights and Robert Hopton of London, esquire, for the payment of £100, to George Harvye the elder …”.

1568, Arthur organized the interception of the Spanish treasure fleet taking money to the Netherlands. Arthur delivered 64 boxes weighting about 8 tonnes to the Tower, estimated worth of 2 million Royales.

1572, “’The discourse of Ireland.’ Only the fifth part inhabited by Englishmen. More chargeable than profitable. Waste ground offered by the Queen to ‘Sir A. C. V. G.’ [In the margin: ‘Sir Arthur Champernon, Sir Humphrey Gilbert.’] and others …”. (S) Lambeth Palace Library.

1575, Arthur Vice-Admiral of the West. (S) Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth.

4/1/1578, Arthur died.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P192. (S) UKNA. (S) Chapters from the Agrarian History of England and Wales, 1990, P116. (S) John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, P455.

Child of Arthur and Mary:

i. Elizabeth Champernon (29709), born ~1560 in England.

Bond 59416 Seymour-Walsh

59416. Sir Edward Seymour & 59417. Mary Walsh {Bond}

1529, Edward born in England, s/o 118832. Edward Seymour & 118833. Catherine Fillol.

~1530, Mary born in England, d/o 118834. John Walsh.

9/10/1547, Edward and his father at the battle of Musselburgh. Fought on the banks of the Esk, the Scots were routed: half of their 30,000 number were slain and half were captured. For his valor Edward the son received Knighthood at age 18. [Musselburgh 7 miles east of Edinburgh.]

4/26/1553, Edward successor to his brother John.

1554 [7 Edw VI], Edward obtained an act of parliament, “An act for the restitution in blood of Sire Edward Seymour, Knight”, which recites the attainder of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset ; and and restores Sir Edward Seymour in blood (describing him as eldest son of the said Duke) so at to enable him to take any lands that may then after come to him, from any collateral ancestor.

9/6/1554 at Ely, Edward received from the King lordships and manors of Walton, Shedder, and Stowey in county Somerset.

8/22/1557, “Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, son of the Duke of Somerset, Lord Protector, to Sir J. Thynne: … Besides business and money matters, the letters refer to the ruinous state of his house at Willphall …, his old schoolmaster with news from France and Flanders … the Queen’s satisfaction with her entertainment at Longleat …” (S) UKNA, Longleat House.

12/1/1558, “Acquittance from Sir Edward Seymour, knt., to Sir John Thynne, knt., for evidences relating to the manor of Bury Pomery, etc., co. Devon …”

1565, Mary died.

1566, “1. Thomas Jane, … 2. Edward Seymour knt. Premises: … in the manor and parish of Berry Pomeroy … “.

2/3/1572, “my son-in-law Lord Edward Seymour, my long gilt cuppe called my sack cupppe”, given in the will of Edward’s father-in-law.

5/18/1573, “Release by Thomas Walssh of Stowey, Co. Somers. Gent, to Sir Edward Seymour, Knt, Lord Seymour and Edward Seymour, Esq, Son and Heir Apparent of said Lord Seymour, of all his right in messuages …” (S) UKNA.

6/7/1577, “Exemplification of final concord. (1) Edward Seymour, knight, Lord Seymour, querent. (2) Amyce Powlett, knight and Margaret his wife, deforciant. Manor of Monckenzeale …”.

6/12/1577, Letters Patent ... granting licence to Edward Seymor Esq, (kinsman and next heir of John Walshe, late Justice of the Bench, decd, i.e., son and heir of Lady Mary Seymor, decd, daughter and heir of said John Walshe, which John held of the Queen in chief on the day of his death by Knight service) that he may immediately without any proof of age enter into all the tenements of said John Walshe in the Realm of England, Wales, or the Marches. (S) UKNA, Devon Record Office.

1581, “Quit claim. 1. Mark Slader of Bath, North Tawton, esq. 2. Edward Seymour knt., Lord Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy … Premises: … called Hayne.”

1583, Edward Sheriff of the county of Devon. [He held many other offices due to his position.]

1589, “Bargain and sale. 1. John Stephens of Denbury, yeoman. 2. Sir Edward Seymour knt., Lord Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy. Premises: …”

5/6/1593, Edward died; buried at Pomery.

9/20/1593, “Edward Seymour, Knight, Lord Seymour” seised of the castle and honour of Bury, and Bury-Pomeroy, and Bridgetown in Pomery, with the advowson of the church of Bury, the castle and honour of Totness, and manor of Totness, the manors of Cornworthy, Lodeswell, Huise, Monnockenzeale, Losebear, and diverse other land in Devon; the maonor and lordship of Mayden Bradley in com. Wilts, and a capital messuage, called the Lord Cheyne’s house, within the precincts of Black Fiers, near Ludgate in London.

(S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P192. (S) UKNA.

Child of Edward and Mary:

i. Edward Seymour (29708), born ~1555 in England.

Bond 59414 Martyne-Wadham

59414. Nicholas Martyne & 59415. Margaret Wadham {Bond}

1529, Nicholas born in England, s/o 118828. Robert Martyn 118829. Elizabeth Kelway.

~1530, Margaret born in England, 2nd d/o 118830. John Wadham & 118831. Joan Tregarthen.

6/28/1548, Nicholas named in the will of his father.

1549, Nicholas, age 20, heir to Athelhampton manor of his father. [Near Exeter in co. Dorset.]

3/26/1583, “Counterpart lease. … Henry Lord Howard of Bindon, Dorset … Witd.: Nicholas Martyn, Hen. Bruen, Stephen Bruen … (S) UKNA.

1585-86, “Fine. 1) Nicholas Martyn esq. Christopher Anketle esq. and John Wyllyams, gent. 2) Henry Bruen esq. Manor of Affton alias Aston Culver, East Parley and Fordingbridge.” (S) UKNA.

3/23/1595, Nicholas, last male heir, died; buried in Athelhampton Aisle of St. Mary’s church. His 4 surviving daughters each got an equal share of his estate. (S) Journal of the British Arch. Assoc., 1907, P222.

(S) Wadham College, Oxford, Jackson, 1893.

Family notes:
• A Memorial Brass dated 1595 is dedicated to Nicholas Martyn and is located at St Mary's Church in Puddletown, Dorset. This 16th Century brass depicts Nicholas Martyn, bareheaded, in armour, kneeling before an altar on which is an open book. Behind him are his three sons, who all predeceased him. To his right is his wife, Margaret. Behind her are their seven daughters.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret:

i. Elizabeth Martyn (29707), born ~1550 in England. [Eldest daughter.]

ii. Frances Martyn born ?.
Frances married Thomas White of Fittleford.

iii. Jane Martyn born ?.
Jane married Henry Tichborne.

ii. Anne Martyn born ?.
Anne married Anthony Floyer, of Floyer’s Hays near Exeter.

Bond 59412 Brune-Bamfield

59412. Sir John Brune & 59413. Jane Bamfield {Bond}

~1500, John, Knt., born in England, s/o 118824. John Brune & 118825. Anne Tichborne.

1512, John inherited the Rowner manor from his uncle William Brune. [Hampshire is in the middle-south of England on the coast and includes the Isle of Wight. Rowner is NW of the city of Portsmouth.]

1524, John leased Grange farm [~696 acres] from the abbey of Quarr.

4/20/1547, “Bond 1) Sir John Wallope, knight. 2) John Brune. Covenants ...” (S) UKNA, Cornwall Records.

2/24/1554, “Bond 1) Sir Olyver Wallope. 2) Sir John Brune. Covenants.” (S) UKNA, Cornwall Records.

8/28/1559, John wrote his will: “I bequeath my soul to Almightie God … and my boddie to be buried in the Parish Chruch of Rowner, within my owne chapell there, upon which church and chapell I will there shall bestow by mine executrix of the repairing of the same, the sum of £6, and also I will there shall be bestowed upon the making of my tombe the sum of £10 …” Sir John left money in his will for the construction of a solid limestone seulchre in S. Mary the Virgin Church. “Its escutcheons reveal the careful marrying that went on to secure the family’s mighty wealth, linking with de la Rokele, Bamfilde, Ticheborne and Knowles.” He also provided for his wife to live at The Grange as her dower house.

1559, John died. Grange Farm had harvested 30 quarters each of wheat and barley; livestock included 400 sheep, 34 milk cows, 12 oxen, 6 horses for the cart and 4 edging horses. There were also riding horses as Sir John left a good one to his Uvedale cousin.

(S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1822, P319, Amorial Decorations of Fonthill Abbey. (S) History of S. Mary the Virgin, Rowner, Gosport, Hampshire. (S) Proceedings of The Hampshire Field Club, 1894, P348.

Family notes:
• A “Jane Bamfield” in 1602 became the 2nd wife of Sir France Drake.

Child of John and Jane:

i. Henry Brune (29706), born ~1540 in England.

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Bond 59410 Rogers-Wroughton

59410. Anthony Rogers & 59411. Ann Wroughton {Bond}

1507, Ann born in England, d/o 118822. William Wroughton.

~1520, Anthony born in England, s/o 118820. Anthony Rogers & 118821. Dorothy Erneley.

1540, John Leland, upon visiting the town wrote, “All the town of Bradford standith by clothmaking”.

1544–56, Anthony and his wife Anne held courts at Holt.

1546, Indenture between Anthony Rogers of Bradford, and Robert Graunt, Yoeman, …

~1550, Modernised Freeholders: Anthony Rogers armiger payeth by the year of the hereditaments sometime Lancelot Lisle and 1 yard of ground … Thomas Hall esquire holdeth hi fee half a hide of ground and 2 mills in Bradford and payeth 75s … (S) Rental of Bradford Manor. Wilts thought to be drawn up by John Hall at the start of Elizabeth's reign, British Library Egerton MS. 3653.

1551, Antony Rogers of B. Esq., lets to Walter Graunt his land in Comberwell.

7/22/1556, Anth. Rogers, Esq. and John Dreuce of Ashley … Signed by me Anthony Rogers.

1558, Anthony attested to a charter. (S) UKNA.

1559, Ann died.

6/17/1562, “Bond of Thos. Hall, in £1000, to Anthony Rogers, Esq.”

Anthony 2nd married ? Bysshe.

1564, Anthony Rogers, of B. bound to John Horton of Westwood Co. Wilts, …

Anthony sold land to his cousin Sir George Rogers, knight, who bought the land for his son William.

1568, Indenture between Walter Bush of Bradley, Wilts … Anthony Rogers, Esq. …

4/25/1581, Anthony wrote his will. Anthony will abstract: In the name of god Amen, In the yeare of our lorde god a thousand five hundred eighty one in the 24th day of November and in the yeare of the reign of our sovereign lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England, France and Ireland, queen defender of the faith. I Anthony Rogers of Bradford, in the countie of Wilt, Esquire although beinge sicke & weake of bodye, but of whole & perfect memorye, (god be thanked) do make this my last will & testament in manner & forme following viz. First … Item - I give and bequeathe unto John Hall Esquire, my sonne in law, .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Dorothie Hall my daughter, wife of the said John Hall, one hundred pounds of lawful money of England which somme of one hundred pounds the saide John Hall her husbande oweth unto me. … I give and bequeath unto Alice Hall daughter to the foresaid John Hall and Dorothie Hall my daughter .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Anne Bysshe my daughter-in-law [step-daughter] wife of Richard Bysshe .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Richard Rogers my brother all my wearing apparrell. Item - I give and bequeath unto Ambrose Rogers my brother the somme of tenne pounds of lawful money of England whereof he is indebted unto me eight pounds. Item - I give and bequeath unto Anthony Canell, Nicholas Canell and Susan Canell children of William Canell the somme of twenty pounds of lawful money of England to be divided equallie between theme. … I give and bequeathe unto James Horton the sonne of Thomas Horton of Iford [a Wiltshire resident and clothier] the somme of tenne pounds of lawful moneye of England. Item - I give and bequeath unto Johanne Fetre .... Item - my will is that the ... given to the said John Hall remayne to Elizabeth their daughter after their decease. Item - I give unto the said Johanne .... Item - I give unto Elizabeth Fetre daughter to the said Johanne .... Item - I give unto and bequeath unto Roger Fetre my servante .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Agnes Holte .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Thomas Anley .... Item - I give and bequeath unto Richard Deberill .... Item - I give and bequeath unto William Mann .... Item - I give and bequeath unto George Rogers, Knight .... Item - My will is that Dorothie my daughter shall have the use of ... bequeathe unto John Hall and Alice Hall her children during the natural life of the said Dorothie. The residuale of my goods not giveth nor bequeathed after my legacy and debts are paid and my will is performed as hereinto written and promised, I give and bequeath unto John Hall, Esquire, my sonne in law above I make the executor of this my last will and testament. Item - I hereby ordain and appointe George Bailey and William Horton, Esquire, Thomas Llewellyn and Thomas Longe, gentleman, and doe give to each of them three pounds six shillings eight pense of lawful money of England for the better performance of this my last will and testament. …

1583, Anthony died; the last male representative of the elder branch of the family in Bradford-on-Avon, and possessing the moiety of the Besill estate. [Both of Anthony’s brothers died without issue.]

(S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, PP147-250.

Child of Anthony and Ann:

i. Dorothy Rogers (29705), born ~1545 in England.

Bond 59408 Hall-Mervyn

59408. Thomas Hall & 59409. Elizabeth Mervyn {Bond}

~1505, Thomas born in Bradford on Avon, England, s/o 118816. William Hall & 118817. Elizabeth Tropnell.

1505~, Elizabeth born in Fonthill, England, d/o 118818. John Mervyn & 118819. Elizabeth Green.

~1539, Thomas married Elizabeth.

1547-53, “Plaintiff: Robert Graunte. Defendant: Thomas Hall and others …: Forcible entry and seizure of money and deeds at Bradford (interrogatories and depositions) County: Wilts. (S) UKNA.

~1550, Modernised Freeholders: Anthony Rogers armiger payeth by the year of the hereditaments sometime Lancelot Lisle and 1 yard of ground … Thomas Hall esquire holdeth hi fee half a hide of ground and 2 mills in Bradford and payeth 75s … (S) Rental of Bradford Manor. Wilts thought to be drawn up by John Hall at the start of Elizabeth's reign, British Library Egerton MS. 3653.

1553-55, “Elizabeth, late the wife of William Hall of Bradford, esquire and George, Nicholas, Paul, and William Hall his sons v. Thomas Hall gentleman, his eldest son.: Execution of the will of the deceased including annuities payable out of messuages and land in West Lavington and Trowle (in Trowbridge or Bradford-on-Avon) …: Wilts.” (S) UKNA.

9/12/1558, “Thos. Hall of Bradford, bound in £100 to John … held by demise of Wm. Hall, Esq., … signed by me Thos. Halle.”

6/17/1562, “Bond of Thos. Hall, in £1000, to Anthony Rogers, Esq.” (S) Bradford-on-Avon, Jones, 1907, PP147-250.

Bef. 1575, Thomas died at Bradford on Avon. (S) A 1575 lawsuit states, “Thomas Hall Esq. deceased is, and his ancestors have for a long time, been seized of water mills and other lands' in the manor of Bradford, held by the abbey of Shaftesbury.”

Child of John and Elizabeth: [3 sons, 3 daughters]

i. John Hall (29704), born ~1540 in England.

59402 Sir William Sutton

59402. Sir William Sutton

Sir William of Aram [Averham] in County Nottingham, Knight.

Sir William hosted Queen Elizabeth on one of her trips.

(S) The Midland Antiquary, ed. by W.F. Carter, Volumes 1-2, P42.

Children of William and ?:

i. Robert Sutton, born ? in England.
Robert, 1st Lord Lexinton.

ii. Alice Sutton (29701), born ~1565 in England. [Eldest daughter]

59400 Symcockes-Pettie

59400. Christopher Symcockes & 59401. Joan Pettie

~1535, Christopher born in England, s/o §William Symcock of Stoke.

Joan born in Lynford.

1561, “1] Sir Edmund Peckham and son George. 2] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh. Lease for 299 years of the capital messuage and demesnes (340a) of Butleigh, 220a of pasture, Harller Hawes (41a) and the Park or Budleigh Bare (80a). Rent £11 3s 4d.”

Christopher married 1st Joan Pettie of Lydford.

Bef. 1569, Christopher 2nd married Mary Halswell, d/o Nicholas of Gothurst.

1568-9, “1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and wife Mary. 2] William Irveine of Alhampton, …”

1569, Christopher "Symcox" bought the manor of Butleigh from Henry Billingsley, a London haberdasher.

1576, Christopher obtained a grant of the Arms: Ermine, three bears heads sable muzzled or. and Crest: A beaver passant ermine.

1587, “1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and son and heir Thomas. 2] James Hodges and Richard Halswell Settlement of Butleigh manor and advowson on Christopher and his male issue by his wives Mary Baylly of Wells and Joan Pettie of Lydford with successive remainders to the male issue of Thomas by Alice Handberie [Sutton] of London or Anne Waste of London, the male issue of the sons of Thomas in succession, the male issue of Christopher's third son Dyer by Mary Walton of Baltonsborough or by Margaret Walton of Baltonsborough, the male issue of the sons of Dyer in succession, the male issue of Christopher's fourth son Christopher by Joan Poole of Baltonsborough or Gertrude Raines, the male issue of the sons of Christopher in succession, the male issue of Christopher's fifth son Humphrey by Mary Raines or Frances Raines, the male issue of the sons of Humphrey in succession, the male issue of Christopher's second son Alexander by Mary Pettye of Butleigh or by Mary Baker, the male issue of Thomas, eldest son of Alexander, the male issue of other sons of Alexander and the right heirs of Christopher the settlor who reserves the right to make leases.”

1606, 1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and wife Mary. 2] Thomas White of Rowley, Butleigh and daughter Elizabeth Lease for lives of Rowley house, Woodsplot.

1609, Christopher died. (S) “Copies inquisition post mortem of Christopher Symcockes comprising the manor of Butleigh.”

Widow Mary created a monument in Butleigh Church to Christopher at a cost of £132. 13. 9.


Children of Christopher and Joan Pettie:

i. Thomas Symcockes (29700), born 1559 in England.

ii. Alexander Symcockes , born bef. 1567 in England.
Alexander 1st married Mary Pettye of Butleigh.
Alexander 2nd married Mary Baker.
Thomas Symcockes, born ?.

iii. Dyer Symcockes , born bef. 1567 in England.
Dyer 1st married Mary Walton of Baltonsborough.
Dyer 2nd married Margaret Walton of Baltonsborough.
7/8/1628, Dyer wrote his will. [Brothers Humphrey, Xtopher, sisters Alice and Margaret.]
Bef. 8/29/1628, Dyer died.

iv. Christopher Symcockes , born bef. 1567 in England.
Christopher 1st married Joan Poole of Baltonsborough.
Christopher 2nd married Gertrude Raines.

iv. Humphrey Symcockes , born bef. 1567 in England.
Humphrey 1st married Mary Raines.
Humphrey 2nd married Frances Raines.

v. Alice Symcockes , born ? in England.
9/12/1580, Alice married William Coward.
[They had children Christopher, William, Mary, Joanna and Elizabeth, who all took the surname of Symcockes.]

Bond 59394 Thomas Leigh

59394. Thomas Leigh {Bond}

11/13/1551, Thomas died. “Here resteth the body of Thomas Leigh, gent., who dece'd the 13th day of November A'o D'i 1551.”

(S) St. Cuthbert’s Church, Wells; by Thomas Serel, 1875. (S) Abstract of Somersetshire Wills, Crisp, 2009.

Children of Thomas and Alice:

i. Catherine Leigh (29697), born ~1545 in England.

ii. Thomas Leigh, born ? in England.
1/17/1577, Thomas Leigh of Wells names his attorneys as Richard Byble and John Durban.
1577, “… between John Whiting of Axbridge, yeoman ; and Thomas Leigh of Wells, John Coward of West Pennard, Thomas Coward of Shepton Malet, gentlemen, …” (S) Somerset Enrolled Deeds, Harbin, 1936, P122.
6/27/1606, Alice died. “Here likewise resteth the body of Alice, the wife of Thomas Leigh, gent., . . . June, 27, 1606.” (S) St. Cuthbert’s Church, Wells; by Thomas Serel, 1875.

Bell 46210 Blagrove-Bellame

46210. Thomas Blagrove & 46211. Joan Bellame {Bell}

1534, Thomas born in Lamborne, England, s/o §Richard Blagrove.

~1535, Joan born in Clerkensell, Berkshire, England, d/o §William Bellame.

~1558, Thomas married Joan.

12/3/1589, “A lease renewed to … Thomas Blagrove, … parsonag of Chadleworth in the countie of BerK.’” (S) Acts of the Dean and Chapter of Westminister, Knighton, 1997, P134.

6/18/1590, Thomas died in Clerkensell, Berkshire, England.

Family notes:
• This family line, widely published, is unsubstantiated. Graves researchers are performing DNA studies of these families.

Child of Thomas and Joan:

i. Joan Blagrove (23105), born 1560 in England.

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Bell 46174 Pykering-Lewknor

46174. Sir Christopher Pykering & 46175. Jane Lewknor

1485, Christopher born in England, heir & s/o 92348. James Pickering & 92349. Anne Moresby.

1503, Jane born in England, cohier & d/o 92350. Sir Robert Lewknor & 92351. Eleanor Tuchet.

1498, Christopher, age 13, heir to his father.

Christopher’s mother Anne married 2nd Humfrey Conyngesby.

3/2/1508, “Humfrey Conyngesby, and Anne his wife, of the one part, and the said Christopher Pykering esq., son and heir of James and son and heir apparent of Anne, on the other part, it was agreed that whereas the feoffees were seised of the said manors of Killington and Thurbank, amongst other things, to the use of himself and his heirs, …”.

3/15/1508, Christopher Pykering by his charter granted and confirmed to Humfrey and Anne, Ambrose, Anthony, Robert Lassels and Gilbert the said manor of Barbron. (S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1.

Christopher wrote his will. [Undated – wife Jane and mother Anne named, brother Thomas, uncle Robert Moresby; no mention of his daughter who was born a little over a week before he died.]

9/5/1517 a Saturday, “Sir Christopher Pykering, Knight” died.

8/27/1518 Inquest: “Christopher was seised at his death of the manor of Barowhalle & 3 messuages, 100 a. land, 10 a. meadow, 100 a. pasture in Kirkby Kendale; and 2 messuages & divers lands adjoining, late of Geoffrey Middilton, lying in Thurbank; and 1 messuage with lands adjoining in Orton.” … “Anne his daughter is his next heir and is now aged 1 year and 4 days. James Pykeryng, brother of the said Christopher Pykeryng, is next heir male of James Pykeryng, father of said Christopher and James, concerning all the manors, lands and tenements which are entailed to heirs, if there be any such, and he is aged 28 years”.

Jane married 2nd Sir Arthur Pole, knt.

1536, Arthur died. [Jane took a vow of perpetual chastitiy - did not last long.]

Bef. 1539, Jane married 3rd William Barantyne.

12/15/1540, Jane & Williams marriage declarded invalid due her vow of chastity. [In 1543 their two sons were legitimized by parliament.]

1543, Jane, age 40, died.

(S) Parishes: Newton-Regny - Ponsonby, Magna Britannia: V4: Cumberland, 1816. (S) New Hutton, Records relating to the Barony of Kendale: V1, 1923. (S) The Hist. & Antiquities of the Counties of Westmorland and Cumberland, 1777, P263.

Child of Christopher and Jane:

i. Anne Pickering (23087), born 8/23/1517 in England.

Bell 46172 Knyvet-Howard

46172. Sir Thomas Knyvet & 46173. Muriel Howard {Bell}

~1480, Thomas born in England, s/o 92344. Sir Edmund Knyvet & 92345. Eleanor Tyrell.

1486, Muriel born in England, d/o 92346. Thomas Howard & 92347. Elizabeth Tilney.

Muriel 1st married John Grey, 2nd Viscount Lisle.

9/9/1504, John Grey died, buried at Abingdon Monastery.

Bef. 7/9/1506, Thomas, of Buckenham, Norfolk, married Muriel a lady-in-waiting of Queen Katherine.

5-6/1507, Thomas, a squire of the king’s body, jousted in tournaments.

6/23/1509, Thomas created Knight of the Bath at Henry VIII’s coronation.

7/27/1509, Thomas made Bearer of the King’s Standard.

2/22/1510, Thomas made Master of the Horse.

7/4/1510, “Common recovery, Sir Thomas Knyvet, Sir Thomas Boleyn, …, Sir Philip Tylney, … against Thomas, Earl of Surrey re the manor of Thetford.” (S) UKNA.

Thomas, Master of the Horse and Standard Bearer. (S) 1/2/1514 UKNA Record.

8/12/1512, Thomas died as Captain of the “Regent”, the largest ship in the Royal Navy; killed in action at sea off Brest in a battle with the French. The Regent grappled the Cordeliere, the largest French ship. The Cordeliere caught fire and both ships burnt. According to one report, Thomas was killed by gunfire before the fires.

12/14/1512, Muriel died at Lambeth in childbirth. The children were sent to live with their paternal grandmother.

(S) Historical Notes. 1509-1714, 1856, Sheppard, P178. (S) A Gen. and Heraldic Hist. …, Burke, 1838, P294. (S) Fifty Ancestors of Henry Lincoln Clapp, 1902, P74. (S) Will of Sir Thomas Knyvet, April 1513, UKNA.

Children of Thomas and Muriel:

i. Edmund Knyvet, born 1508 in England. [Heir]
Edmund married Jane Bourchier, d/o Sir John, 2nd Lord Berners, & Katherine Howard [half-sister to Edmund’s grandfather.]

ii. Henry Knevet (23086), born ~1510 in England.

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Bell 46170 Denny-Troutbeck

46170. Edmund Denny & 46171. Mary Troutbeck

The Plumpton Letters and Papers.

~1480, Edmund born in Cheshunt, Herts., England, s/o 92340. William Denny.

~1480, Mary born in England, d/o 92342. Robert Troutbeck, esq.

Edmund 1st married Margaret Leigh, d/o Ralph Leigh, Esq. [2 children.]

9/10/1487, Margaret died.

Edmund married Mary.

1494, Edmund a clerk in the Exchequer. (S) The Plumpton Letters, Kirby, 1996, P139.

1504-5, Edmund purchased the Apuldrefield manor from Margaret Breknoke.

1507, the manor La Mote surrendered to Edmund by fine of Hugh Clopton.

6/29/1507, Mary died.

Edmund married 3rd Joan ?.

5/6/1514, Edmund, baron of the Exchequer, and knighted.

6/15/1516, Joan died.

1519, Edmund wrote his will, “twenty eight trentals of masses to be said for his soul and the souls of “William and Agnes”, his father and mother, and three wives.”

12/22/1520, Edmund died; buried in St. Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, London.

(S) The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families, 1883, Foster, P22. (S) The Church History of Britain:, Fuller, 1845, P536. (S) Genealogy of the Denny family in England and America, Denny, 1886.

Children of Edmund and Mary:

i. Thomas Denny, born ? in England.
Thomas, the ancestor of the Dennies of Norfolk, married Elizabeth Mannock, d/o George.
1527, Thomas died.

ii. Sir Anthony Denny, born 1/16/1501 in England.
9/30/1544, Anthony knighted.
1535-45, Anthony a close friend of King Henry VIII; and as the last act of friendship supposedly told infirmed Henry that he needed to prepare himself for death.

iii. Joice Denny (23085), born 7/24/1506 in England.

Bell 46168 Cary-Spencer

46168. Thomas Cary & 46169. Margaret Spencer {Bell}

~1460, Thomas born in England, s/o 92336. William Cary & 92337. Alice Fulford.

1472, Margaret born in England, d/o 92338. Robert Spencer & 92339. Eleanor Beaufort.

1490, Thomas of Chilton, Folliott, Wilts., Esq. married Margaret.

6/3/1496, “Receipt of 40 marks by Sir Robert Spencer and Elinor Countess of Wiltshire, widow of James Earl of Wiltshire, from the Earl of Ormond, … and Thomas Cary in part payment of an annuity of 80 marks payable during Ormond's life.” (S) UKNA.

6/3/1498, “Receipt from Robert Spencer, knight, and Eleanor his wife, Countess of Wiltshire, late the wife of James Earl of Wiltshire, to …, and Thomas Cary, …, &c.: [Middx.].” (S) UKNA.

1502, Margaret, age 30.

1502-03, “Robert Brynklowe v. Thomas Carey: … relating to a messuage in Chylton.: Wilts.” (S) UKNA.

1518-29, Thomas sued John Fulford in right of his wife.

1529-32, “Thomas Cary of Chilton (Wilts). v. Robert Byngham, … deeds relating to messuages and land in Blandford Forum and Melcombe Bingham.: Dorset.” (S) UKNA.

Bef. 6/21/1536, Thomas died.

(S) The Royal Lineage of Our Noble and Gentle Families, 1883, Foster, P22. (S) 1564 Visitation of Devon – “Cary”. (S) PA, P186. (S) A Genealogy of the Wives of the American Presidents and Their First Two Generations of Descent, Hart, 2004, P242.

Children of Thomas and Margaret:

i. John Cary (23084), born ~1495 in England.

ii. William Cary, born ? in England.
William married Mary Boleyne, sister of Anne Boleyne, consort of King Henry VIII, d/o Thomas Boleyn & Elizabeth Howard.
6/22/1528, William died of “sweating sickness.”
Mary married 2nd Sir William Stafford, Knt. [One son – Humphrey of Blatherwick.]
7/19/1543, Mary died.
Sir Henry Carey, born ? in England.
Henry the 1st Lord Dunston, K.G. [by his cousin Queen Elizabeth.]

Bell 46160 Sayvile-Paxton

46160. Sir John Sayvile & 46161. Elizabeth Paxton {Bell}

~1460, John born in England, s/o 92320. John Saville & 92321. Jane Harrington.

~1470, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 92322. William Paxton & 92323. Anne Beaufort. [Anne Beaufort a cousin of the mother of future King Henry VII.]

John married 1st Alice Vernon, d/o William. [No children, (S) John’s inquisition.]

1481, John knighted by future King Richard III during the Scottish campaign.

10/14/1481, At court the following were identified as free tenants of Cawthorne: George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, … Sir John Sayvile, … (S) A History of Cawthorne, Pratt, 1882, P22.

9/23/1481, John and his grandfather were commissioned to enquire whether William Wowean of Wakefield was an idiot.

1482, John attended Richard Duke of Gloucester on his invasion of Scotland when Berwick on Tweed was captured.

8/22/1482, John created a knight banneret by Richard Duke of Gloucester [future King Richard III].

7/6/1483, John attended the coronation of Richard III.

2/11/1484, John, lieutenant and captain of the Isle of Wight for life; receiving all profits from the island, £200 annually, and the right to appoint offices. [John insulted the king by requesting he carry out the appointment through a deputy and was placed under a 5000 mark bond.]

8/22/1485, Richard III defeated by King Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth. John quickly made peace with the new king.

9/1485, John JOP for West Riding.

11/5/1485, John, made High Sheriff of Yorkshire; relieved of his duty on the Isle of Wight, and reinstated as Constable of Sandal Castle [near the family home of Thornhill.]

11/29/1485, John created Feodary of the honor of Pontefract.

3/4/1486, John created Steward of the Lordship of Bradford.

11/19/1486, “… Sir John Sayvile, knt., had been appointed by King Richard, “late, in dede and not in righte, ‘king of England,’ lieutenant and captain of the Isle of Wight, with power to ordain and depute under him all mannor of officers there … and has not had payment thereof …” (S) Materials for a History of the Reign of Henry VII, 1873, P167.

1487, during the rebellion of the Earl of Lincoln, John appointed by King Henry to defend the city of York.

1487, John made a Knight of the Body of King Henry VII.

11/1487, John present at the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville.

1490, John accused of malpractice by teneants in the Wakefield area.

1492, by deed, John “knt.” is called “Dominus de Barsland”, and grants part of the “waste”, reserving an annual rent to himself and heirs, suit to his court in Barksland, and mill in Northland; held under the lord of Wakefield. (S) A Concise History … Halifax, … York, Crabtree, 1836, P458. [This property was late granted by inquisition to be seized by son Henry “in fee tail” and continued to be held by his heirs.]

1495, John on the commission of array for West Riding.

Bef. 11/28/1496, William paston, father of Elizabeth died: A letter from the Lady Margaret, Mother to King Henry VII: “By the king’s moder.–Trusty and right webeloved, we greet you well. … there was a full agreement made & concluded, & also put in writinge, between or trusty and right welbeloved Sr John Savile, Knt, and Gilbert Talbot, Esquire, … they ought to have in the right of their wives, daughters and heyers to William paston, Esqr, their late fader, deceassed, …” (S) Norfolk Archaeology, V4, 1855.

11/1501, Sir John Sayvile named as one of the knights to be at “saynt George” where Catherine of Aragon [future wife of Henry VIII], would be arriving and would meet the lord of York, the King’s 2nd son. (S) Letters and Papers, … Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII.

6/1502, John removed from his offices of Wakefield, Pontefract, and Bradford.

3/30/1503, John wrote his will. The last day of March A.D. (1503), 18 Henry VII, I Sir John Sayvell, Knight. Soul to God, body to be buried in church of Thornhill, debts to be paid. Whereas by indenture between William Calverley, the elder, now deceased and me, of the marriage of Sir William Calverley, the elder, his son and Alice my sister, … Immediately after my decease my feoffees, viz. Thomas, earl of Surrey, Sir Raynold Bray, George Tailbois, Sir Thomas Wortley, Knts., William Fayrfax, John Cut, Richard Chumley, John Chaloner, and Robert Fryston, shall make a lease of all such lands and advowsons and chantries, to take such profits of, to my son Henry or to such as there happen to be next heir, if he or they be at the age of twenty years, … Provided that the said lease be not prejudicial to my wife in such lands as her jointure or to any other grant by me made in this my last will; … I will that my feoffees sell the lordship of Thornhill with the advowson and lands to the yearly value of 100li. to the King of England for the time being after the price of xiiiith yere purchase to be paid in iiii yerez day; and if his higness refuse to buy it, then my executors to sell it at their pleasure and ther with perform this my last will. Provided if my son Henry or other issue of my body, be within the age of twenty years at the time of my decease, then my feoffees shall suffer my executors to take the whole profits of my lands during the nonage of my said heir, my wife's jointure excepted, and if the said profits shall content the King's grace 1,000 marks, so that his highness suffer my lady his mother, the said earl of Surrey, Sir Henry Vernon, Master Robert Frost, Chancellor to the prince and Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill, or such of them as shall be then living, to have the ward, marriage and governance of my said son and heir; … executors to suffer wife to have all her apparel and all such goods as was her father's, and over that of my goods to the value of 100 marks in such stuff as she think convenient, to be delivered and appraised by Master Robert Frost, chancellor to the prince, if living, and if not by Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill; my house to be kept as it is at my costs twenty weeks after my decease; … on coming to his age of sixteen son to have 100li. yearly for his finding, if the King suffer him to be married by such as I have assigned before, and that he be in such place as he may go to school till he be fourteen years old and it at the discretion of them that have the ordering of him as is aforesaid, and if it be a daughter or daughters it to be disposed by my executors and if or they (to have) nothing at the age of twenty years but my lands and the 20li. to their finding as is aforesaid, the 1000li. aforesaid received, anything behind to be received after she or they be twenty after the some of 100li. a year, as above. … Executors, Sir Harry Vernon, Knight, Master Robert Frost, chancellor to my lord prince, and Sir Thomas Pek, parson of Thornhill. Witnesses, Robert Fryston, William Levet, and Richard Breres. … (S) Cal. of State Papers. Inq. p.m. Hen. VII, vol. ii, p. 511, No. 803.

3/20/1504, a Palm Sunday, John died. At his inquisition: “great grandfather Thomas Sayvile”. “Henry Sayvile, esq., son and next heir of the said Sir John, and kinsman … 22 years old and upwards.” “Mar. 1st, Alice, daughter of William Vernon, Esq. died s.p. mar. 2ly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Paston, Knt., by Jane daughter and coheiress of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset who was slain at the battle of St. Albans, 1455, and cousin german to the Countess of Richmond, mother of King Henry VII.” (S) Parliamentary papers, House of Commons, 1878, P545.

1504-05, “Grant by Elizabeth Savile, widow of John Sayvile, knight, to William Gascoign, knight and others of all her manors, messuages, … etc of which she is seised … in Wodnorton', … county of Norfolk and all her manor, lands, tenements etc etc in Orkesley, … county of Essex, and … counties of Berkshire, Devonshire Cornwall and Somerset and elsewhere in England, and also … cities of Norwich and London, to hold to the use of Elizabeth for life and then to the use of Henry Savile Esq her son in tail, with the remainder failing issue of Henry to the right heirs of Elizabeth.” (S) UKNA.

Elizabeth married 2nd Richard Hastings.

Elizabeth married 3rd Edward Poynings.

Elizabeth married 4th Robert Gargrave.

7/1/1541, Elizabeth “Savile” [she kept her 1st married name] wrote her will. Called Elizabeth Savile of Tankersley, widow. “To be buried in the Lady quire in Thornhill church. To Edward and Dorithie, children of my son Henry Savile, each a spoon. To my daughter, Lady Anne Thwaites, my daughter, Lady Elizabeth Conyers, each a goblet. To Margaret Wortley a goblet. To Christopher Conyers, son of Sir Christopher Conyers, knt., 2 silver salts. To William and Isabell Thwaites, children of the aforesaid Anne, to Michaell and Frances Sotehill, children of the aforesaid Elizabeth Conyers, each a spoon. To Elizabeth Lacie, wife of Richard Lacie, a spoon and a pair of beads. To Katherine Thwaites, daughter of Lady Anne, a pair of coral beads. To Richard Lacie and Henrie Thwaites, sons of the Lady Anne, each a spoon. All other goods to Isabell Thwaites and Frances Sotehill equally. The Lord Talbote, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Henry Savile, knt., supervisors.” Proved 12 Jan., 1541-2, by Lady Elizabeth Conyers, Lady Anne Thwaites, the other executrix, renouncing. (S) Reg. Test., xi, 591.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. Henry Saville (23080), born 1484-90 in England.

ii. Anne Savile, born ? in England.
Anne married Sir Henry Thwaites, of Lund.

iii. Elizabeth Savile, born ? in England.
7/18/1519, Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Conyers, of Sockburn, Knt.; [died 1520].
Elizabeth married Thomas Sothill, esq. [Likely related to Henry’s wife.]

iv. Margaret Savile, born ? in England.
Margaret 1st married Thomas Wortley, of Wortley, Esq.
1522, Margaret married Richard Corbet.

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Bell 42112 William Taylor

42112. William Taylor & 42113. Joan ? {Bell}

~1450, William born in England.

William employed as a game warden in the Forest of Needwood.

Family notes:
• Needwood was not a Royal forest, but a Chase, members of the Royal family frequently came to Tutbury Castle. The story is that the King, on seeing the triplet boys, decided to educate them if they lived to manhood. The Royal Bounty for Triplets was instigated and only ceased during Elizabeth II.

Children of William and Joan:

i. John Taylor (21056), born 1478 Northumberland, England. [Triplet]

ii. Rowland Taylor, born 1478 Northumberland, England. [Triplet]

iii. Nathaniel Taylor, born 1478 Northumberland, England. [Triplet]

iv. Elizabeth Taylor, born ? in England.

39744 Thomas Pitt

39744. Thomas Pitt & 39745. Joayne ? {Bond}

~1527, Thomas born in England, s/o 79488. William Pitt & 79489. Helena de Haviland.

1573-4, Item paid to mr Randall hassall, to Thomas pyttes & John hort for red cloth for the pike mens Gasskyns. (S) Bristol, Mark Pilkinton, 1997, P88.

11/28/1575, Thomas “Pitte” a merchant for the ship Grasshopper, a 26 ton ship of Bristol captained by John Durban heading for La Rochelle, France. Thomas was shipping 2 “fother” of lead and 10 “wey” of “Coal, Smith”. Thomas signed the book “Thomas Pitt”. (S) Bristol Port Book, Overseas Outwards, 1575-6.

8/29/1576, Thomas Pitt a merchant for the ship Thobie, a 100 ton ship out of Bristol captained by Robert Davies heading for San Lucar de Barrameda, Spain. Thomas was shipping 27 pieces of “Cloth of Assize, Newbery Kersey.” (S) Bristol Port Book, Overseas Outwards, 1575-6.

4/12/1577, Thomas Pytt of “the cytee of Bristoll” an overseer in the will of Edward Porter, draper. (S) Notes on the Wills in the Great Orphan Book and Book of Wills in the Council House at Bristol, P220.

6/22/1578, Bargain and sale, “ … William Hopkins, William Prewett, Thomas Pytt citizens of Bristol and parishioners of St.Nicholas Consideration: 20 marks Chapel with appurtenances commonly known as Knappes Chapel or St.John the Evangelist Chapel …”. (S) UKNA.

Thomas was a part owner with other merchants of Bristol of the ship Mary Fortune, a privateer ship.

Child of Thomas and Joayne:

i. Thomas Pitt (19872), born ~1550 in England.

39692 Biccombe-Beaumont

39692. Richard Biccombe & 39693. Joan Beaumont {Bond}

1474, Richard born in Somerset, England, s/o 79384. Robert Biccombe & 79385. Joan Bere.

~1480, Joan born in High Hampton, Co. Devon, England.

1503, Richard married Joan.

10/1/1506, Geo: Soeke Esqr. And John Sop Gent: granted ye said Mannor to ye said Robert [Biccombe] for his life without impeachment of waste and after his decease to Richard Biccombe and Joan his wife … (S) Note and Queries for Somerset and Dorset, V5-6, P 54.

11/1515, Rob. Bykcombe, Rich. Bykcombe & Elizabeth dau. of Rob. def. Fine on 2 messuages and 4 carucates of land in Nettlecombe and Rowdon and the advowson of Nettlecombe. (S) Somerset Archive and Record Service; Trevelyan Papers.

11/1523, age 49 and more in his fathers IPM, Richard died in England, 7 months after his father.

4/1524, Joan bought son Hugh’s wardship and marriage, and the wardship of lands in Broomfield, Timberscombe, and elsewhere, from Andrew Lutrell; with a proviso that in case he should die under age, she should have the wardship and marriage of his brother, Robert, and so from heir to heir.

(S) Historical Notes on Some Somerset Manors Formerly Connected with the Honour of Dunster, Sir H. C. Maxwell Lytle, 1931, P292.

Children of Richard and Joan:

i. Hugh Biccombe (19846), born 1504 in Somerset, England.

ii. Robert Biccombe, born ~1506 in Somerset, England.

39686 Malet-Michell

39686. Hugh Malet & 39687. Isabel Michell {Bond}

~1497, Hugh born in Enmore, Somerset, England, 2nd s/o 79372. William Malet & 79373. Alice Young.

~1495, Isabel born in Cannington, Somerset, England, d/o 79374. Thomas Michell & 79375. Margaret ?.

1503, Isabel, unmarried, named in her father’s will.

~1520, Hugh married Isabel.

2/22/1526, Isabel, Hugh and son Thomas are mentioned in her mother’s will; Hugh named an executor. (S).

When Hugh’s older brother Thomas died; Hugh succeeded his father in the estates.

1529-32, “Hugh Malet, esquire, executor of Edward Steynyng, esquire. v. Thomas Sepham.: …, complainant dwelling in Somerset.” (S) UKNA.

1533-38, “John Hadly. v. Hugh Malet, esquire.: Refusal to complete a demise of a messuage in Lydeard Punchardon, with land and common.: Somerset.” (S) UKNA.

1535, “Declaration of the extent and annual value … to the Priory of Dunster, in the time of John Griffith, prior of the same, by sir Andrew Luttrell, knt. and Hugh Malet, esq., the King’s commissioners, …”. (S) History of the Hundred of Carhampton: in the county of Somerset, …, Savage, 1830, P428.

(S) 1537, Hugh mentioned in Sir William Pole’s Collections.

12/1541, Hugh Malet, Manors of Enmore, Corypole, died in England.

(S) Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family, Arthur Malet, 1885, PP43-44, App. P1-2.

Family notes:
• The inquest post-mortem on Hugh Malet, held 32 and 33 Henry VIII, A.D. 1541-2, states that Thomas Malet, his son, died November 30th, 1541; that Hugh Malet died in 1541, and that his son and heir, Richard, was aged eighteen at the time of his father's death.

Children of Hugh and Isabel:

i. Thomas Malet, born ~1521.
11/30/1541, Thomas died before his father.

ii. Richard Malet, born 1523. [Heir.]
Richard married 2nd Elizabeth Luttrell, d/o Sir Andrew Luttrell.
7/25/1551, Richard wrote his will, naming his brother-in-law Robert Maye, husband of his sister Dorothy, as an overseer. (S) Somerset Record Society, 1905, P129.
Bef. 3/31/1552, Richard died in Corypole, Somerset, England. (S) Will proved.
Thomas Malet, born ~1548, heir of his father.
~1572 he married Elizabeth Colles.
~1580 he died.

iii. William Malet Jr, born ~1525.

iv. Barnabas Malet, born ~1527.

v. Joan Malet, born ~1529.
7/25/1551, Sister “Johane” named in her brother Richard’s will.
Joan married John Danvers.

vi. Mary Malet, born ~1531.
Mary married ? Sturges.
7/25/1551, Sister “Mary Mallet” and “children” named in her brother Richard’s will.

vi. Elizabeth Malet, born ~1533.
Elizabeth married Thomas Ivy of West Kingston, Wilts.
7/25/1551, Sister “Elizabeth” and “children” named in her brother Richard’s will.

vi. Agatha Malet, born ~1535.
Agatha married John Payne of Hutton, Somerset.

ix. Dorothy Malet (19483), born ~1537 in Enmore, Somerset, England.

39684 Robert Maye

39684. Robert Maye 

Robert of Bycombe and Hyden, co. Somerset.

7/1/1537, Robert request the purchase of “Hyden, farm of the manor”. (S) The Somerset Religious Houses, Archbold, 1892, P216.

9/12/1545, “Robert Maye. Grant in fee, for 784£. 18s., of the manor or grange of Hudon, Soms., in tenure of Ralph Hopton (except tithes and the pastures called Estebyterox and Westebyterox. Witham and Frary), and a wood called Bytcombe Wood alias Hydon Wood (52 ac.) in Wytham Frarye, Blagden and Predye, which belonged to Wytham mon. Del. Westm. 12 Sept. 36 Hen. VIII.–S.B. (signed by Canterbury, Westminster, Petre Sir Robt. Southwell, Moyle, Bacon and Duke.” (S) Letters and Papers … Reign of Henry VIII, 1905, P182.

Bef. 1551 Robert died. (S) Deed of his son and heir Robert.

Children of Robert and ?:

i. Robert Maye (19842), born bef. 1531 in England. [Heir]

39680 John Godwyn

39680. John Godwyn 

~1500, John born in Wells, Somerset, England, s/o 79360. William Godwyn.

John was living at the time of Henry VIII [1509–1547].

1518-29, “John Godwyn. v. John Godard, clerk, and William Dyttye.: Detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Wells.: Somerset.” (S) UKNA.

Bef. 1551, John died. (S) Deed of his son and heir William.

(S) Virginia Historical Genealogies by John Boddie, 1954. (S) 1623 Visitation of Somerset.

Children of John and ?:

i. William Godwyn (19840), born ~1520 in Wells.
[1st s/o John shown in the pedigrees of Wells.]

ii. William Godwyn.
[Shown in Visitation of 1623.]

iii. Richard Godwyn. Aka “Richard the elder”.
Richard married Margery Broadrib. [Richard is shown as the 3rd son in the Visitations.]
1/1/1577 Richard made his will in Wells, Somerset.
2/14/1583 Richard’s will probated by wife Margery.
James Godwyn. (S) Father’s will.
He married Maud Williams, d/o Richard of Cleve, Somerset.
11/1616 he died. (S) Will of 10/19/1616 probated on 12/18/1616.
John Godwyn. (S) Father’s will.
[9/26/1570, a John Godwyn of Wells, the “mercer”, made his will; proven 11/30/1581.]
Bef. 1616 he died. (S) Brother James’ will.

39068 Sulley-Cotton

39068. John Sydley & 39069. Elizabeth Cotton 

~1490, Elizabeth born in England, d/o §John Cotton, esq. of Hampstall-Ridware, co. Kent.

John, lord of the manor of Southfleet and of Mortimer, co. Kent.

John married 1st Elizabeth Jenks, d/o Roger of London. [No children.]

John married 2nd Elizabeth Cotton.

1504-15, “John Sydley, an auditor of the Exchequer. v. John Overey and others, feoffees to uses.: A croft called ‘Tollyngtrewe’” in Kent. (S) UKNA.

John married 3rd Agnes Wyborne, d/o John. [No children.]

1518-29, “Francis Alwyn of London, mercer. …, having already sold three houses in Bow Lane to John Sydley, gentleman, for payment of his debts.: London.” (S) UKNA.

1530, John wrote his will: “oon of the Kinges Auditours in His Exchequer, and Citezein and Stacioner of the Citie of London and late Warden of the Crafte of Stacioners.”.

(S) A Gen. and Heraldic Hist. …, Burke, 1838, P482.

Children of John and Elizabeth:

i. William Sedley (19534), born ~1509 in England.

ii. Dorothy Sedley, born ? in England.
Dorothy, described in her father’s will, before the dissolution of the monasteries, as “a Norme in Dertford Abbey”.

39066 Barrett-Harpsfield

39066. John Barrett & 39067. Phyllis Harpsfield 

~1465, John born England, heir & s/o 78132. Robert Barrett & 78133. Margaret Knolles.

By 1483, John heir to his father of Belhouse. (S) A History of the County of Essex, V8, 1983.

~1485, Phyllis born in England d/o §John Harpsfield.

John 1st married Elizabeth Braytoff, heir & d/o Richard.

1499, John Barrett of Belhus in Aveley bought the manor of Noke from Robert Andrews. (S) A History of the County of Essex, V7, 1978.

Phyllis Harpsfield, d/o Thomas, 1st married Thomas Dyneley. [1 daughter, Elizabeth.]

1502, Thomas Dyneley, age 23, heir in 1494 to his mother receiving Wolverton manor, died leaving the manor to Phyllis for life.

~1503, John Barrett married Phyllis, her daughter Elizabeth becoming his step-child.

John of Belhouse in Aveley, Essex, described by Morant as “applying himself to the study of the law, became eminent in that profession.” His contemporary, John Leland the antiquary, in his Encomia Illust. viror. (Works, 1774 ed., v, p. 107), vaunts his forensic eloquence in latin verse.

1510, John & Phyllis held court at Wolverton manor.

1511–17, Phyllis died. [Estate settlement of her daughter Elizabeth.]

John married 3rd Margaret Norris, sister to Sir Henry Norris of Berkshire.

John married 4th, Mary ?, widow of a Mr. Blage [Mary mentioned in John’s will.]

10/4/1526, John died. In his will he referred to “my place called Belhouse Hall, alias Barrett’s which I have newly builded.”

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry: P44, P250. (S) A Hist. of the Co. of Hampshire, V4, 1911, ‘Parishes Wolverton’. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, 1812, P585. (S) 1570 Visitation of Essex. [Several of these are in conflict with respect to Phyllis’ last name. What is presented is by Collins.]

Children of John and Elizabeth: [2 sons]

i. George Barrett, born bef. 1497 in England. [Heir]
Bef. 1517, George married his step-sister Elizabeth Dyneley.
1517, “George Barrett and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas Dyneley, esquire. ….: Refusal to convey the manors of Stanford and Wolverton, as devised by the will of the said Thomas.:Berks, Hants.” (S) UKNA.
11/11/1517, George and Elizabeth received livery of Wolverton manor. (S) Letters and Papers … Reign of Henry VIII, P1188. [Elizabeth’s ancestry is given in the document.]
1525, George died.
Edward Barrett, born 1520. [Heir to his grandfather in 1526]

Children of John and Phyllis: [6 daughters]

ii. Cicely Barrett (19533), born 1512 in England.

39064 Culpeper-Aucher

39064. Walter Culpeper & 39065. Anne Aucher 

~1460, Walter born in England, 2nd s/o 78128. John Colepeper & 78129. Agnes Gainsford

~1475, Anne born in England, heir & d/o 78130. Harry Aucher & 78131. Elizabeth Guildford.

Walter of Wigsell in Salehurst, co. Sussex; Calais, France; and in right of his wife of Losenham in Newenden, co. Kent. [Calais was one of the few remaining English strongholds on the continent.]

1480, Walter’s father died. Walter was left the lands in co. Kent, a manor 'holden by Knights service of the Lord of the Castle of Hastings,” consisting of some 600 acres of plough and pasture, with as much more of wood and heath, in the Sussex parish of Salehurst; lying close under the southwestern border of Kent, not far from Bayhall and Bedgebury. Wigsell was not yet a place of residence. Its original value lay in the supply of charcoal which its forest cover provided for iron smelting.

Walter became a professional soldier.

10/1508, Walter, as under marshall of Calais, France, present at the treaty for the marriage of Mary, daughter of Henry VII to the Duke of Burgundy, afterwards emperor Charles V.

7/1509, Walter assigned a Crown tenement in Fisherstrete and an annuity of £20 out of the revenues of Calais.

11/1511, Walter, squire of the Body to King Henry VIII, was granted also the post of bailiff of the Scavage of Calais and the Isle of Colne (S) L. & P. Henry VIII, i, 47, 94, 298.

8/1513, Walter, supporting the King’s invasion of France, commander of the garrison of Calais. The chronicler Hall records that a captain of Boulogue [French] made a night foray on Calais arriving with a thousand men. Some of these foragers approached so near the walls of Calais as to raise the alarm, whereupon: “about five of the clocke in the morning the gate of Calis, called Bullongue gate, was opened, and by permission of the deputie one Culpeper, the under marshall, with two hundred archers under a banner of Saint George, issued forth, and set so fiercelie on that finallie the Frenchmen were discomfited and four and twentie of them slaine, besides twelve score that were made prisoners.” (S) Holinshed iii, P580.

9/14/1514, Walter wrote his will: I Walter Colepepir onder m'shall of the town of Calays. To be byried in the Resurreccon Chapell within Saint Nicholas Churche, … I wyll that Anne my wyff haue all my lands lying within the Shyre of Kent and Sussex, or in any other place within the Realme of England during hir lyff and after hir decesse to remayne to the heires of my body lawfully begotten after the course of the comen lawe of Ynglond and laudable customes of the seyd Shyres of Kent and Sussex where the land lyeth. … To my cosyn Otewell Gaynesford my blak damask cote. To my cosyn George Gaynesford my damask cote of white and grene. To my cosyn Lewes Clyfford my crossebowe and wenlasse and my gune wth her apparel. To Henry Tetle my bowe case of tymbre and one sheff of arowes. My galberdyne of scarlet bordered with veluet to my sone Thomas. To my daughter Elizabeth Welford my grete lewte and oon dosyn of fyne dyaper napkins. To my brodyr Alexander Colepepyr my white harnesse complete. Residue to Anne Colepepyr my wyff to se me honestly byried, and to se Anthony and Willm our sonnys founde to schole. She is to be executrix. Wrytyn wt myn own hand. ….

By 4/28/1516, Walter died, burial request was Calais. (S) Will proved at Lambith by his wife Anne.

9/22/1516, The male heirs of Walter Culpeper my nephew to have the manor of Heronden, and the tenement of the Bavre. (S) Will of his uncle Richard Colepeper.

9/4/1532, Anne wrote her will. [Abstract] If I happen to dye at Canterbury then I wyll my body to be buryed at the frears there, and yf I happen to dye at Cranbroke then I wyll my body to be buryed at the frears of Lossenham besyde my ffather there buryed. To Wyllm my sone my weddynge rynge and all my platte except my lyttle lowe salt wt the couer and vj my best sponys which I wylle to my daughtr Anne Tooke. To my sone Wyllm Colepeper all my stoke at Lossenham. To every of the children of Elysabeth my daughter xls. She mentions Francis, Anne, Constance, Katheryn and Mary the children of Thomas Wylford, my goddaughters. To my daughter Culepeper ij of my best gownes. Executor and residuary legatee my son Wyllm. All my manors and lands in Newenden Rowynden and Biddenden to certain trustees to hold them to the use of my sone Wyllm and his heirs--in default to the right heirs of Harry Ager, Esq., my father."

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P249. (S) The Chronicle of Calais, Camden Society, No.35, P6.

Family note:
• The Baptismal Font at St. Mary the Virgin’s Rolvenden Church has the “Culpeper” arms on one side and the “Guildford” arms on the other.

Children of Walter and Anne:

i. Elizabeth Culpepper (19523), born ~1495 in England.

ii. William Culpeper (19532), born ~1509 in England. [3rd son & heir]

39056 John Stede

39056. John Stede & 39057. Alice ? 

5/20/1513, John wrote his will; his son John “of age” and named in the will.

Family notes:
• 1460, John Stede resident in Harietsham wrote his will devising his principle mansion at Stede-street to his son William.
• 11/24/1526, Reynold Stede of Harrietsham wrote his will: Godsons John Brockewell and John Stede. Brother John, executor.

Children of John and Alice:

i. John Stede (19528), born ~1490 in co. Kent, England.

39054 Hatfield-Marshall

39054. Lawrence Hatfield & 39055. Alice Marshall 

~1430, Alice born in Carolton, England, d/o 78108. John Marshall & 78109. Elizabeth Bigham.
Lawrence of Willoughby in the Hundred of Thurgarton.
1456, Lawrence bought a house in Willoughby, then know as Berkerdes Hall, at Norwell. (S) 1541 Inquisition of Lawrence’s grandson Henry Hatfield.
1473, Alice wrote her will.
(S) Genealogical memoirs of the kindred families of Thomas Cranmer, archbishop, Waters, 1877. (S) The Gentleman’s Mag., 1864, P783.

Children of Lawrence and Alice:

i. Agnes Hatfield (19527), born ~1465 in England.

ii. Stephen Hatfield, born ? in England.
Stephen married Elizabeth, d/o Sir Thomas Molineux, Kt., of Hawton, Notts.
Henry Hatfield, born ?.
4/28/1534, described in a letter of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer as: “my kinsman and surveyor of my lands” which was sent to Cromwell.

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39052 Cranmer-Thorpe

39052. John Cranmer & 39053.  Alice de Thorp 

~1415, John born in England, heir & s/o 78104. Edmund Cranmer & 78105. Isabella de Aslacton.

~1430, Alice born in South Carleton in North Muskham, Notts. [aka Muschamp], d/o 78106. Hugh de Thorpe & 78107. Grace ?.
John inherited the manor of Aslacton.

1467-72, “John Cranmer, son of Edmund, son of Thomas Cranmer. v. John Gybon, son of John Gilbert, late feoffee to uses.: Lands, &c. in Sutterton.” (S) UKNA.

(S) Genealogical memoirs of the kindred families of Thomas Cranmer, archbishop, Waters, 1877. (S) 1614 Visitation of Nottingham.

Family notes:

• Undated: Indenture witnessing that Robert Doyle of Thorp, near Newerk, esq., and Grace his wife, formerly wife of Hugh de Thorp, esq., have demised to John Cranmer of Aslacton and Alice his wife, daughter of the said Hugh, all their lands and tenements, rents and services, with appurtenances in Newerk and Northgate near Newerk, to hold the same for five years, paying annually one red rose at the feast of St. John the Bapt. (S) UKNA.

Children of John and Alice:

i. John Cranmer, born ? in England.
5/27/1501, John witnessed the will of his brother Thomas.

ii. Thomas Cranmer (19526), born ~1455, in England.

39044 Wilsford-Bettenham

39044. James Wilsford & 39045. Elizabeth Bettenham {Bond}

~1470, Elizabeth born in England, d/o §John Bettenham, of Pluckley, co. Kent.

1499, James, Alderman and Sheriff of London.

1526, James died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P249. (S) The Virginia Magazine Of History And Biography, Volume 29, P232.

Family notes:
• James the gs/o William Wilsford of Devonshire, living 1403.

Children of James and Elizabeth:

i. Sir James Wilsford, born ? in England.
1547, Sir James Wilsford of Cranbrook, co. Kent, Provost Marshall of the English Army.

ii. Thomas Wilsforde (19522), born ~1490 in England.

39042 Ferrers-Hexstall

39042. Sir Henry Ferrers & 39043. Margaret Hexstall {Bond}

~1423, Henry born in England, 2nd s/o 78084. Thomas Ferrers & 78085. Elizabeth Freville.

~1455, Margaret born in England, coheir & d/o 78086. William Hexstall.

Henry of Peckham, co. Kent, and Hambleton, co. Rutland; Knt. of the King’s Bodyguard; Keeper of Chaylesmore Park.

Margaret 1st married William Whetenhall of East Peckham.

4/8/1461, Henry Steward of Cheylesmore, Warwickshire.

1467-8, “Sir Henry Ferrers gained the manor of Hambleton Magna.” (S) UKNA.

11/5/1468, Henry sheriff of Kent.

5/4/1471, Henry at the battle of Tewkesbury, Duke of Somerset vs Edward IV. [Knighted for his valor.]

8/18/1473, Henry on a commission to enquire into money due to the crown in Kent.

2/6/1480, Henry on an enquiry in Kent to ascertain the extent and value of the lands, held by the late John Martyn, find who his heir was, and to take the lands into the King’s hands.

Bef. 9/30/1481, Henry married widow Margaret.

4/1483, Henry carried the banner of the Trinity at King Edward IV’s funeral.

11/4/1487, Henry sheriff of Kent.

12/22/1499, Henry wrote his will.

12/28/1500, Henry died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P204. (S) 1619 Visitation of Warwick.

Child of William and Margaret:

i. William Whetenhall, born 11/8/1467 in East peckham.

Children of Henry and Margaret: [4 sons, 5 daughters]

i. Edward Ferrers, born ? in England.
Sir Edward “of Badesley et Peckham in com. Kantii Militis.”
7/10/1535, Edward wrote his will, sister Elizabeth, nephew George Clerke (No. 9760).

ii. Elizabeth Ferrers (19521), born ~1475 in England.
[1619 Visitation of Kent indicates Elizabeth as d/o her brother Edward. Edward’s will states his daughter was married to John Hamden. This does imply that Henry was 50+ when Elizabeth was born.]

39040 Clerke-Moyle

39040. John Clerke & 39041. Lucy Moyle {Bond}

~1450, John born in England, s/o 78080. John Clerk & 78081. Alice Tatesham.
~1450, Lucy born in England, d/o 78082. Walter Moyle & 78083. Margaret ?.
John “Ar. fil. et haeres Joh’is pr’diet filii et haered. Johannis de Forde.”
~1470, John married Lucy.
1481, John’s father died.
1/20/1491, “Lucia Clerke” named in the will of her mother, Margaret, relict of Walter Moyle.
(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent. (S) Plantagenet Ancestry, Richardson, P210. (S) NEG&HR, 1874, P74.

Child of John and Lucy:

i. James Clerke (19520), born ~1475 in England.

38990 Edward Wood

38990. Edward Wood 

Edward, “of London”.
1495, Edward a member of the Grocer’s Company of London. (S) List of the wardens of the Grocers' Company from 1345 to 1907, Grantham, P8.
Bef. 8/3/1499, Edward died. “Will of Edward Wood or Woode, Grocer of London” (S) UKNA.
(S) A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX:, 1845, P469.

Child of Edward and ?:

i. Elizabeth Wood (19495), born ~1485 in England.

38988 Monke-Champernoun

38988. Humfry Monke & 38989. Mary Champernoun 

~1460, Humphry born in England, heir & s/o 77976. John le Monk & 77977. Elizabeth Graunt.

1468, Mary born in England, coheir & 5th d/o 77978. Richard Champernoun & 77979. Mary Reynell.

1468, Mary a newborn when her father died; her custody with her sisters granted to Humphrey Stafford.

1486-93, “Humphrey Monke, esquire, son and heir of John Monke, esquire. v. Nicholas Yeo and Elizabeth, his wife, executors of Elizabeth, executrix and late the wife of the said John.: Profits of the manors of Rushford, Lew, Trenchard, Meeth, Abbotsham, and Orchard, and of messuages and land in Marland, Crediton, and elsewhere.: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

10/29/1492, “Release Humphrey Monke and Robert Stawell, esqs., William Voughell, and Robert Monke. To Peter Lane and William Lane, … All their messuages, land and tenement in Westwod in parish of Credyton, …” (S) UKNA.

1493-1500, “John, grandson and heir of John Crukern. v. Humfrey, heir of William Monke.: Issues of land in Myethe, Thorne, Abbotsham, Westwood, Combewakefeld, ...... ton, and Goodleigh, assigned to the said William for payment of the marriage portion of Crystyan, his wife, daughter of the said John Crukern, the elder.: Devon.” (S) UKNA. [Note William and Crystyan are Humphrey’s grandparents.]

1493-1500, “Humfrey, son and heir of John Monke, of Pouderigge, esquire. v. William Fouell and Robert Monke, feoffees to uses.: The manors of Russheford, Lewtrenchard and Pouderigge and other lands; and lands in Puworthy.: Devon, Cornwall.” (S) UKNA.

7/1/1495, “James Chidlegh', esquire, …, John Monke, …, demandants, and Humphrey Monke, esquire, and Mary, his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of Richard Champarnoun' of Inneswork', esquire, defendants … A third part of 2 messuages, of 300 acres of land, of 10 acres of meadow, of 20 acres of wood and of 40 acres of furze and heath in Harecomb' and Chudlegh' … Humphrey and Mary have acknowledged the third part to be the right of James, as that which James, … have of their gift, and have remised and quitclaimed it from themselves and the heirs of Mary to James, … have given them 100 marks of silver.´(S) Feet of Fines.

1500, “Humphrey Monke, son and heir of John Monke v. William Fonell [?Fovell] and Robert Moncke:” (S) UKNA.

11/26/1501, “Debtor: Humphrey Monk, of Pude in Devon, gentleman. Creditor: William Capell, knight [draper and merchant, alderman, of London]. Amount: 200m. (S) UKNA.

2/11/1502, “Debtor: Humphrey Monk, of Potheridge in Devon. [in Shebbear Hundred], gentleman. Creditor: William Capell, knight. Amount: 200m. Before whom: Henry Colet, Mayor of the Staple of Westminster … Nicholas Wadham, Sheriff, replies that Humphrey Monks was not found in the bailiwick.” (S) UKNA.

1504-1510, “Humphrey Monke v. John Arundell, knight, … to secure a loan … of the manors of Potheridge, Rushford, Westley, Lewtrenchard, Orchard, and Meeth, the loan being made in grocery ware of less than the stated value… Devon, Cornwall” (S) UKNA.

1510-11, Humphrey Monke of Devon died. (S) UKNA, Inquisitions Post Mortem.

(S) A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX:, 1845, P469.

Children of Humfry and Mary:

i. Anthony Moncke (19494), born ~1485 in England.

ii. Robert Monke, born ? in England.

38986 Sydenham-Popham

38986. John Sydenham & 38987. Joan Popham 

~1435, John born in England, s/o 77972. John Sydenham.
~1445, Joan born in England, heir & d/o 77974. Richard Popham.
John “of Orcherton, Somers.” [Orchard by right of his wife.]
1461, “John Sydenham the younger and Richard Popham were seised of the said manors of Mynhed and Culbeton in their demesne …” (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1900, P522.
10/12/1462, Commission to John Cheyne, esquire, John Sydenham the elder, esquire, John Wadham, …, John Sydenham the younger, … to enquire what lands Joan, late the wife of Hugh Champernon, esquire, held in chief or otherwise in the counties of Somerset and Dorset on the day of her death …”. (S) Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1897, P231.
1464, John died. (S) Journal of the British Arch. Assoc., 1877, P461.
1473, “Sydenham, Joan, who was the wife of John Som.” (S) UKNA, Inquisitions Post Mortem.
Joan married 2nd John St. Albyn of Parracombe, Devon.
1499, Joan died. [Her estates divided in 1503.]
(S) 1564 Visitation of Devon. (S) A History of the County of Somerset, V6, 1992.

Children of John and Joan:

i. John Sydenham, born ? in Devon, England.
John, “the younger”, married Elizabeth Gambon.

ii. Joan Sydenham, born ? in Devon, England.
Joan married John Gifford of Halsbury.

iii. Philippa Sidenham (19493), born by 1464 in Devon, England.

38984 Denys-Stewkley

38984. William Denys & 38985. Anne Stewkley 

~1445, William born in Devon, England, s/o 77968. John Dennys & 77969. Eleanor Gifford.

By 1450, Anne born in England, d/o 77970. Hugh Stucley & 77971. Katherine Affeton.

11/5/1466, William Denys, esq. High Sheriff of Devon.

1475, William Denys Vicar of St. Mary church [until 1518.]. (S) Ecclesiastical Antiquities in Devon, 1840, Oliver, P187.

10/19/1503, “John Davyles esquire To John Basset, knight, Thomas Stucley, William Denys of Orleigh, John Willemer, Fooke Prydeaux, John Fortescu of Brighlegh, John Coblegh, Anthony Pollard, and Thomas Wolcombe esquires and Thomas Denys.” (S) N. Devon Record Office.

1509-47, “Plaintiff: Nicholas Denys Defendant: William Denys, John Denys, John Moke, and John Clyff Place or Subject: Forcible ouster at Buckland Brewer County: Devon.” (S) UKNA.

12/4/1516, “Indenture of demise by John Speke and Thomas Denys, knights, William Fulford, George Speke and William Denys of Orlegh, esquires, …” (S) A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds, V6, 1915.

(S) 1564 Visitation of Devon.

Child of William and Anne:

i. Nicholas Denys (19492), born ~1465 in Devon, England.

33928 John Reade

33928.  John Reade & 33929. Margaret ? 

1457, John, “of Wrangle”. [Wrangle a parish near Boston on the east coast.]
1468, John “a merchant of the staple, and alderman of the Guild”.
3/27/1503, Margaret died; buried at Wrangle.
10/24/1503, John died, buried at Wrangle. (S) Brass plate at Wrangle’s St. Mary church.
(S) Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Maddison, 1903, P815. (S) The History and Antiquities of Boston, Thompson, 1856, P604.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. William Reade, born ? in England.

ii. Richard Reade (16964), born ~1485 in England.

33920 Hamby-Smythe

33920. Robert Hamby & 33921. Anne Smythe 

1470, Robert born in England, s/o 67840. Walter Hamby.
~1475, Anne born in England, d/o 67842. William Smythe.
1490, Robert married Anne in Brockelsby, co. Lincoln, England.
Robert 2nd married Joan, d/o William Smith of Welton-le-Wold.
(S) Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Larken, 1903, P447.

Child of Robert and Anne:

i. George Hamby (16960), born 1491 in co. Lincoln, England.

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33080 Fitzpen-Pierce

33080. Henry Fitzpen & 33081. Alice Pierce 

~1530, Henry born in England.
~1535, Alice born in Ireland, d/o 66162. Richard Pierce & 66163. Elizabeth ?.
They lived in St. Mary Overy’s in Devonshire.
(S) 1620 Visitation of Cornwall, Publications of the Harleian Society, 1874, P95.

Child of Henry and Alice:

i. Jo. Ftizpen (16540), born ~1530 in England.

32982 Wodhull-Newenham

32982. Fulk Wodhull & 32983. Anne Newenham 

~1458, Fulk born in England, s/o 65964. John Wodhull & 65965. Joan Etwell.
1463, Anne born in Thenford, Northampton, England, coheir & d/o 65966. William Newenham & 65967. Margaret Lamport.
~6/1475, Fulk, of Warkworth, Northampts, married Anne.
Fulk married 2nd Elizabeth Webb, d/o John.
1500, Fulk, sheriff of Northampts.
1504, “Feoffment by Fulke Wodhull to William and Elizabeth Cowley of land in Astrop.” (S) UKNA.
3/2/1508, “Terms of marriage between Thomas, son and heir of John Seyton, esq., and Jane, daughter of Fulke Wodhull; bride's settlement on town and fields of Maydwell in Woluertons manor.” (S) UKNA.
1508, Fulk died.
(S) MCA, P188. (S) Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages, 1883, Burke. (S) Woodhull genealogy: the Woodhull family in England and America, Woodhull & Stevens, 1904.

Children of Fulk and Anne: [3 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Mary Wodhull (16491), born ~1480 in England.

32980 John Cope

32980. John Cope & 32981. Anne ? 

1435, John born in Passenham, co. Northampton, England, s/o 65960. Stephen Cope & 65961. Joan ?.

[Anne likely d/o John Hulcote who died in 1482 with properties in Northampton, Leicester, Lincoln and Oxford.]

7/1445, John Cope, esq., “of Deanshanger” (in Passenham), Northamptonshire, age 10, heir to his father.

1475-85, “John Cope v. John Hulcote, esquire, and others, feoffees to uses.: Messuages and land in Helmeden, Clipston, Nowbold, and Swynford.: Northants. In Foxton: Leicester. In Ryby: Lincoln. In Grymesby and Banbury, belonging to Anne, complainant's wife.” (S) UKNA. (S) [Anne apparently inherited a large estate.]

1491, Puxley recovered by John in a suit against James Edy.
Bef. 11/18/1498, John died, leaving to son Edward and Wife Anne, 3 messuages, 6 cottages, 100 a. of land, 100 a. of meadow, 100 a. of pasture and 20s. rent in Deanshanger, Passenham, Wick Dive, Wick Hamon and Puxley. (S) UKNA.

5/1/1510, son Edward died.

12/3/1513, Anne died, leaving as her heir her granddaughter Anne, d/o Edward, age 9.

(S) MCA, P128. (S) ‘Passenham’, A History of the County of Northampton: V5: The Hundred of Cleley, 2002.

Child of John and Anne:

i. Edward Cope (16490), born ~1465 in England.

32978 Thomas Wymbish

32978.  Thomas Wymbish {Cox}

1431, Thomas born in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
6/10/1505, Thomas, age 74, died.

Family notes:
• There are multiple persons of this name that could the the father of Katherine. The family had long been established at Nocton.
• A Thomas Wymbish was succeeded by his great grandson, young Thomas Wymbish at the age of nine years, in 1530. While still under age he married Elizabeth Lady Tailboys of Kyme, a baroness in her own right, and a great heiress. On Thursday October 13th 1541, these young people were honoured by a visit from King Henry VIII and his fifth Queen, Katherine Howard who stayed the night at Nocton with Thomas Wymbish, ‘a relative’ (of Elizabeth). [This Thomas died leaving no heirs.]

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. Katherine Wymbish (16489), born ~1470 in Lincolnshire, England.

32976 Heneage-Preston

32976. John Heneage & 32977. Eleanor Preston 

~1420, John born in England, s/o 65952. John Heneage & 65953. Alice Goddard.
~1420, Eleanor born in Southereston, Co. Lincoln, England, heir & d/o 65954. John Preston.
1439, John’s father died.
1451, John, of Hainton, married Eleanor. (S) A Genealogical And Heraldic History Of The Commoners Of Great Britain, 1838, Burke, V4, P103.
1460, John “Henadge of Hainton, Esq.” witnessed the will John Hall. (S) UKNA.
12/4/1469, John wrote his will. (S) Burke’s.
1472, John died. (S) 2/17/1422, “Writ of diem clausit extremum to the Escheator of Lincolnshire”, C.F.R.1471–85, P5.
(S) LPs, Maddison, 1903, P480. (S) A Genealogical And Heraldic Dictionary Of The Landed Gentry Of Great Britain & Ireland, Burke, 1847, P559.

Children of John and Eleanor:

i. John Heneage (16488), born 1452 in Lincolnshire, England.

ii. Thomas Heneage, born ~1454 in Lincolnshire, England.
Thomas “of Benniworth”.

iii. Anthony Heneage, born ~1456 in Lincolnshire, England.
Anthony, Rector of South Willingham.

v. Alice Heneage, born ~1460 in Lincolnshire, England.
Alice married John Barde of North Kelsey.

vi. Eleanor Heneage, born ~1462 in Lincolnshire, England.
Eleanor married John Skipwith of Utterby. [No children.]
1504, John granted his manors of Laceby and Alesby to the use of Edward Skipwith, his nephew and heir, and Eleanor his wife, “daughter of John Heneage of Hainton Esqr.”

32906 Jeffrey Dormer

32906. Jeffrey Dormer 

Jeffrey of Thame in com. Oxon.
(S) 1566 Visitation of County Oxford, 1871, P185.

Family notes:
• “Jeffrey” could be the s/o: 1541, Jeffrey Dormer, of Tame, Mercer. (S) The Histories of the Worthies of England, V3, P26.
• Anthony Wood’s diaries describe the monument which shows the whole family in Dormer's aisle on the north side of Thame church – “Barons of Wing”.

Child of Geoffrey and Ursula:

i. Alice Dormer (16453), born ~1500 in England.

Cox 32900 Stratford-Kirkeby

32900. Richard Stratford & 32901. Ffrancis Kyrkeby {Cox}

Bef. 1484, Richard born in England, s/o 65800. Robert Stratford & 65801. Anne Atwood.
~1484, Ffrancis born in England, d/o 65802. Thomas Kyrkeby Esq.
1514, Richard Stratford a Prior of Snape.
Richard married Francis. (S) Heraldic illustrations, by J. and J. B. Burke, 1845.
1543, Richard, then described as of Farmcote and Hawling, replied to the College the recorded and accepted Pedigree, adding the Pedigree of those living at the time.
(S) 1623 Visitation of Gloucester by Henry Chitty.

Child of Richard and Ffrancis:

i. John Stratford (16450), born ~1500 in Ffarmcote, Gloucester, England.

31400 Richard Fowle

31400. Richard Fowle & 31401 Margaret ? 

9/8/1514, Richard baptized in co. Kent, England; s/o 62800. Thomas Fowle & 62801. Johane ?.
Richard paid taxes to Heing Henry VIII and King Edward VI in Frittenden and Marden, co. Kent.
1539, Richard married Margaret.
Margaret died.
9/3/1570, Richard wrote his will. [Wife not mentioned – children: Thomas, Alice, Joane.] (S) The NEH&GR, V75, P228.
5/5/1572, Richard buried at Frittenden.

Children of Richard and Margaret:

i. Thomas Fowle (15700), born ~1540 in England.

ii. Alice Fowle, born ? in England.

iii. Joane Fowle, born ? in England.

31392 William Burden

31392. William Burden & 31393. Joan ? 

1510, William christened in Headcorn, Kent , England, s/o 62784. Edmund Borden.
1531, William married Joan of Stephen.
William paid taxes to King Henry VIII.
4/13/1539, William named in his father’s will.
William wrote his will.
Bef. 6/8/1557, William died in Headcorn.
Aft. 1/28/1559, Joan died.
(S) Related Families of Botetourt County, Virginia, Austin, 1977, P369.

Family notes:
• Will of William Burdon of Headcorn, co. Kent, undated. To Joan, my wife, £20 and a feather bed, etc. To Thomas Burdon, my son, £10. To Edward, my son, £10. To John, my son, £6. To Stephen, my son, £10. To Elizabeth, my daughter, £3.6s.8d. To my daughters Thomesy and Ann and to Edmond, my son, a cow each. Executors: Joan, my wife, and Edward, my son. Residue to Joan, my wife, and to my sons Edward, Thomas, and Stephen, equally. Edward is to occupy John’s and Stephen’s parts until they are twenty years old. Overseer: John Kippinge. Witnesses: Nicholas Boodes, Nicholas Haurmersham, and others. Proved 8 Jun 1557.

Children of William and Joan:

i. Edward Borden, born bef. 1537 in England.

ii. Thomas Borden (15696), born 1537 in England.

vii. Elizabeth Borden, born ? in England.
4/13/1592, Elizabeth mentioned in her brother Thomas’ will.

viii. Stephen Borden, born aft. 1537 in England.
4/13/1592, Stephen mentioned in his brother Thomas’ will.

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29888 Edwards-Griffith

29888. Richard Edwards & 29889. Helene Griffith 

3/1525, Richard born in Parish of North Petherton, Somerset, England, s/o 59776. William Edwardes & 59777. Agnes Blewitt/Bluet.

~1540, Helen born in Somerset, England, d/o §Thomas Griffith.

5/11/1540, “Richard Edwardes” entered Oxford at the age of 15 years and two months.

11/1/1544, Richard received his BA degree.

2/3/1546, Richard received his MA degree and was ordained an Anglican priest.

4/11/1550, Richard was elected Theologian at Christ Church College, a Music Master. [He studied music with George Etheridge, Composer, Choir-Master of the Court of England, Playwright and Poet.]

9/17/1553, Richard became a member of the Chapel Royal for the coronation of Queen Mary.

7/12/1555, Richard Edwards resigned as Rector of St. Helen’s, Worchester.

1558, Richard was allotted seven yards of black cloth as a gentleman of the Chapel Royal for the funeral of Queen Mary.

11/17/1558, Richard attended the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.

1559, Richard is on the list of the Queen's Chamber.

4/22/1560, Richard 1st married Margaret Babb. [His wives were permitted under the permission of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Margaret apparently died in her first childbirth. William would likely be her son.]

5/27/1560, Richard received a patent as Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, and appointed Deputy Master of the children.

7/26/1561, Richard appointed Master of the children. “This position was one of considerable responsibility and prestige, the incumbent being one of the upper court circle, which accompanied the sovereign on progresses as well as in London.”

Bef. 1562, Richard married Helene. [Which brought him considerable wealth.]

1564, Richard was admitted as a member of Lincoln’s Inn. This was an organization of prominent London lawyers and Richard was an honorary member.

12/25/1564, Richard produced a play with his own music entitled “Damon and Pythias.”

2/2/1565, at Candlemas, Richard produced a play entitled “Misogomus.”

9/2/1566, Richard produced a play for his Queen entitled “Palamon and Arcite.” [At the close of his play she made an informal and gracious speech of thanks to him, and on the next day we hear of his standing beside her on the steps of St. Mary’s Church and exchanging witicisms.]

10/31/1566, Richard died, Helen’s brother Thomas executor of his will.

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Family notes:
• Richard was considered to have been the “Shakespeare of His Time”. William Shakespeare did use one of Richard’s poems in a play.

Children of Richard and Helene:

i. William Edwardes, born 11/9/1561 in the parish of North Petherton, Somerset.

v. John Edwardes, born 3/15/1565 in North Petherton, Somerset.

vi. Richard Edwards Jr (14944), born 11/22/1566 in North Petherton, Somerset.

29710 Killigrew-Cooke

29710. Sir Henry Killigrew & 29711. Katherine Cooke 

1525, Henry born in Cornwall, England, s/o 59420. John Killigrew & 59421. Elizabeth Trewinard.
~1540, Katherine born in England, d/o 59422. Anthony Cooke & 59423. Anne Fitzwilliam.
Henry 1st married Jael de Peigne [sons Joseph and Henry.]
1559, Letter from Mr. Randolph to Mr. Killigrew.
1561 & 1569, Sir H. Killigrew sent letters to Sir W. Cecil.
11/4/1565 at Gidea Hall, Essex, Henry of Lathbury in Cornwall married Katherine.
9/10/1572, Queen Elizabeth sent a letter to “sir H. Killigrew”.
5/22/1576, Katherine “Killigrew” given items in the will of her father.
1586-87, Letters to and from Henry Killgrew. (S) Egerton MSS, Br. Museum, 1694.
1593, Sir Henry wrote a letter to his son-in-law Sir Jonathan Trelawney.
4/1596, Sir Henry received a letter from his son-in-law Sir Henry Neville, an ambassador at Paris.
12/14/1599, “Letter from Sir Henry Killigrew [Neville's father-in-law] to Neville, dated from London.”
1603, Henry died.
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Children of Henry and Catherine:

i. Anne Killigrew, born ? in England.
Anne married Sir Henry Neville, Ambassador.

ii. Elizabeth Killigrew, born ? in England.
Elizabeth married Sir Jonathan Trelawney.
1604, John died.
Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Reynell.
[This Elizabeth was not married to John Berkeley – that was a d/o Henry’s brother William.]

iii. Dorothy Killigrew (14855), born ~1575 in England.
“Sir Henry Killegrew had three daughters: Anne who married Sir Henry Neville (the Ambassador); Elizabeth who married first Sir Jonathan Trelawney and after his death in 1604, Sir Thomas Reynell; and Dorothy, wife of Sir Edward Seymour.” (S) UKNA – Trelawney Papers, 1604-1610.

29708 Seymour-Champernon

29708. Sir Edward Seymour & 29709. Elizabeth Champernon 

~1555, Edward born in England, s/o 59416. Edward Seymour & 59417. Mary Walsh.

~1560, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 59418. Arthur Champernon & 59419. Mary Norris.

1565, Edward's mother Mary died.

2/3/1572, "To Edward Seymour, my little boy, ..." extensive items left to Edward in the will of his maternal grandfather.

5/18/1573, “Release by Thomas Walssh of Stowey, Co. Somers. Gent, to Sir Edward Seymour, Knt, Lord Seymour and Edward Seymour, Esq, Son and Heir Apparent of said Lord Seymour, of all his right in messuages …”.

1576, Edward married Elizabeth. [Arranged marriages occurred at young ages. They were generally not consummated until legal age.]

1588-89, “Sir Edward Seymour Knight, Lord Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy v. Stephens & Bickford.”

1589, “Bargain and sale: 1. John Stephens of Denbury, yeoman. 2. Sir Edward Seymour knt., Lord Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy Premises: messuages, lands, tenements, orchards and gardens in Denbury purchased by 1. … one messuage or tenement called the Hedd Place, … together with common of pasture on Odill Hill with liberty to collect water at the well in Denbury called Hollye Well. Consideration: £27.”

1590, “Bond: 1. John Stephen of Denbury, husbandman. 2. Edward Seymour knt., Lord Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy in £68 to observe the covenants in a pair of indentures made between 1. and Robert Kenycott.” .

1593, Edward, age 30 plus and successor of his father, a Knight of the county of Devon.

1599, “Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy Thomas Carew of Crowcombe and John his son Quitclaim of interest in the Manor and advowson of West Stoodleigh.” .

1601, Edward a Knight of the county of Devon.

1604, “Letter of attorney: 1. Edward Seymour of Berry Pomeroy, esq. … Premises: the lordship, manor and advowson of Morchard Bishop, all the mills called Bugbeare Mills with the mill leats and water courses … and all the parcels of land … called the Holsells or Halgholte containing sixty acres, conveyed to 1.” .
1604-11, Edward a member of the 1st Parliament of king James I.
8/10/1606, “Counterpart Lease for 99 years … (1) Edward Seymour of Berrie Castle, Esq. … .

4/21/1607, “Morchard Bishop. Lease for 1000 years. (1) Edward Seymour of Berry Castle, Esq. (2) Roger Sherland of Bisshoppes Morchard, yeoman. Messuages called Middelcotte and Wighamme, parcels of the manor of Morchard Episcopi, tenement called Allehaie close called Shrinckhill, messuage in Middelcot in the occupation of Thomasin Moore, messuage called Sherland, cottage and close called Neweclose. Consideration: £210.” .

1609, “Incl. settlement by Sir George Cary of Cockington on his nephew George Cary in marr. with Elizabeth dau. of Edw. Seymour of Berry Pomeroy Castle ….” .

3/10/1611, Sir Edward Seymour, bart., leased a tenement called Kelland in Zeal Monachorum. .

6/29/1611, Edward “advanced to the dignity of a Baronet”.

4/11/1613, Edward died.

5/27/1613, Thursday, Edward buried in the church of Berry Pomeroy. The sermon given by Barnaby Potter of Queen’s College was abstracted in “Memorial and Characters, …” published in 1741.

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Children of Edward and Elizabeth:

i. Edward Seymour (14854), born ~1576 in England.

v. Bridget Seymour, born ? in England.
Bridget married John Bruen of Amerston in Wilts, Esq., s/o Henry (29706.)

vi. Mary Seymour, born ? in England.
Mary married Sir George Farwell of Hill-Bishop in com. Somerset.

vii. Elizabeth Seymour, born ? in England.
1609, Elizabeth married George Cary of Cockington in com. Devon, Esq.

viii. Amy Seymour, born ? in England.
Amy married Edmund Parker of Northmolton in com. Devon, Esq.